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Jordan Expedition 2018

Jordan Expedition 2018

  • Date: 24th November – 1st December 2018
  • No of participants: 43
  • Drive on Dead Sea Highway
  • Drive to reach Lowest point on Earth
  • Drive thorugh the ruins of Petra and Wadi Rum

"My experience with Adventures Overland has been phenomenal. I was apprehensive before coming, as I had read in travelogues that Spiti drive is quite tough but the team instilled confidence in me. The positivity of the team has made this..."
-Abhijit Deo

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“There is not a single place on earth we wouldn’t like to visit.”

But there is certainly some place that keep us coming back, time and again. Yes, we’re referring to Jordan. After driving through Jordan in 2017, we felt so welcomed by their warm hospitality that we were counting days to explore this timeless country again during the Jordan Expedition 2018.

With our biggest group in tow, we reached Amman, the starting point for our expedition. With a day to ourselves, we had an absolute BLAST exploring the city of Amman like a local and discovering everything from delicious food to ancient Roman ruins. We spent the day exploring the ancient ruins of the Citadel, taking 100’s of picture at Roman Theatre in downtown, eating the best falafel and hummus at Hashem and ending the day on a sweet and sugary note by indulging in mouth-watering Kunafa at Habibah. Now we couldn’t have asked for a better start to this expedition.
Next morning, after a quick briefing session, we excitedly took charge of our specially arranged Land cruisers and got exploring. The first destination on our expedition was Dana Nature Reserve. Offering a spectacular blend of mountains and desert landscapes, along with extraordinary botanic diversity, Dana Nature Reserve is one of its kind. To reach our destination, we took one of the Middle East’s most scenic and ancient routes – the 280 km long kings highway.

Meandering on the highway, the sight of our 14 Land cruisers going up and down the slopes was just unmissable, and we are glad to have captured it on our cam. One of the cool experiences at Dana Nature Reserve, apart from off-roading, was our stay at Feynan ecolodge. This lodge located in the southwestern end of the Dana Nature Reserve was completely off the grid and the stay here rewarded us a sky full of stars. We could even spot some constellations, including Orion.

Next day, we continued our drive to the moon like landscape of Wadi Rum Desert. Described by Lawrence of Arabia as a “vast, echoing and moon like landscape”, Wadi Rum is the world’s richest and largest archaeological site set in a spectacular red sandstone landscape. During our 2 days stay, we all took turns to drive in its dramatic sandstone landscape, witness stunning sunrise and sunset, enjoyed glamping and more.

The desert of Wadi Rum is a Hollywood favourite, with films like “The Last Days on Mars”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “The Martian” to name a few. And, since we were here, we decided it was time to pose like an astronaut (Matt Damon) stranded on Mars.

Next up was the much-awaited visit to the lost city of Petra. Who hasn’t heard about lost city of Petra in Jordan – one of the new 7 Wonders of the World! The magnificent hand-carved architecture of Petra is Jordan’s number one tourist attraction (and a UNESCO Heritage Site). We ticked off Petra from our bucket list in style. We visited this wonder twice in a day… Once to see it during the day and again at night, to witness Petra lit by candles, moon and stars.

After having our fill of this archaeological ruins, we hit the road for one last time on the expedition to reach our destination – Dead Sea. We drove through the Dead Sea highway, parts of which are 350 metres below sea level. While the drive kept us all excited, we looked forward to our picnic lunch this day. While all our picnic lunches were planned at unique locations, this one was right overlooking the dead sea.

Continuing our journey onward, we took a short detour and made our way to Mount Nebo, the site of Moses’ tomb. At this popular pilgrimage site, we witnessed the panoramic views of the holy land and one of the most beautiful sunsets in Jordan.

After reaching Dead Sea, he handed over the keys of our beloved Land cruisers and retired for the day. Next day, it was time for some rest and relaxation. We felt absolutely pampered when we grabbed a handful of the mud that lines the banks of Dead Sea, smeared it on our body and waded into the intense blue water, only to find that it’s possible to defy gravity and float here without needing to know how to swim. Such a surreal feeling bobbing on top of the water and posing like Instagram celebrities.

