Guniess World Record For Driving longest distance in a single country (Australia)
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Ride to London 2019

Ride to London 2019

When was the last time you did something for the first time? We’ve arranged that! After successfully organising Road to London in 2017 and 2018, it’s time to conquer the road on a motorcycle. We are happy to launch the first ever expedition from India to London on a motorcycle in colaboration with Eaglerider, a U.S. based Global Motorcycle Touring Company and its called the Ride to London! So, if you have what it takes to ride 17000+ km through 20 countries…continue reading.

With valleys, plateaus, deserts, forests and all kinds of terrains to ride through, Ride to London will take you through unique destinations, challenging terrains and breath – taking sights all the way from India to London. So, whether you are a pro or not, a bike trip from India to London will push you to face new adventures and set many new riding goals while you are at it! No matter how much riding you have done so far, never mind the duration or the terrains, we promise you one thing…Ride to London is going to be the greatest thing you will ever do in your life!

"A great and completely thrilling experience was the self drive tour of the Rann of Kutch area in November 2012, aptly named Road to Rann. Impeccably organized by Adventures Overland – each location was handpicked to provide an experience in..."
-Mayank Bhatnagar

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9th March 2019 – 16th March 2019
7 Nights / 8 Days

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Distance Covered: 17,000+ Km

Date: 12th May 2019 – 12th July 2019

Duration: 61 Nights / 62 Days

Terrains: Mountains, Deserts, Forests, Highways, City Riding

Countries: India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom

Time Zones: 8

Cost: INR 20 Lakh Per Person

Tour Inclusions

  • All Hotel stays on twin sharing basis
  • All Meals * (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Route Planning and Research.
  • Activities to make the experience truly memorable.
  • Local guidance and support from experts.
  • All inner line permits for restricted areas.
  • Limited stock of chocolates, snacks, water and soft beverages for every motorcycle.
  • All local permits, government permits, Ministry approvals, custom and immigration clearance
  • All Visas and Normal Visa Fees
  • Carnet de Passage for your motorcycle
  • Border crossing assistance
  • Lead Vehicle in local countries wherever mandatory
  • All local permits, government permits, Ministry approvals, custom and immigration clearance
  • Merchandise.
  • Crew team with a Crew Motorcycle and modified Van equipped with GPS, vehicle repair assistance, emergency food supplies and first-aid kit.
  • Road Books and Maps for every motorcycle
  • Toll Taxes
  • Fuel
  • Group shipment of Motorcycles from UK to Nhava Sheva Port, Mumbai
  • Third party insurance for your motorcycle

Tour Exclusions

  • Motorcycles
  • Your own international or domestic passenger flights.
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Insurance and documentation costs such as travel insurance
  • Motorcycle servicing, repairs, traffic fines or parking penalties.
  • Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances like ill-health, motorcycle breakdown or repairs, damage accruing from land blocks, bad weather etc.
  • Additional accommodation charges due to unfore seen delays in the journey.
  • Any Medical expenses incurred during the trip
  • Any charges for carrying video camera or still camera.
  • Any hotel, subsistence or other costs incurred prior to the official start date of an expedition and after the official end date of the expedition.
  • Return ticket from UK to India
  • Excludes 11 Lunches and 11 Dinner on rest days

Cancellation Policy

  • 10% of the tour cost will be charged if the tour cancelled any time after confirmation till 20th October 2018
  • 25% of the tour cost will be charged as cancellation if tour is cancelled in between 21st October – 15th December 2018
  • 50% of the tour cost will be charged as cancellation if tour is cancelled in between 16th December 2018 – 15th February 2019
  • 100% of the tour cost will be charged as cancellation if tour is cancelled post 16th February 2019


Samar gave up the corporate life with a dream to steer experience holidays in India and became the owner of the EagleRider of USA in India delivering elevated experiences for motorcycle enthusiast. A thorough motorsports enthusiast who has also extensively lived, ridden and driven in different parts of the globe, who doesn’t feel the heat of the desert and cold from the snow. He is the brain behind various modifications for expeditions.


Trigun has been riding for the last 40 years and has always lived a life of the quintessential Crocodile Dundee. A wildlife naturalist he has lived, ridden and driven varied vehicles in extreme temperatures of both the hot and cold desserts of India. With over 2 million miles under his belt, also lived in various countries like Europe and Africa as well as all across India he is a par excellence rider.


