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Experience the life of kings and royalties in Rajasthan. Known as the “Land of Kings”, Rajasthan is the most vibrant, colorful and an architecturally magnificent state of India. Forts, Palaces, vintage cars, folk dancing and absolutely mouth watering local delicacies, Rajasthan is the perfect blend of heritage and chivalry.

The 5-day Golden Triangle Drive

Begin your sojourn with Jaipur, Rajasthan and experience hospitality on a Royal scale! Get pampered and indulged as you dance with Ethnic Folk dancers and enthrall your senses to the famous local tunes welcoming the guests in the grandest form as the famous saying goes “ Padharo mahre des” which means, “Welcome to my land”!
Add romance to your adventure as you visit The Taj Mahal celebrating the eternal love of Shahjahan & Mumtaz Mahal that took 20 years and 20000 artisans to complete. And Yes, it is as Grand as you have imagined or perhaps more.

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7-Day Rajasthan Fly & Drive

Take a flight to the Pink city and be prepared for an explosion of colors to rock your senses. Jaipur is a visual treat with an abundance of forts, palaces, museums and safaris waiting to be explored.
Stay in a fabulous palace in Bikaner, former hunting grounds of Kings and feel like a Royal.
Visit the Sonar Qilla or Jaisalmer Fort built in yellow sandstone to camouflage itself in the yellow sands of the mighty Thar desert thus earning the city its popular name of the Golden city.

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8-Day Rajasthan Fly & Drive

Fly directly to the Golden city of Jaisalmer and find out why it is called so. Visit the fabulous Jaisalmer Fort historically called the Sonar Qilla or the Golden Fort for its rich color and texture. Enjoy driving against stark and virgin landscapes in the mighty Thar desert.
Stay at Majestic Palaces and Experience the flamboyance of Kings and Princesses’ at Jodhpur.
Visit the city of Udaipur dotted with lakes, palaces and exuding romance in its rich ambience and get charmed by its beauty.

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10-Day Rajasthan Royal Odyssey

Live life King size as you begin your tour of majestic Rajasthan with the pink city, Jaipur as your first stop.
Enjoy Camel Safaris, visit the mystical bazaars, and explore vibrant forts and museums while savoring the rich local cuisine.
Stay at absolutely divine properties and indulge yourself as the Royals do in Bikaner & Khimsar. Glide on a Zip line across lakes and deserts against the Mehrangarh Fort as backdrop for a fantastic view in a city colored blue, Jodhpur.
Visit the only Brahma Temple in the world and take a holy dip in the Pushkar lake to wash away the sins of a lifetime.

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13-Day Desert Escape in Rajasthan

Your romance with Rajasthan begins today as you begin the drive towards the pink city, Jaipur via the busy NH-8.
Stay at Majestic Palaces and Experience the flamboyance of Kings and Princesses’ at Bikaner. Glide on a Zip line across lakes and deserts against the Majestic Mehrangarh Fort as backdrop for a fantastic view. Visit cities dotted with lakes and reflecting Golden hues at Udaipur & Jaisalmer.
Catch the Camel fair at Pushkar where you witness moustache competitions, camel races and get chased by gypsies.
Come, fall in love with the rich culture, traditions and everything that makes Rajasthan a princely feather in India’s cap!

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