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6 Places to Visit in Argentina

23 September, 15

Argentina is a beautiful country situated in South America. Statistics have shown that this country is the second largest on the South American continent and on the ranking of the largest countries in the world, it is found on the 8th position.
Argentina is a famous because it is here that tango was born,it is home to diverse forms of marine animals & birds namely whales,penguins,sea-lions and much more!It is also known to serve some of the best beef in the world. Apart from this fact, Argentina is also famous for the fact that it is the country that houses the highest peak on the American continent and is also the country that houses the southernmost city in the universe.
Argentina has a rich cultural heritage from the time it was first created to its colonisation by the Spanish and many other historical events. In addition, this wonderful country consists of friendly and very hospitable people who treat virtually anyone they come across like family. Today, Argentina as a country is serving as home to lots of tourists from all around the world. If you are the type that loves a trip filled with diverse options and surprises, then a trip to Argentina is what you should be looking at. As the saying goes “Variety is the spice of life”, a trip to Argentina will give you just that!
Below are 6 places you need to visit if you ever decide to go on a Argentina Trip.

Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires is a very famous and popular city in the whole of Latin America. In case you never knew this, Argentina’s most famous and seductive dance form ; Tango has its origin traced back to this beautiful city. Apart from the dance part, it is also regarded as a top notch city in the world because it possesses a great infrastructure. Some of these amenities are beautiful restaurants, good roads, clubs, museums, theatres and much more. As a football lover, you must not miss out on Buenos Aires because it houses some world class stadiums where you can go to watch a game, catch maximum fun and mingle with Portenos (Residents of Buenos Aires)

Whale Watching_Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn:Ever seen a whale hunting for a sleeping seal or sea lion? This is one action you should not miss out on whenever you plan on taking a trip to Argentina. The gateway to Peninsula Valdes, the small town of Puerto Madryn is the only place in Argentina to really get a good whale experience and June to December is the best time to spot them. At times in the season it is even possible to wander along the shoreline and have young whale mothers with their calves only twenty feet away in the water! Peninsula Valdes is heaven for those seeking wildlife and nature. Some of the marine animals you can view here during different seasons range of Magellan penguins, sea lions, Elephant Seals and dolphins. The peninsula is brimming with various land and water species. The main ones being gray foxes, skunks, Ostrich. There are also a wide species of seabirds that use the peninsula as a nesting ground. One must make sure to visit in the right season for a satisfactory experience.
El ChalténEl Chalten:Are you a nature lover who is always on the lookout for amazing landscapes? Then El Chalten is a must for your bucket list! It is a small mountain village in Santa Cruz Province overlooking the stunning Viedma glacier and in the year 2014 was ranked second by travel guide Lonely planet for “ Best Cities in the world to Know”. It falls within the Los Glaciares National Park, which is the second largest national park of Argentina and also falls under UNESCO world heritage sites. The park derives its name from glaciers born on ice caps. El Chalten is also known as the trekking capital of the world and one of the most beautiful treks can be taken in the Lago del desert that is a lake with spectacular landscapes of intense green trees, waterfalls & glaciers. The lake also offers various options for navigation and camping.
Iguazu Falls, Argentina Iguazu Falls: Another reason why you should not miss out on a trip to Argentina is to behold this wonderful attraction situated on the Brazil/Argentina border. Iguazu falls is a chain of up to 300 waterfalls that are found on a stretch of cliffs. This is a beautiful sight to behold and it would only wise if you include it on your places to visit on your next Argentina trip.

Perito Moreno glacier
Glaciers: Have you ever seen a Glacier? Even if your answer is yes, then my next question would be that have you ever seen glaciers that have 200 foot ice walls or in layman terms are almost 20 stories high?Such are the sights that you can visualize especially if you are stopping by in Southern Argentina on a Argentina Road Trip. With the aid of professional tour guides, you can take a foot trip round thePerito Moreno Glacier, an absolutely remarkable glacier that will dazzle you with its humungous size and beauty. Watch huge chunks of ice fall right before your eyes into the crystal clear water underneath while icebreaking sounds leave you absolutely enchanted.
Ushuaia: Another reason why you should not miss out on a Argentina Road Trip is a chance to visit a city that is located at the end of the world. Ushuaia is one of the best places to visit in Argentina with lots of historical antecedents behind it. This city is acknowledged as the southernmost city on planet earth and is an adventure hub with activities like skiing, sailing, scuba diving to indulge the thrill seekers! It is also close to the Antarctica and so people who visit the Antarctica converge here. A well planned Argentina Road trip will never be complete without a visit to Ushuaia. Therefore, ensure that if you are planning a trip by yourself or going with one of the numerous road trips, a tour of Ushuaia is a must on the Itinerary.
It does not matter why or when you go on a trip to Argentina; everyone has lots to gain. If you want a chance to be able to visit all of the places listed above and some other places that were not discussed here, then it would only be advisable to go on a driving expedition with world class professionals from Adventures overland. Sanjay and Tushar have made a name for themselves as professional road tour guides and they boast of a Guinness world record to show for all their hard work. You will get a chance to Tango with the Portenos (Residents of Buenos Aires) enjoy some rich wine & juicy steaks and get to see what the end of the world looks like.

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