Why go on a road trip? Because it’s beyond awesome!

Why go on a road trip? Because it’s beyond awesome!


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An acquired taste as it may be, the art of letting yourself out of your comfort zone and into the big, blue expanse of the world outside has its rewards.

It’s serendipitous, intoxicating and enormously cathartic.

Anybody who has ventured out on the open road will vouch passionately for the sheer freedom the experience offers. There is something almost magical about cruising along behind the wheel of a vehicle ready to transport you into any unchartered territory you want.

Your former self fades into the background, taking the chaos of daily life along with it, as you discover new facets of your character – completely unshackled from life as you knew it.

We at Adventures Overland understand, embody and inspire this spirit of wandering. Towards that end, we list for you the aspects that make road trips incredibly amazing.

Explore hidden gems with ease

One of the key factors that make road trips beyond awesome is the fact that it’s much more convenient to discover hidden gems en route when you are travelling by road. You will find yourself stopping at random towns along the way – places you have never heard of – which may turn out to be home to some of the most beautiful spots in that region.

You also end up visiting places that aren’t on the radar of the world at large, and are thus free of the usual issues that plague destinations teeming with tourists.

Flying will get you from point A to point B with plenty of time to spare. But it’s driving that will take you through all the other mystically random points in between! Now, which of these fares better for a true adventure-seeker?!

Experience real ways of existence

If you are someone who relishes the prospect of experiencing people, landscapes and cultures at their realest – road trips are just the thing for you. Being behind the wheel of your own vehicle offers you the chance to really get up, close & personal with a new environment, and the ways of the people inhabiting it. This also includes sampling scrumptious local cuisine, which is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

As you cruise along and ramp-up the numbers on that odometer, the world slowly transforms around you. You get the opportunity to stop, look and interact. This lends you a whole different perspective on how life really is in different places around the world.

Indulge in self- reflection

Travelling, especially road trips, offer the much-needed opportunity to truly get back to our inner selves. It helps you realise what is it that really drives you, and also revive facets of your personality that may have been lost in the monotony of everyday lifecycle back home. We are ‘elbowed’ out of our comfort zones and get the chance to take a peek behind our usual understanding of the world around us.

As many have reiterated, there’s nothing quite like a long drive on a wide-open road and under the vibrant skies to clear the mind.

Inculcate patience, improvisation & spontaneity

Unexpected developments are part of the parcel when it comes to road tripping. This adds to the adventurous nature of it all. The car breaking down, the tires giving way, traffic jams or closed roads – all or any of these unforeseen situations help improve one’s ability to tackle stress and solve problems.

It encourages you to remain patient, be inventive and make do with whatever is available at hand. Now, isn’t that a life skill that is sure to come in handy?!

Road tripping also inculcates spontaneity as you tend to nod yes to trying newer things and experiences. Exposure to adventure activities and different ways of living inevitably makes one more ready to experiment.

Give back to regional communities

Travelling via the road gives you access to those nooks and corners of larger destinations, which otherwise may have escaped making it to your itinerary. This brings you face-to-face with local culture and etiquette. What this also helps you achieve is contributing to the regional communities in that particular area.

By going local, travellers end up lending their valuable support to resident artistes, homegrown establishments like restaurants, guesthouses and cultural centres.

Form lasting bonds

Embarking upon road trips helps you meet like-minded souls who also long to travel and explore. Whether travelling with family, friends or complete strangers – shared experiences like adventure sports and travelling present the opportunity to get to know your companions a lot better. Spending long hours while manoeuvring tricky driving surfaces and by-lanes, will reveal to you what each person is really like and exactly how compatible you are with each other.

Road tripping is a fabulous way to see observe and listen to tales of different people who are on their own personal journey, assess your individual relationships, and grow together. Rest assured, you will create some splendid memories with your travelling mates, while uncovering the secrets of this wonderful world we call home.

So, if you have been bitten by the travel bug (and bitten hard) come join us on any of our upcoming expeditions. Adventures Overland is where luxury and ease go hand in hand with travel goals that previously seemed unsurmountable. Let us help you experience the improbable.

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Date : 28/03/2020

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