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Immersive Jordan: A road tripper’s dream destination


veritable sanctuary of quiet in the midst of a region overwhelmed with strife, Jordan will make you fall in love like never before. A treasure trove of history and a haven for anthropologists, this Middle Eastern gem of a country is as vintage as it is ethereal.

Recently listed as one of the 10 most coveted destinations for the year 2019 by the universally-acclaimed travel publishers, Lonely Planet – Jordan is riding high on the bucket list of avid road trippers the world over, and most deservedly so.

Here are the main attractions that help lend that edge of inimitability to an excursion to Jordan.

Alluring Amman

A melting pot where the old and the new merge seamlessly, and with charming results too – the Jordanian capital city of Amman is a study in contrasts.

The delightfully domineering Citadel, the spectacular Roman ruins which include a colossal amphitheatre, mesmerizing museums along with numerous souks and beautiful cafes and boutique stores; there is something for every manner of tourist in this buzzing Middle Eastern city.

Wondrous Wadi Rum

After Amman, it’s time to explore the astral wonderland of Wadi Rum Desert. The King’s Highway, undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and notable roads in the world, will leave you speechless as you romance its vintage slopes on your way to the ‘Valley of the Moon’.

Described in the classic motion picture Lawrence of Arabia as a “vast, echoing and moon like landscape”, Wadi Rum forces you to sit up and take notice of its soul-searing beauty. Make time to take in its dramatic red sandstone terrain while feasting your eyes upon stunning sunrise and sunset spectacles.

The desert of Wadi Rum is a Hollywood favourite, with films like The Last Days on Mars, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Martian shot here amidst others.

Poetic Petra

The ancient city of Petra – one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, and a most-beloved UNESCO Heritage Site – was the creation of the industrious Nabataeans. The breathtaking hand-carved architecture of the ‘Rose City’ narrates the tale of a lost civilization in the most bewitching way possible.

Encircled by daunting mountains and accessible through a deep, slender cleft in the rocks known as the Siq, Petra is an exceptional and a truly unforgettable place. Make sure to explore it during the day and then again at night, as it stands in the image of silent exquisiteness, lit by the brilliance of 1,500 candles, the moon and the stars.

Distinctive Dead Sea

Sometimes all it takes to reach a new high is to dive low. This holds especially true for the fabled Dead Sea. Located nearly 431 mts below sea level, this body of intense blue waters is the lowest point on earth.

One of the finest ways to reach the Dead Sea is via the spectacular Dead Sea Highway – parts of which are approximately 350 metres below sea level – which offers some remarkable scenic panoramas for the discerning traveller.

Just lying there, bobbing on the surface of this natural wonder is a genuinely surreal experience. An added advantage; the highly therapeutic, mineral-rich mud of this much sought-after tourist spot makes for an instant beauty treatment for that tired skin of yours.

If the gorgeous exceptionality of Jordan gets your heart racing and yearning to explore, come join us on our Jordan Expedition. Our peerless experience of organizing memorable road trips, combined with our penchant for affording our patrons nothing but convenience and luxury will ensure this will be one of your most cherished travel memories.

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