A Drive Down Memory Lane with Adventures Overland

A Drive Down Memory Lane with Adventures Overland


Russia, UK, Africa, Iceland

As we get ready to bid adieu to another fantastic year during which Adventures Overland touched new highs of accomplishment in curating and organizing self-drive road trips par excellence, it’s a sheer joy to look back upon the experiences that made 2019 a sizzling cracker of a year.

Winter Drive in Russia

The 3rd year of our thrilling Winter Drive in Russia saw 22 participants live through the absolutely electrifying experience of discovering the largest country in the world during its famously infamous and nail-biting winter season. Undoubtedly the best time to explore the fascinating medley of colour that’s Russia, this expedition had our group of exuberant participants manoeuvring upon glass-like surfaces of frozen lakes and rivers in iconic UAZ Patriot 4×4 vehicles.

Road to London

A truly transformational experience that has become synonymous with Adventures Overland, the Road to London has surpassed all expectations and garnered a place for itself in the highest ranks of road trips par excellence. Since its inception in 2017, the following editions of the Road to London journey have been ever-more impressive, with 27 participants taking part in the 3rd season of this life-changing journey in the year 2019.

Lahaul & Spiti Drive

The year 2019 was our 5th year covering the scenic, spellbinding and stirringly unpredictable route to Lahaul & Spiti. A convoy comprising 13 cars with 23 participants in them left Delhi, only to be utterly awed by the experience of driving one’s own vehicle in the looming shadows of the mighty Himalayas.

Africa Expedition

12 adventure seekers took the plunge to embark upon a road trip that would take them through 10,000 km within the ‘Mother Continent’ over a course of 45 days. Africa has so much to offer, and that too with a vibe so enigmatic, that it really binds you in her magical spell. Take the word of our participants who had a gala time on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Iceland Expedition

23 adventurers took off from India to be swept away by the overwhelming beauty and infectious verve of the land of fire and ice. The 4th season of Adventures Overland’s Iceland Expedition concluded successfully, with the riveting road trip culminating as brilliantly as it had begun.

Jordan Expedition

The wonderfully ethereal Jordan continues to fascinate newer generations of road trippers with its amazing aura of calm, which arrives packed with incomparable vintage appeal. Having successfully completed 4 expeditions to this gorgeous Middle Eastern destination in the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 which saw us visiting Jordan not once but twice (March and November).

We at Adventures Overland firmly believe ingenuity and passion can truly render any enterprise undertaken into the experience of a lifetime. While road trips always were and continue to be our forte, we also design Tailormade Journeys that re-imagine the idea of travel, transcend the norm and truly inspire one to seek more from the world around them. With us at the helm you will be travelling with nothing but convenience, luxury and grandeur at your behest. So, come join us and give in to wanderlust in the most exhilarating way possible.

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Date : 28/12/2019

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