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5 Reasons to visit Jordan this November

5 September, 17

Jordan is much more than Petra! It is home to some of the best archaeological sites, nature reserves, holy places, ancient ruins and peaceful deserts. In short, Jordan has it all!

Come November, we are planning a drive through the land of lost cities. Here are few of the many reasons why you should visit Jordan with us:

• Visa on arrival for Indians: Getting a visa while travelling abroad is one of the most important and essential parts of planning your foreign vacation. While, getting visa for some countries with an Indian passport can be quite a hassle, you would be glad to know that Jordan welcomes Indian with visa on arrival for a 2 week stay.

• It’s safe: Phew! We know, most people think of wars when they think of Middle East, believing that the countries here to be permanent warzone. But that’s not the case. The truth is that Jordan is quite a peaceful and stable country, that’s just surrounded by bad neighbours.

• There’s so much to see: Beauty comes in many different forms in Jordan. From spending time in the UNESCO World Heritage protected desert, Wadi Rum to the capital of Jordan, Amman… From the most popular destination in Jordan, Petra to the most sacred sites for the Christians and the Jordanians, Mount Nebo… There is so much to see in Jordan. Oh, and how can we forget that you can even float in a giant salt lake at the lowest point on Earth aka Dead Sea.

• Food: Travel and good food are our true love and we cannot think one without the other. Based on traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, the food in Jordan is delicious to see the least. Our stomachs are already grumbling!

• Enjoy the luxury: If some relaxing time in exotic location is what you are looking for, then Jordan can serve you well. We have selected some of the best hotels to help you relax and soak up in the luxury! Awesome, right?

Jordan is definitely a traveller’s paradise with warm and welcoming people, history, natures, sites and food! Join us for a road trip through this peaceful country, only to be rewarded with a taste of exotic and a warm welcome from the locals.

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