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Reasons Why Roads Trips Are Just So Awesome

25 July, 17

“An open road and your favourite song, is sometimes all the therapy you need.” There’s just something magical about going on a road trip. They are memorable, exciting and adventurous.

Read on as we pen down reasons why you should be planning a road-trip soon:

1. A car is all you need! No struggle booking tatkal tickets in IRCTC or getting a mini heart-attack seeing the sky-high price of flight tickets.

2. You realise how the food at the road-side restaurant is better than the packed meals that you get in flights and trains. You get spoilt for food options available and did we mention how awesome local cuisine can be?

3. Road trips gives you the option to dance in the middle of nowhere or enjoy a drink. Now as Indians, these are like little joys of life

4. If you fall in love the beautiful view outside your windscreen, then you can stop over for some Instagram worthy photos and capture thousands of them

5. The control stays in your hand. Now who doesn’t like that? We certainly love it.

It’s time to say “Let’s go on a cross-border road trip”, because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination… It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way!

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