The day ended with endless laughter, intense conversations and a few too many drinks as we handed over the certificates to the participants and looked back on the days gone by. Oh, how can we miss, our local guide – Moayyad, who looked like an absolute royalty being dressed in dishdashah (traditional Jordanian dress) and everyone took turns to get their photos clicked with him as souvenir.

Jordan hasn’t been less than a paradise for us with warm and welcoming people, history, nature, beautiful sites and delicious food!

Name – Sanjay Madan
City – New Delhi
Profession – Traveller
About Him – Always eager to explore unknown territories, loves experimenting with food and believes life is a celebration. Feels eternally blessed
Most thrilling experience – Driving in Bolivia especially “The Death Road”
First Road Trip – Delhi – Leh, 2004
Bucket List – Southpole, Japan, Greenland, Mongolia & Brazil
Celebrity Crush – My Girlfriend for LIFE
Travel Essentials – Sunglasses, camera and a commando knife

Name – Tushar Agarwal
City – New Delhi
Profession – Traveller
About Him – If you reject the food, fear the religion, avoid the people and ignore the customs…you might better stay at home!
Most thrilling experience – Driving through the entire stretch of the Pan American Highway across South, Central and North America from Ushuaia, Argentina to Deadhorse, Alaska
First Road Trip – London to Delhi, 2010
Bucket List – South Pole, Siberia in winter, Pakistan, North Pole, Mount Everest
Celebrity Crush – My fellow travellers on Road to London
Travel Essentials – Sunglasses, phone and music

Name – Hemant Ruprell
City – Mumbai
Profession – Television Show Producer
About Him – Backed by more than 18 years of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry, I am glad to be creating quality content for my own production house. After road-tripping across India, I am ready to explore the world through my vehicle.
Most thrilling experience – Spotting a tiger at about 3 feet distance
First Road Trip – Mumbai to Kerala in 2003
Bucket List – Northern Lights in Iceland, Las Vegas, Croatia, Spain, Mount Everest base camp trek
Celebrity Crush – Nobody
Travel Essentials – Music, Medicines and mobile phone

Name – Suma Prakash
City – Mysore
Profession – Yoga Instructor
About Her – I am a fun loving person. I love singing, dancing, making friends,trekking. I organized events. Teaching yoga.
Most thrilling experience – my most thrilling experience submitting Mount Fuji
Bucket List – Egypt , Greece, South America, Alaska, North Eastern Europe
Celebrity Crush – John Abraham
Travel Essentials – A good vehicle and great company

Name – Vijaya Suresh
City – Mysore
Profession – Industrialist
About Her – I am industrialist in mysore past 30 years. My hobbies are singing & travelling
Most thrilling experience – Climbing mount batur mountain in bhali
Bucket List – Africa, Egypt, South America, Japan, Alaska
Celebrity Crush – Shahrukh Khan
Travel Essentials – A good vehicle

Name – Manju Colaso
City – Dar Es Salaam
Profession – Home Maker
About Her – Free spirited, dreamer, traveller, love to read, dance and swim.
Most thrilling experience – My life has been a one great adventure. Can share stories when we meet.
Bucket List – Jordan, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, New Zealand
Celebrity Crush – Tom Cruize
Travel Essentials – iPhone ( mainly for camera), sneakers, sunglasses

Name – Vidhi Sharma
City – New Delhi
Profession – Travel Consultant
About Her – Traveler and explorer who admires nature’s beauty.
Most thrilling experience – Traveling to Saach Pass (Himachal Pradesh)
First Road Trip – Jaipur
Bucket List – The list is endless. To name a few, United States, Australia, Maldives, Fiji….
Celebrity Crush – My Husband
Travel Essentials – Punjabi Music, Sunglasses, Good Company

