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Mission Accomplished! #RoadToLondon

27 June, 17

“A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.”

The last week of May was filled with excitement, the kind that makes you lose your sleep, as we were approaching our final destination – London with each passing day. The excitement shared by the participants and us, was almost palpable.  We started the week’s drive from Warsaw, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic, and from there we drove to Brussels, Belgium while crossing Germany and Netherlands en-route. Once we arrived in Belgium, we literally lost our sleep… No, not because our backs were hurting or the hotel accommodation wasn’t comfortable… but because we were so electrified. London was only 532 KM away. Have you ever felt that if you extend your hand, you might actually be able to reach your dream. In that moment, we all were feeling something similar.

We made it to London by taking a ferry to cross the English Channel on 2nd June 2017. Yayie, it was time to party and celebrate the success of our epic-journey. We had finally completed the journey that once seemed like a “Herculean task”. To be honest, the party did turned a little emotional… when you travel together for almost 2 months, you start to connect with people on a different level… after all you have shared conversations, laughs, days on the road and more. The journey that started with a bunch of strangers coming together and ended with bonds that would stay forever.

We are already reminiscing about the days on the road and are having vacation withdrawal symptoms. Here’s letting the photos do the talking…

Oh, here’s a bonus one… we just got to be lucky to reach London, just in time to watch India v/s Pakistan match live. Did we make you jealous? Sorry, not sorry! 😝 Watching India win made for the perfect end to our Road To India journey.

Don’t forget to join us next year for Road To London 2018

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