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Winter Drive in Russia: Like stepping into a Russian novel!

Winter Drive in Russia is a fairy-tale come true: Beautiful parks, squares and churches covered in sugar powder snow and lights shimmering on your way. Russia is at its most beautiful when the snow starts to swirl. Think frozen lakes, white sculptural landscapes, startling blue skies, cathedrals and theatres, sledding, SHERP rides and more.

Driving in Russia during winter season can unravel things you can never experience in summer. Here are just some of the best reasons to join us on the Winter Drive:

It’s a real winter wonderland:

Imagine witnessing the sprinklings of glistening snow carpeting the colourful domes of grand cathedrals and sprawling parks. With a mantle of white, the country’s iconic buildings look like a great, columned wedding cake.

Russian specialties to warm you up:

Russia has a rich variety of gourmets and delicacies and you must try traditional Russian food at least once in your life. Of course, if you like vodka, Russia is the place to go. The shots of vodka will keep you warm enough to explore the endless roads.

“Winter Only” activities:

Russia offers many activities that are only possible in winter. During winters, you can indulge in fun activities like snow golf, ice fishing, dogs sledding, skiing, snow-boarding and more. The possibilities are endless.

No disturbance (read less crowd):

In winter, driving through Russia will be even more special because this is no hurry, no crowds. Having the roads to yourself is a feeling that is hard to put into words.

Enjoy surreal experience to ride inside a SHERP ATV:

SHERP ATV just go anywhere; over water, on ice, on rough terrain. So, hold your seat tight as you experience the bumpy ride in these monster trucks.

Winter in Russia is more than just snow. It is beautiful, it is exciting, and the sharp smack of proper winter is absolutely exhilarating. So, don your finest faux furs, wrap up warm and book for the Winter Drive in Russia 2019 today. For more details and information, email us at [email protected] or call us at +91-9711229430.

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