Name – Sanjay Shah
City – Mumbai
Profession – Business
About Him – Love to do road trips + love to take risk in life + love to do adventure activities:- Sky diving, fly boarding, bungee jumping, paragliding.
Most thrilling experience – snow mobiling in iceland & driving on frozen lakes in Russia.
First Road Trip – Iceland
Bucket List – Bolivia , Peru, Scotland , New Zealand & Yellow Stone National Park,
Celebrity Crush – one & only one – SHILPA SHETTY
Travel Essentials – Gopro

Name – Grishma Shah
City – Mumbai
Profession – Business
About Her – I immensely love to do the road trips organised by one & only – ADVENTURES OVERLAND.
Most thrilling experience – car drifting on frozen lake in russia + snow mobiling in Iceland
First Road Trip – Iceland
Bucket List – Scotland, New Zealand, West Coast Of Canada, Prague & Spiti
Celebrity Crush – Ranbir Kapoor
Travel Essentials – My Latest Samsung S9 Note Mobile

Name – Lalit Agarwal
City – Mumbai
Profession – Business
About Him – Full of life. Ready to hustle.
Most thrilling experience – My trip to Scandinavia with my family.
Bucket List – Australia, South Africa, South America, Alaska and Switzerland
Celebrity Crush – My Son
Travel Essentials – Veg Food, Ciggies & my Nikes.

Name – Pushpa Agarwal
City – Mumbai
Profession – Housewife
About Her – Fun loving, full of life and love to travel
Most thrilling experience – Raising my kids
Bucket List – Alaska, Switzerland, Caribbean Island, South America and Pakistan
Celebrity Crush – My Kids
Travel Essentials – Munchies, Munchies and more Munchies

Name – Pramod Prabhakar Pandit
City – Mumbai
Profession – Retired
About Him – Enjoy travelling and seeing new places, trying out new cuisines and learning about different cultures and meeting people across continents
Most thrilling experience – first trip abroad
Bucket List – Japan, Bali, USA, Cruise, Europe
Celebrity Crush – None
Travel Essentials – navigator, road map, group leader

Name – Anasuya Pramod Pandit
City – Mumbai
Profession – Retired
About Her – Travelling, seeing new places, trying different cuisines, meeting people of different cultures and love road travel.
Most thrilling experience – All travel experiences
Bucket List – Japan, Cyprus, Austria, Greece, New Zealand,
Celebrity Crush – None
Travel Essentials – camera, map and guide

Name – Anjali Pandit
City – Mumbai
Profession – Self Employed
About Her – Enjoy travelling, sightseeing, trying various cuisines and listening to music
Most thrilling experience – all my travel experiences
Bucket List – nothing in particular
Celebrity Crush – None
Travel Essentials – road map, guide and good vehicle

Name – Mohan Rao
City – Mysore
Profession – Business
About Him – I am a fit 60 year old married businessman with a 27 year old married daughter and a 22 year old son. I play tennis daily. Trekking, Reading and writing are my other hobbies.
Most thrilling experience – I have completed many difficult treks including the 45 KM Kaialastrek in the Himamlayas completing it under 13 hours. I won the Silver Medal in 10 Kilometre Kaveri Mini Marathon trail in 2015.
First Road Trip – Munnar, Kerala
Bucket List – Pyramids, Alaska, Iceland, Norway and Macho Pichu.
Celebrity Crush – Robin Sharma
Travel Essentials – Torch, Wet Wipes and plenty of water.

Name – Mamatha Mohan
City – Mysore
Profession – Housewife
About Her – I am a married homemaker and a certified yoga instructor with two adult children. My hobbies include studying our ancient culture and trekking.
Most thrilling experience – Many Treks
Bucket List – I have 20 places
Celebrity Crush – Someone knowledgeable & must be a good driver with good humour & whom I can relate to intellectually
Travel Essentials – Water, jacket coolers, good music

Name – Sudha Guru
City – Mysore
Profession – Mosaic artist
About Her – Love travelling, trekking, and anything outdoor
Most thrilling experience – Trekking in kashmir
Bucket List – Peru, Rio. and Russia
Celebrity Crush – Sharukh
Travel Essentials – Good company, sun glass and good music

