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Road Trip Essentials 101

5 August, 17

Time for another Road Trip… We are super excited to be leaving for Alaska – The Deadhorse Drive this month and to once again drive on one of the world’s most isolated and challenging – Dalton Highway with a bunch of avid travellers.

But before we leave, we have made a list of essentials that you must pack for your road trip to help you avoid the “Oh-Shit” moments.

• Sunglasses: We all know, sometimes Sun is not our best friend, especially when you are driving during the day (in our case, we are mostly driving through the day)! At that moment, you will realise how shades comes to your rescue, so you don’t have to squint and drive. And bonus, they look really cool when you are posing for photographs.

• Sing-along Playlist: Now what’s a long drive without good music. Having a rocking playlist would not only bring out the hidden singing talent in everyone but would also help you stay awake when you’re driving late at night. Also, you can use the songs if you randomly feel like stopping your car on the side and dancing with your crew.

• Water: Staying hydrated is the key, whether on the road or off it. Reaching your destination dehydrated wouldn’t help you enjoy your time with your buddies. So keep your stock of water handy.

• Pillow: At some point or the other, you would like to switch your seats to catch some snooze time. Now most of you won’t be used to resting your head on the hard windows, and you will want your trusted pillow, so better bring one.

• Snacks aka junk food: Chips, sour candies and sodas are road trip staples. No one’s counting calories when you are on the road, right? We think no road trip is complete without a steady supply of food to accompany you on the road.

• A Solid Crew: No one should go on a road trip alone, ever! You can take our word for it (because, experience). There is literally no fun in sitting and driving in your car alone. To have a good time on the road, you need a bunch of cool people. If you can’t find one, call us. We’re always ready for road-trips.

Now that we got the basics covered, it’s time you start preparing for your next road trip. We are heading to Jordan this November. Are you ready to visit this hauntingly beautiful place? If yes, then get in touch with us

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