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What if I bring my own car for Road to Bangkok Trip

13 October, 15

Every Travel site online is buzzing about the Cross Border India Bangkok Road Trip.

Adventures Overland shares this passion hence as promised we’ve brought you a ONE STOP solution to end this furore.

Our Inbox has been flooded with innumerable mails since the Web Launch of the event ,September last week. Another major concern we hear is “What if i bring my own vehicle?” It’s a genuine one, as many would desire to drive down this epic journey in their own car.

Having done this trip in our own vehicle, we understand how difficult it is to any traveller to manage logistics and Time involved if you plan it on your own vehicle. We’ve done our homework to heels and used our practical experience to core to provide One Stop solution.Here we list down two evident factor why we recommend to use a Car Rental option.

Increased no of Days

If you plan to drive on your own car, keep 25- 30 days on hand. The Drive from Delhi to Imphal is roughly 2500 kms, takes minimum 4-5 days. Imphal to BKK is another 2500 kms which is covered in 10 days as per our itinerary. Likewise about 11-12 days for return. The Idea of Fly and Drive Solution was to address the worries of long duration.
So 10 days vs min 25 days

Cost difference

AO package is INR 3,25,000/person (Imphal to Bangkok) VS if you drive your own car this reduces to INR 2,40,000(excl of fuel).
However, the latter adds the return cost to it, 2 options
a) Transport the car back via sea to Indian port – Approx cost INR 1,00,000. Shipping duration -20-30 days
b) Drive Back via same route at additional cost of INR 1,10,000 in 7 nights from BKK to Imphal for hotel, Myanmar permits , guide, lead vehicle etc..

So this journey is not as easy as it sounds ! Adventures Overland has redeemed best of it’s contacts to get this one stop solution for the Adventure Enthusiasts.

It’s Challenging, Expensive YET WORTH doing in LIFETIME.


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