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China – The Silk Route Drive 2018

China – The Silk Route Drive 2018

The Silk Route might be thought of as the middle of nowhere today, but back in its hayday, it was once the trading hub linking up China, India, Persia & Rome. Explore the evolution of the Silk Route with a drive through China, which still tells many stories of ancient times, and the exchange of cultures. Get ready to witness the scenery and sights that are not just spectacular but also intriguing on this time honoured trade route. There are well-known Mogao Caves (Mogao Grottoes) in Dunhuang, the bustling Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar, exotic customs in Xinjiang, thousands miles long Great Wall of China in Jiayuguan, cute pandas in Chengdu and more…
Are you ready to experience the adventures on this ancient trade route with us?

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30th June – 08th July 2018
8 Nights / 9 Days

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China Road Trip


Distance Covered: 4100 KM

Date: 26th April 2018 – 09th May 2018

Duration: 13 Nights / 14 Days

Terrains: Mountains, Deserts, Highways and City Driving

Route: Chengdu – Ruoergai – Xining – Jiyayuguan – Dunhuang – Turpan – Kuerle – Akesu – Kashgar

Cost: INR 4,25,000 Per Person

Tour Inclusions

  • Accommodation on double occupancy
  • All meals* (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • China visa support
  • Self Drive Vehicle(4 people in one car)
  • Fuel
  • Airport transfers in Chengdu and Kashgar
  • Road books, maps and wireless radio sets for the vehicle
  • Driving permits and vehicle insurance
  • All taxes

Tour Exclusions

  • International flights
  • Lunch and Dinners on Day 2, Day 13
  • Travel Insurance
  • Chinese visa application fees
  • Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances
  • Additional accommodation charges due to unforeseen delays in the journey
  • Any charges for carrying video camera or still camera
  • Any additional fee for issuance of visa apart from the standard fee
  • International Driving Permit

Cancellation Policy

  • 25% of the Tour cost will be charged if the tour cancelled any time after confirmation till 30 days prior to start date.
  • 50% of the tour cost will be charged as cancellation if tour is cancelled in less than 29-15 days prior to start date.
  • 100% of the tour cost will be charged as cancellation if trip is cancelled in less than 14 days prior to start date.

Delhi To China By Road

Day 1: 26th April

India – Chengdu (Fly in)

Nǐhǎo! Time to familiarize yourself with a little Chinese as you fly in to Chengdu, China! Check in at the hotel and rest for the day as you gear up to begin your two week long drive through the Silk Route in China, tomorrow.

China road trip Itinerary

Day 2: 27th April

Chengdu – Sightseeing

It would be a crime to come to Chengdu, and not visit those black and white bundles of overflowing cuteness! Yes, you guessed it right – we are talking about Pandas (Fun Fact: 80% of World’s giant pandas live in Chengdu). Chances are that you are not going to visit Chengdu that often in life, so why not make the most of it? In the evening, get to know your fellow participants as you wine & dine together!

China road trip Itinerary

Day 3: 28th April

Chengdu – Ruoergai (480 km/ 8 hours)

Take charge of your specially arranged vehicles, sit behind the wheel and join the convoy! The most thrilling part of the day begins when we reach Ruoergai. Ruoergai is a good place to explore the Tibetan culture. The flat and wide Ruoergai grassland looks like a green carpet under the blue sky, with the back paved highway leading you to the end of the sky. Tibetan villages and yaks add much vitality on this carpet. Trust us, you will forget all your worries when driving through such scenic area.

Road Trip To China

Day 4: 29th April

Ruoergai – Xining (550 km/ 9 hours)

Today, we will drive towards the mesmerizing province of Quighai’s capital city – Xining. It will be a long day on the road but you will find solace in the fluffy white clouds, untainted blue sky, and vast grasslands. Lunch en-route at Langmusi or Xiahe. Once in Xining, if you are willing, jaunt your way to Dongguan Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in northwest China with a history of more than 600 years!

China Self Drive Tour

Day 5: 30th April

Xining – Jiyayuguan (560 km/ 9 hours)

It is going to be another long day on the road, so we are going to make an early morning start. Today, take a deep breath and enjoy the spectacular views of the “Qilian Mountain”, which literally translates to “heavenly mountain”, en-route to Jiayuguan. Qilian grassland is 300 km from Xining and would take 5-6 hours to get there. If you are lucky, you might get to experience beautiful snow fall en-route.

