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Journey of a Lifetime – Road To London in 2 minutes

A truly transformational experience that has become synonymous with Adventures Overland – the name that represents nothing but absolute brilliance in the realm of self-drive expeditions – Road to London has surpassed all expectations and garnered a place for itself in the highest echelons of road trips par excellence.

The Road to London – 2017 edition was the first time in the history of independent India that 27 remarkable people had given into their urge to achieve the implausible, and got behind the wheel of their own 4×4 SUVs to embark upon a jaunt, the likes of which had never been witnessed before in our part of the world.

18 countries, 16,000 km, 50 days and the never-ending open road; it was a trip to remember indeed.

The first of our glorious trio of trips from India to London by road, the 2017 foray made it abundantly clear that we at Adventures Overland were here to undertake the ostensibly impossible and turn it upon its head.

Since its inception, the following seasons of Road to London journey in the years 2018 and 2019 have been ever-more grandiose. With 27 participants in each, belonging to various age groups and manners, the subsequent editions of this erstwhile unfathomable road trip have only become bigger, better and more electrifying. So far, 90-100 participants have completed this ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ in their own Indian-registered vehicles. Both Sanjay and Tushar conceived and pioneered the idea, and were responsible for managing logistics, border crossings, escort vehicles, licenses, permits etc. to ensure that the participants were able to successfully and safely reach London driving their own vehicles.

Creating memories galore

Replete with genuinely unforgettable moments like exploring gorgeous pagodas while driving on the 16 lane Yangon-Mandalay Expressway in Myanmar, romancing the ancient Silk Route in China and Central Asia, paying a visit to the stunningly historic city of Tashkent, hiking on the incredibly awesome Great Wall of China at the Jiayuguan Pass, cruising through the Pamir Mountains in Kyrgyzstan, and all this in the company of some amazing culinary delights – this drive is a revelation of all things beautiful.

And what is it that you take away from this experience? Well, the proof of the pudding does indeed lie in the eating of it!

Friendships that promise to last a lifetime, camaraderie that leaves you refreshed, freedom from all your inhibitions and attainment of life goals that were long waiting to be realised – this is the mother-of-all road trips that will help you achieve them all.

If you find our claims hard to believe, take the word of our participants who have nothing but sheer joy to share from their Road to London journey. It’s owing to this brainchild of travel experts Sanjay and Tushar that a 72-year-old as well as a five-year-old (accompanied by parents) have been able to successfully drive across 18 countries, all the way from India to London.

In order to give you a glimpse into this exceptional journey and all that it entails for enthused travellers, we present for you – Road To London in 2 minutes. Chockfull of snapshots of our participants enjoying to the hilt, as they relish the liberty afforded by the open roads, this video montage is sure to mesmerize.

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