Sharik Verma started riding motorcycles at an early age of 13. After a trip to Ladakh in college on his motorcycle he decided that he will travel for a living and has been doing so for over a decade. After his successful stint as a destination wedding photographer he started making adventure films while riding a motorcycle. Finished his ‘Round the world’ trip on his Triumph Tiger and decided to become a tour captain as he loves being on the road. With an experience of riding over 300,000 Kms in more than 20 countries, he has many tales to tell in a group of adventure motorcycling enthusiasts.


A traveller, adventurer, backpacker and always in a wait to fetch the opportunity to travel and explore the unexplored. He realised his passion for travel early in life and decided to go ahead with his bachelor’s and master’s in Tourism itself. From handling in-office operations and sales, to handling on-ground logistics and management, Prachur is the guy you can count on. With his extensive experience and expertise of heading the Road to London 2018 expedition as Tour Manager, wherein he covered a driving distance of 16000 km, through 18 countries in 49 days and with a group of 30 people, he is now ready to spearhead the first ever India to London bike trip.


Week 01

India, Myanmar

The freedom of being on the open road with the wind in your hair is a feeling that’s truly experienced through a great motorcycle ride. Get in the saddle, gear up your bike, join the convoy and flag off on the greatest journey of your life! Start your ride towards the Tamu-Moreh border and enter Myanmar, the 2nd country on our epic journey. Ride through 46 World War II Iron Bridges, dusty terrains and gravel roads as you enter Myanmar, a country that is still untouched by world tourism, making it an amazing destination to discover. From some jaw dropping views of the sunrise over the 4446 pagodas in Bagan to visiting Golden Rock, the country’s most spiritual and religious sites, be ready to witness some of the most liberating and memorable moments soon after you start the journey.

drive trhough China

Week 02

Thailand, Laos, China

About time we said goodbye to Myanmar. You have a long way to go! Pack your bags, get back on the road towards the Myawaddy – Mae sot border to reach Thailand. Your journey begins from the beautiful town of Tak. Ride past the small villages and stunning scenery and reach Chiang Khong. After riding through beautiful regions of Thailand, ride east towards Laos, the fourth country on our expedition.
Continue your ride and feel the adrenaline rush as you cross another border and enter China. Our longest stay during the journey is going to be in China, the 5th country on Ride to London.

Chengdu - China

Week 03


When riding in China, it’s tempting to hit the open road and simply follow your nose, but don’t forget that you are riding in a foreign country and the police here is very strict. Enjoy your ride as you travel through the numerous mountain passes, tunnels and bridges and be left awed by the absolutely amazing infrastructure of China.

Discover villages & towns that may not be found on maps! Witness beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges, lakes and monasteries as you drive through the remote terrains of China. Stop and say hi to the adorable Pandas in Chengdu, stare in awe at the Giant Buddha of Leshan, which is the largest stone Buddha in sitting position in the world.


Week 04


Hit the road and make your expedition extra special as you ride through the off- beaten tracks of Northern China. Jiayuguan Pass, which is not only the western starting point of the Ming Great Wall, but also a vital pass on the ancient Silk Road. Climb the Great Wall of China, have fun in the sand dunes of the Gobi desert, and visit the Mogao Caves, also known as the Thousand Buddha Grottoes, in China’s Gansu province which is home to a startling collection of Buddhist artworks dating back more than 1,000 years. Continue riding westwards through the rugged mountains, gorgeous landscapes and remote terrains of China.

Make sure to sample the local delicacies during your journey through this spectacular country. Cherish every minute of your time in China, you are one of those rare travellers who is taking the road less travelled through a region of China not explored by many.


Week 05

China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

Exit the border of China and enter Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. Within a week’s time, you will be passing through three different countries. Geographically isolated by its high mountain terrains, it is mystical & exotic with the busy bazaars in the millennia old city of Osh. Expect snow, high altitudes, basic facilities and almost no civilization for hours and hours. The rawness and the kindness of the hospitality will be beyond any words as you ride through the “stan” countries.

Eat a raw leg of lamb, take rest in local yurts and experience unique culture of Kyrgyz people. Continue riding west and enter Uzbekistan where we will spend some time in sprawling Tashkent, a city that takes the crown with its emerald green parks, gardens and crystal imbued fountains. This elegant city is an amalgamation of medieval Oriental architecture and modern skyscrapers.

