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Winter drive in Russia 2019 – Crazy idea or pure genius?

“When it snows, you have two choices; shovel or make snow angels.”

But we are the third type… when it snows, we bring out the UAZ Patriot Vehicles and organize a winter drive in Russia!

Think frozen lakes, white sculptural landscapes, startling blue skies, snowdrifts, ride in monster truck (SHERP ATV) and more when you join us for a “Winter Drive in Russia.”

Here are our top 5 reasons to convince you why this is just pure genius:
  • Snow Drive in UAZ Patriot Vehicle:

You’ll witness cities covered in frosty white coats of snow, while driving UAZ Patriot Vehicle in Russia, making the views quite picturesque.

  • The culture and the people and the architecture:

Russian culture has a rich history, strong traditions and influential arts and exhibits a great diversity in geography and ethnicities. Russian people are warm, funny, and welcoming once you get to know them. And you can experience it all as you visit the well-known places like Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, KrásnayaPlóshchaď (Red Square), and more.

  • Russian food (and vodka) to warm you:

Russia has a rich variety of gourmets and delicacies and you must try traditional Russian food at least once in your life. Of course, if you like vodka, Russia is the place to go. The shots of vodka will keep you warm enough to explore the endless roads.

  • SHERP ATV that goes Anywhere:

Did you ever wish that you could ride those cute little toy trucks that you played with as a kid? Well the Sherp ATV is the closest you can get to making your childhood dream a reality. It will just go anywhere, over water, on ice, on rough terrain. So, hold your seat tight as you experience the bumpy ride in these monster trucks.

  • Pure, unadulterated love:

We fell in love with Russia and how. This largest country demands a visit again and again and we aren’t complaining. After driving through this country twice this year (including the drive during Road to London 2018) and twice in the previous year, we are ready to explore and experience it once again on “Winter Drive in Russia 2019”. Now this should be enough reason for you to pick your phone and call us right away to make your bookings.

A winter drive in Russia is not just ravishingly beautiful, it is exhilarating!So, pack your warm coat, bomber hat and waterproof shoes as you get ready to drive across the largest country in the world amidst stark snow with us. For more details, contact us at [email protected] or call us at +91-9999981128

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