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Top 5 unexplored motorable passes in India!

30 November, 16

The highest motorable mountain pass in India, as you all know is Khardung La!

During the peak season, the road towards this pass is usually crowded with Bullets, Innovas and Tempo Travellers as this pass has also become a popular stop spot for tourists who go to Nubra Valley. The route, still popular among Indian and foreign road trippers alike has become commercial.

Hence we have curated a list of passes for you that are unexplored and untouched. These passes will challenge your driving skills, welcome you with stark silence, and beckon you to try your hand at seemingly an unending number of twists and turns!


Marsimik La, Ladakh – Kashmir

The roads towards Marsimik La are a puzzle waiting to be solved. There are no set routes with multiple trails ahead of you to choose from. One would need special permits to drive to Marsimik La as it is very close to the Indo-Chinese border. Interestingly, according to the signboard on top, Marsimik La happens to be the world’s highest motorable pass at 18, 953 ft. (Khardung La is at 18,379 ft)

Elevation: 18,953 ft



Mana Pass a.k.a
Dungri La – Uttarakhand

Special permits are needed if one wants to face Mana Pass in their choice of vehicle. For bikers, this is one of the most difficult trails; while for drivers, this is one of the most exciting routes to navigate. Mana Pass is a dead end that is a demarcation between India and Tibet and the Mana Village is the Last Indian Village on this route!

Elevation: 18,399 ft



 unnamed-3Sach Pass, Chamba District – Himachal Pradesh

Snow walls as high as 40 ft, endless waterfalls, river crossings, and clearing landslides on your own to cross — Sach Pass in Dalhousie offers all this and more. It promises an exciting and adrenaline pumping experience of a lifetime! The pass in Pangi Valley is also a doorway to heaven with the number of spectacular and strikingly beautiful places to explore like Dharwas, Luj, Hundan and more…

Elevation: 14,500 ft



Nathu La, Gangtok – Sikkim

Majestic waterfalls falling at one turn, jaw-dropping view of the valley at next — the road to Nathu La is a visually stunning drive! There is no shortage of hairpin bends; and the streams, gorges and valleys are sure to overwhelm your senses with their pristine beauty… The route is closely watched by the Indian Army and permits are given only for 5 days in a week.

Elevation: 14,140 ft




Sela Pass – Arunachal Pradesh

High snow walls, wispy clouds that are low enough for you to zip through, challenging twists and turns — Sela Pass is otherworldly! If you happen to cross this pass on a cold December night, stop for a few minutes. The high snow walls against the beautiful star-studded midnight blue sky and the deafening silence might bring you down to your knees with its untouched beauty…

Elevation: 13,680 ft
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