Trust us, this week will feel like as if you have gone through some time machine to experience how people used to live millions of years ago.

Week 06

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan

Enjoy the magnificent vistas all throughout this week. These scenic views are sure to be etched in your memories for years to come. You will experience different cultures at the various stops that you will make on this route. While riding, be sure to stop whenever necessary — whether for a snack, a stretch, or to take photos of passing salt flats, wild horses and bactrian camels.

By now you will be a bit familiar with Central Asia and border crossings! But be prepared to get surprised once again as you cross the border and enter Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world. Get captivated by the sheer vastness of the Kazakh steppe in this Goliath state and ride through long stretches of lonely deserts with terrains that are bare and eroded with sand dunes for miles on end. You had horses for company in Kyrgyzstan and you will have camels for company in Kazakhstan.

Prepare yourself for some tough & terrific ride this week between the stretches of Aralsk and Aktobe, before you enter Russia – the largest country in the World.

Week 07


This week’s stop – Russia. Reach the nation that has overwhelmed the imagination of the world for centuries with its traumatic & volatile history. Be careful while riding on the highways especially when you see the highway police who are always on the lookout for foreign vehicles to penalize them for some traffic violation or other! Ride through vast stretches of Russia and reach Moscow, the world-famous capital city of Russia. In Moscow, be prepared to be awed as you find yourself standing at the Red Square and staring at the mind-boggling architecture of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Moscow will delight you with its huge parks, cycling tracks and heritage sites. As you visit the various heritage sites don’t be surprised if you run into beaming brides and grooms visiting to pay respects as per Russia’s unique tradition!

Week 08 and 09

Europe (Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, UK)

11 Countries in 12 Days, does a road trip get any better than this? In the last two weeks, you will literally have breakfast in one country, lunch in the second and dinner in the third! Brace yourself for a roller coaster ride. After riding through the world’s largest country – Russia, cross the border in Latvia. You will enter the Schengen Area, which means that no more border crossings while riding through different countries. Ride on the smooth tarmacs of the legendary German Autobahns. Explore the quirky capital of Lithuania and take in the lights, strolling musicians, and old-world charm of Vienna. Zip through France, treat yourself to scrumptious Waffles in Brussels and give yourself a pat on the back as you cross the English Channel and reach the city of dreams, London.

Useful Information/FAQs

  • Is the above schedule fixed? We like to stick to the designed as much as possible. But, all participants must be prepared for changes in route due to uncertain weather conditions, road blockages and any other probabilities.
  • What kind of Motorcycle do I need? We recommend long distance motorcycles with a minimum engine capacity of 800cc. Such a motorcycle will withstand all terrains and give you a comfortable riding experience as well.
  • Can we take our own motorcycle or will you arrange one for us? The Rider needs to bring or arrange for motorcycle on their own. It is absolutely fine to bring the motorcycle which is not in your name, you will just need to procure an Authorization letter from the motorcycle owner.
  • Will vegetarian meals be an issue? Most regions offer vegetarian food, though it may not be lavish. We will also be carrying packaged Indian food with us in case of emergencies.
  • What about medical assistance in case of any emergency? Our crew Vehicle will be equipped with first aid kits and basic medical supplies. You must carry any prescribed medications that you take with you in abundance, as those may not be readily available in these countries.
  • Will you help us procure all documents? Yes, we will help you get all the relevant documents like Visa, Carnet de Passage, permits and permission needed for riding across multiple borders. You will also be briefed about rules and regulations applicable in all the countries we will cross.
  • What all documents will be needed? A detailed list will be mailed to you well in advance. We will assist you with each and every step with respect to procuring all the relevant documents both for you and the motorcycle.
  • What riding experience do I need? As long as you have an International Riding Permit and are comfortable with riding, you are welcome to join the team. No particular riding experience across borders or hilly terrains will hinder you, as we will be there throughout to help and guide you.
  • What is the average group size? We would like to limit the group size to maximum 20 people.
  • What about Motorcycle breakdowns and other maintenance? Our crew will always be there to help you with breakdown and emergency situation.
  • Will fuel be readily available? Although fuel will be available throughout, but we still recommend everyone to carry Jerry Cans in case of non availability in remote.
  • Visa and Passport requirement? We will be processing 10 visas for Indian passport holder to cover the entire journey. The rider must have passport validity until December 2019 and 20 clean pages.


