The Great American Road Trip: World famous signs not to be missed

The Great American Road Trip: World famous signs not to be missed


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It is the be all and end all of all road trips; The Great American Road Trip will be an adventure unlike any other – a trip through the length and breadth of the unimaginably varied, United States of America starting 1st September 2020. And with Adventures Overland at the helm, rest assured it will be one heck of a drive!

Now, we have in our previous editions introduced you to many significant highways and landmarks in USA, including the Hollywood Sign, Route 66 and Universal Studios amidst others. But to capture in one go all there is to see and admire in the US is literally impossible.

This is a vibrant land full of natural and man-made wonders, which also include some really iconic and extravagant signage which illustrate the ‘American Dream’ perfectly.

As is the case with all art, well-designed and brightly illuminated signs too can speak on many levels; they can stir nostalgia while also being inspirational. Here are a few more of the most popular and historic signposts, which are sure to delight the globe trotter in you.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

Signalling one’s entry into America’s ‘Sin City’ is this vintage marker which was erected in the year 1959 by Las Vegas-based Western Electric Displays (also known as Western Neon). Designed by visual artist and graphic designer Betty Willis, this 25-foot-tall creation is located at 5100 – Las Vegas Boulevard South and is popularly considered to be the official southern end of the glittering Las Vegas Strip.

Legend has it that Willis considered the sign her gift to the city and wanted it to remain in the public domain. This is the reason it was never copyrighted and serves as a common image for souvenirs.

The symbolic installation has since been improved upon to correct weather damage, and was added to the Nevada’s State Register of Historic Places in December, 2013.

Chicago Theatre, Illinois

Considered the ‘unofficial emblem of the city’, which has made its presence felt on numerous occasions in film, television, artwork, as well as photography – the six-story high Chicago Theatre marquee has become closely entwined with the identity of this beautiful city.

The landmark Chicago Theatre was inaugurated on October 26, 1921 and was the first in a chain of grandiose movie palaces in America conceived by the Balaban and Katz (B&K) group, which was run by AJ Balaban, his brother Barney Balaban and partner Sam Katz.

Designed by Cornelius and George Rapp, this remarkable building was created in French Baroque style and spells sheer magnificence till date. Quintessentially Chicago, this gorgeous architectural marvel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1979, and was listed as a Chicago Landmark in 1983.

Beverly Hills Shield, California

The highly sought-after area of Beverly Hills offers a wide selection of unique places to click that perfect selfie. And the wildly popular Beverly Hills Shield Sign reigns on the very top of that list.

Incorporated in the year 1914, Beverly Hills was established by a group of investors who failed in their venture meant to find oil. Today, the area represents one of the plushest addresses in the country and is commonly referred to as ‘90210’.

The area’s Coat of Arms, that is the Beverly Hills Shield, proudly underlines its legacy with many of these signposts spread throughout the city. The signpost located at the Beverly Hills Visitor Centre is generally considered amongst tourists as the easiest one to access.

Broadway Street, New York

Broadway – the core of the American commercial theatrical industry – is unarguably one of the world’s most recognized streets, represented by its green sign with white letters. The oldest north–south main thoroughfare in New York City, Broadway runs 21 km through Manhattan, 3.2 km through the Bronx, and 29 km through the lower Westchester County.

The Midtown Manhattan section of Broadway, located between the 42nd and 53rd streets encompasses the Theatre District as well as the glitzy Times Square, and is popularly known by the nickname ‘The Great White Way’.

First finding a mention in the year 1642 in the travel journal of a Dutch explorer, the street that runs through the length of the Manhattan Island was conferred its moniker owing to its unusual width.

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