China Road Trip

Day 6: 1st May

Jiyayuguan – Dunhuang (400 km/ 6 hours)

Today visit the Jiayuguan Great Wall, the vital pass to the world’s oldest trading route. Do you know it took 168 years to complete the wall? Well, now you know! You may have seen the Great Wall of China from the east, but today you are going to become a part of that rare group of travellers who have witnessed the Western end of the thousands miles long Great Wall of China! Time to proceed to our next destination i.e. Dunhuang.

Delhi To China By Road

Day 7: 2nd May

Dunhuang – Sightseeing

No Driving Today! If you are itching to go out and explore the city, we recommend that you spend the day visiting the Mogao Caves. The Mogao Caves are also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes and they form a system of 492 temples located 25 km southeast of the center of Dunhuang, an oasis strategically located at a religious and cultural crossroads on the Silk Road, in Gansu province. The caves contain some of the finest examples of Buddhist art spanning a period of 1,000 years. The mere fact that the world’s earliest printed dated book- Diamond Sutra was discovered here, should be enough to tick this place off your bucket list.

Silk Route Road trip

Day 8: 3rd May

Dunhuang – Sightseeing/Rest Day

Say ‘No’ to Cars today and ‘Yes’ to quad bikes! Enjoy an early morning quad biking session at the Gobi desert. Today, choose to explore the nooks and crannies of Dunhuang or slumber your way through the day! Take your pick, but don’t miss gorging on Dunhuang Niangizi or Yangguan Fish in Brown sauce or Agrics with rice. Dunhuang will definitely spoil you for choices when it comes to food.


Day 9: 4th May

Dunhuang – Turpan (800 km/ 11 hours)

Aren’t early morning drives the best? Today, enjoy your drive to Turpan. As we approach Turpan, we will also enter the Xinjiang Province. Officially known as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, it is a provincial-level autonomous region of China in the northwest of the country. It is the largest Chinese administrative division and the 8th largest country subdivision in the world, spanning over 1.6 million sq km. Xinjiang borders the countries of Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.


Day 10: 5th May

Turpan – Kuerle (380 km/ 6 hours)

As they say, a true charm of the city and places can only be learned by those who really see it with their own eyes and feel it with their own heart. All the attractive sights to visit in Kuerle cannot be described in words. One thing is for sure, that you wouldn’t wish to miss out on the exotic ‘fragrant pears’ grown around Kuerle.

China Road Trip

Day 11: 6th May

Kuerle – Akesu (530 km/7 hours)

You will be driving from Kuerle to Akesu today. En-route visit Kuche ancient town. Visit the Tianshan Grand Canyon Scenic Area to take a couple of pictures for your Instagram/Facebook to make your friends back home a little jealous. The mysterious Tianshan Grand Canyon is a canyon near Keziliya Mountain formed by wind and rain over billions of years. Continue driving through the vast expanses of Xinjiang province, passing more obscure Silk Road stops and simply soak in the remoteness of this unique part of the world.

Day 12: 7th May

Akeshu – Kashgar (715 km/ 10 hours)

Today you would be driving close to 10 hours, so make sure that your phones and iPods are charged enough to last you the complete drive. Travelling by road will give us a good look at the lifestyle of those who live in the sparsely populated areas of western China, and we’ll get an idea of what it might have been like to travel the Silk Road in days gone by—in air-conditioned comfort, of course.

Drive to China

Day 13: 8th May

Kashgar – Sightseeing/ Rest Day

Kashgar is a city in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, in China’s far west. It was a stop on the Silk Road, with its history stretching over 2,000 years. Today it’s known for the Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, a daily market crammed with pashminas, spices, fur caps and more. Visiting Kashgar is a chance to travel back in time. We saved a day in your itinerary to make sure you have ample time to enjoy many charming places here, like Abakh Khoja Tomb, Three Immortals Buddhist Caves, Stone City, Karakul lake, etc. One of the main attractions of Kashgar is the Id Kah Mosque – one of the largest mosques in China. A visit here is must not only for its beauty and religious sentiments but also for its grandeur.

Delhi To China By Road

Day 14: 9th May

Kashgar – India (Fly out)

The expedition concludes this morning and you fly back home. However, in case you wish to extend your programme and explore China for a few more days, we will be happy to assist you in extending your holiday!

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