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For love of travel and romance: Offbeat destinations to explore

Love is the food of life, travel is dessert. – Anonymous


t’s that time of the year again, when all things take on a rosy hue and remind you that it is indeed love that makes the world go around. Travelling, and that too with the love of your life by your side, can be both invigorating as well as deeply therapeutic; you discover the world around you, while also uncovering newer realms of your attachment with your significant other.

Now, the world is full of places that are all manners of beautiful and beckon the lovers to come and experience the joy of travelling together. But some places are unique, unexplored and so full of magical appeal that they end up lending a distinctive edge to your sojourn.

We, at Adventures Overland, believe in charting our own path; away from the norm. We list for you three of the few shortlisted destinations around the world that are truly offbeat, and absolutely perfect for that romantic rendezvous you have been lusting after.

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Stunning white sand beaches, idyllic sunset panoramas, large swatches of land enveloped in thick tropical foliage and the unending sea for company; Phu Quoc is a gorgeous Vietnamese island sitting pretty just off the coast of Cambodia. One of South-East Asia’s best-kept secrets which is now making its presence felt on the global travel front, the Phu Quoc Island spans 574 sq. km in area, making it the largest in the country as well as in the Gulf of Thailand.

The northern part of the island is relatively unspoilt due to it being a part of a UNESCO-certified protected national park set within the KienGiang Biosphere Reserve. This perfect-for-romance destinationis also home to a string of 99 mountain peaks running along its length, with the Chua Mountain being the highest.

With its southern realm playing host to several high-end resorts, hotels, groovy bars and eateries – Phu Quoc is a fabulous amalgamation of laidback natural beauty and buzzing nightlife highs.

Hakone, Japan

With tranquil onsen (Japanese hot spring), marvellous mountain vistas, beautiful art museums, traditional inns and a lake which is a vision of shimmering azure, Hakone in Japan is as blissful and romantic as it can be – a more-than-welcome retreat away from the bustling capital city of Tokyo.

The onsen is an integral part of Japanese culture and tradition. Hakone’s distinctive geological location has blessed this town with a number of different and unique hot springs. There are scores of bathes to discover throughout the area – each with their own specific qualities, history, and appeal.

Apart from the historic Mount Fuji crowning the fabulous mountain panoramas that lend Hakone its inimitable aura, the other major natural attraction that beckons explorers here is the Ashinoko Lake. Formed 3,100 years ago as a result of the eruption of Kamiyama Mountain, Ashinoko was created when the lava from the eruption halted the flow of the nearby Hayakawa River and formed a volcanic caldera that holds at its centre this stunning body of water.

Sheki, Azerbaijan

Erstwhile a land of silk and spices, the country of Azerbaijan comes fringed by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains and used to serve as a crucial thoroughfare on the Silk Road. One important city en route here was Sheki, which by the 19th century had transformed into an international centre for silk production.

One of Azerbaijan’s most picturesque towns, Sheki today is a picture of exquisiteness with cobbled streets, vivid medieval architecture, and surrounding landscapes that are sure to leave you awestruck.

Situated 380 km from the capital city of Baku, Sheki is home to the famous Sheki Khans Palace (Khanserai) which has recently made it to the coveted UNESCO World Heritage list.

Built in the late 18th century, this two-story building was the seat of the Sheki Khans who ruled this corner of the Caucasus between 1743 and 1819. This breathtakingly lavish specimen of Islamic Architecture is a testament to intricate craftsmanship, and was built without the use of a single nail.

This and other antique attractions like original caravanserais, along with eye-popping sceneries, make Sheki a true gem that must be sightseen in all its glory.

So, if you seek to discover a place which is yet to be put atop the map for the world at large; a destination that will be uniquely yours to cherish, reach out to us. We will design a tailor-made journey which will cater to all your specific needs and requirements, while also making convenience and luxury a priority.

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