A trained and experienced crew to handle Emergency First Aid recovery, incase of any mishap till you get to proper medical care. Team equipped with advanced medical kit to handle to Bruises, Fractures, Open wounds etc, along with General Medication.

Before ride off on each day, the bikes will up-kept with general inspection (tyre care, oils). Oil changes, per each bikes schedule will be done by the team. Space for keeping guests bike tyres, spares (weight 5 kgs). Luggage limited to 50 liters volume (weight 25 kgs)

An expedition modified vehicle that can handle motorcycle recovery with emergency seating for 2 + 2 riders in Air Conditioned (heated & Cool) cabin. VAN equipped with, High Pressure Air Compressor, Tyre Changing equipment other than tools and generic spares (closer to the date of the trip, we’ll request you to share your bikes spares that you’d like to carry with you). Survival Gear with equipment to cook up a hot meal and create temporary shelter.

What to expect on Ride to London

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.”

After successfully organizing and leading Road to London expedition consecutively in 2017 and 2018, here are some points from our experience that are worth mentioning, so you come not just packed but also prepared for this rewarding and life-changing journey.

  • Food: We believe that cooking and eating in a foreign country is the surest and truest way to experience a country. That’s why we make the best possible arrangements for you to sample the best of local delicacies and regional dishes that will leave your taste buds forever in debt! In addition, we also carry emergency stash of packing Indian food for the days when you miss and crave our good old Indian food. Please also consider that there will be some days when the food options will be limited and you may not get the best choices of food items that you are used to, those are the days when your understanding would be highly appreciated.
  • Border Crossing: Ride to London is a cross border expedition which means that you will be crossing through multiple borders during the journey. Passing through land borders is a completely different experience compared to airports. Border crossings can be unpredictable and extremely slow. Although we make all the necessary arrangements beforehand to make the border-crossing process smooth and quick, but you may still have to wait for many hours at certain borders. Patience will be a massive virtue at the borders!
  • Accomodations: At the end of a long-distance riding day, we understand the sheer importance of a warm and comfortable stay for you to kick your legs up and relax. That’s why we have carefully picked the best hotels and resorts throughout the journey. However, in some remote areas (Kazakhstan and Laos), we will be staying in homestays or will be using more than one property to accommodate the group due to lack of any big hotels. On one particular day in Kazakhstan during a homestay, you may have to share bathroom with your fellow participants.
  • Long-riding Days and Early Starts: No distance feels long in good company. The Ride to London is a tried and tested route, where all things are planned carefully to ensure maximum comfort for you. Every single riding day has been planned after carefully analysing and researching on the road conditions and facilities on route. There will be days when you will have to wake up very early and ride all day long before reaching the destination. On some days, even though the distance may not look too long but you will have to make an early start as we may have many sightseeing activities planned during the day. Trust us, once you reach London, you won’t even remember the time when you had to leave your cozy bed a little early but you will certainly cherish the tiring days on the road.
  • Planned Sightseeing: It is always the unplanned things that you remember rather than the planned ones! Despite the best of planning and efforts, there’s always the possibility of a few hiccups along the way – breakdowns, bad weather, border issues etc. don’t come announced and these can cause delays which may force us to skip some planned activities.
  • Rest Days: Shop, sleep or go sightseeing… The motto for rest days is “Your Day, Your Way”. We haven’t planned any activities around the rest days, so you can enjoy complete freedom to plan your day as per your interest. So, go ahead and catch up on sleep or shop to your heart’s desire or just tick off all the local sights… the choice is yours. If you need any help to plan your day, feel free to knock on the door of your tour coordinator’s room for assistance.
  • Route Planning: It is fascinating to be out on the road and even more fascinating to take pit-stops and detours! But the route for Ride to London has been carefully planned by professionals to ensure that you have the best experience, without compromising on your safety and comfort. Our task is to make you reach London by road…safely and on time! We have to obtain special overland riding permits and permissions from government bodies in many countries and some countries don’t permit us to divert from the designated route. All motorcycles will have to continue riding on the predetermined route throughout the journey.

Click on the image below to download brochure:

Ride to London 2019 Brochure

Cross-Border Expeditions

Road to London 2018

Road to London 2017

Road to Bangkok