Guniess World Record For Driving longest distance in a single country (Australia)
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First sighting of a Kangaroo warning sign in the Australian Outback

The Australian Outback

Beware of Kangaroos. Be careful of Road Trains. Make sure you don’t fall asleep.Make sure you carry a lot of water. Make sure you carry extra fuel in the car. Always have emergency food rations. You must carry camping gear with you. You must have...

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Australia – 7 days in Darwin

After a long wait, Forrest finally arrived in Darwin from Singapore by sea and we took a flight from India to Australia to rendezvous with our beloved. Darwin is the only city in Australia that was bombed during World War II. The city was also...

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On our way to Queensland

Meet, Greet, Eat.

Life changed as soon as we entered Queensland. The remote, lonely terrains of Northern Territory were replaced by dairy farms, agricultural fields, hi tech farming equipments, lush green lands and cool breeze. It seemed a different world compared...

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Malaysia – Run Forrest Run

What is it that anyone is after on a cross border road trip? Food? Beautiful landscapes? Seeing historic monuments? Planning the route very carefully? Documentation? Currency? Making sure every aspect is covered? After driving for so many years, I...

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Thailand – Happiness, Cabbages and Condoms

“Thailand has something for everyone.” said the Indian Ambassador to Thailand with a hint of a smile on his face when we went to see him at the Indian Embassy in Bangkok. I couldn’t agree more. Thailand is a country where you are one hundred...

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Myanmar – Golden country and smiling people

Someone has rightly said, “Everyone is wrong about foreign countries”. The more I travel, the more I believe this statement to be true. Be it driving through unexplored regions like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan or through our neighbouring country...

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Goodbye India, you took good care of us

I beat the alarm and woke up before it did. I felt very calm as I got out of bed, got dressed in my crisp new Great Indian World Trip branded T-shirt and walked out to meet Sanjay and Prasad. They had already arrived and were waiting for me to start...

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A quick drive around the world

Sometime in 2010, after completing my journey from London to Delhi, I secretly thought to myself,“Won’t it be nice to drive around the world? Naah! I should count my blessings, after all I was fortunate enough to make my dream come true by...

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The Rann of Kutch

Gujarat. What comes to mind when you hear this name? Maybe temples? Maybe the Bhuj earthquake? Or maybe the infamous Godhra riots? There is so much more that Gujarat has to offer. Its’ a unique land on its own. It has everything from beaches to...

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Padmini Resort

Tinsukia and The Lake of No Return

Have you been to Tinsukia? Sorry, have you heard of Tinsukia?, Let me try again, have you been to the North East of India? There is a high chance that you answered No to all of the above! North East is a region which seems to have been ignored by...

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