Guniess World Record For Driving longest distance in a single country (Australia)
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7-Day Bhutan Getaway

If you are looking for peace of mind along with some adventure to rekindle your spirit then this is where you will find it, Bhutan! A kingdom in the middle of beautiful mountain ranges surrounded by ancient but immaculate monasteries and inhabited by the simple Drukpa people! Here is a country without an army but armed with the Gross National Happiness of its people.

Visit Bhutan and gift yourself a glimpse of god’s own land!

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11 day Bhutan Discovery Tour

Do you ever dream of a night sky filled with stars? A place where rare migratory birds and strange wild creatures coexist, the king preaches democracy and the gross national product is as per the happiness of its citizens!
Visit Bhutan, a kingdom with a king but no army. Get enchanted by beautiful monasteries and mesmerizing landscape and refresh your spirit with absolutely pure & fresh mountain air. Drive through the meandering hills and High Mountain passes amidst snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys to get an adrenalin rush like never before.

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12-Day Bhutan Dragon Drive

How would you like to visit a country that’s called a Kingdom, Is roughly the size of Switzerland, Has No navy or Air Force and where Gross National Happiness precedes Gross National Product? Where it’s a national rule that 60% of its area should remain forested for all future generations and is possibly the only country in the world where women enjoy equal rights as men in all respects. The gift of the King to his people is Democracy and where being secular is represented on the country’s national flag. Welcome to the kingdom of Bhutan or the land of the Drukpa people.

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15-Day Bhutan Odyssey

Fancy going on a Road trip with long scenic drives through high motorable passes, snow capped mountains, lush green valleys with corn fields and banana groves to feast your eyes on?
Visit Bhutan for all this and more! Charming monasteries with ancient histories, a kingdom rich in culture and brimming with traditions, inhabited by warm and simple folks who care more about happiness than the nations GDP!
Possibly the only country in Asia where women enjoy equal rights as men in all respects (not just on paper) and where the king’s gift to his countrymen is democracy!
Find inner peace in a thrilling drive through god’s own land, Bhutan.

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12-Day Bhutan Revelation Tour

As a child you must have read fairytales of Kingdoms in the middle of snow capped mountains ruled by a wise king and pictured it with lush green valleys, thick forests, cascading waterfalls and a happy populace? Visit the land where these fairytales can be envisioned and experienced in real life, Bhutan.
The land of Buddha will touch you spiritually and invoke such feelings with its serenity that can only be felt and experienced.
Driving through the meandering roads of the Himalayan Kingdom, you will find adventure in every step, as you re-discover this relatively unexplored terrain.
As the cool mountain air caresses your face, and the sweet smell of trees and flowers tickles your senses, you will feel that you have become one with nature in this god’s own land!

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