Name – Adrian Hillary Berry
City – Ratley
Profession – Chartered Engineer
About Him – Lived in many countries, now in UK. Chartered Engineer with Land Rover. Love driving anything and anywhere. Personal motto- “There’s no such thing as ‘broken.’
Most thrilling experience – Antarctica is the most humbling place o the planet.
First Road Trip – Africa
Bucket List – Anywhere with my wife
Celebrity Crush – I don’t watch TV so I don’t know any
Travel Essentials – My personal toolkit, developed over thirty years,camera, iPad

Name – Shona Walton
City – Ratley
Profession – Educationalist
About Her – A life-long educationalist, curious to understand the world, its people and their motivation. I live in a beautiful, tiny village in the Heart of England.
Most thrilling experience – Two expeditions to Antarctica. The first was so exhilarating that on the second, we went there to be married.
First Road Trip – Africa
Bucket List – Pantanal, Angkor Wat Skellig Islands
Celebrity Crush – My husband. Every time.
Travel Essentials – Adrian – my Husband, My iPad to write my Travel Diary, binoculars

Name – Ken Walton
City – Sheffield
Profession – Project Management, Highways & Telecoms
About Him – I love driving, seeing new places, being in the sun. Enjoy humour and a beer. Relaxing. Good conversation, good food.
Most thrilling experience – Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon and meeting Inuit (American Indians). White water raft ride in Grand Canyon
Bucket List – Everywhere. Too hard to choose
Celebrity Crush – Billy Connolly – the comedian
Travel Essentials – Music, Clean underwear and socks, Chilled water

Name – Hazel Walton
City – Sheffield
Profession – Office Manager
About Her – Mother + Grandmother. Love to travel and sight seeing. Love reading and keep fit.
Most thrilling experience – Trip to India and the Golden Triangle
Bucket List – Australia, Road trip Italy, Croatia, New Zealand, Peru
Celebrity Crush – Michael Palin
Travel Essentials – 2 Wet Wipes, phone

Name – Shyamprasad Bhat
City – Hyderabad
Profession – IT and Communication software
About Him – I am a driving enthusiast and own two 4 wheel drive cars and a Triumph motor bike. Long distance driving is like meditation to me. Been driving for past 40 year
Most thrilling experience – Para sailing
First Road Trip – Hyderabad to Ooty
Bucket List – Yangon, Ayers Rock New Zealand LOR trail, China, Russia
Celebrity Crush – K R N Karthikeyan
Travel Essentials – Maps, Music and Snacks

Name – Shailaja Bhat
City – Hyderabad
Profession – Home Maker
About Her – I love going on road trips and I find this very relaxing. I dont drive much myself but happy to explore.
Most thrilling experience – Para sailing
First Road Trip – Hyderabad to Ooty
Bucket List – Kailash Manasarovar, Spiti Valley South America, Egypt, Ayers Rock
Celebrity Crush – My husband
Travel Essentials – Music, Goggles and AC

Name – Shalin Sarvaiya
City – Mumbai
Profession – self employed
About Him – I love taking routes normally Which are less taken. That means I love Adventures and travelling is my passion, that Has helped me to make so many friends.
Most thrilling experience – our trip to africa, where we stayed in a area where normally none likes to go and stay, that area was just opened for camps, and we were the only 4 tents camping in a radius of 30 km, camping in deep wilderness.
Bucket List – South Pole, every corner of Africa, Himalayas, North Pole
Celebrity Crush – I am already going with one, thats my wife.
Travel Essentials – most of the things depends on the terrain and where you travelling to, but definitely i cant do with my Camera.

Name – Nishita Sarvaiya
City – Mumbai
Profession – self employed
About Her – Fun Loving, Bollywood craze, Travelling, Cleanliness Freak, Enjoy Games
Most thrilling experience – when I went to Tanzania and we stayed in tents without fencing
Bucket List – Jordan, USA, Spain, Italy, Turkey
Celebrity Crush – Akshay Kumar
Travel Essentials – Money, Water, Sunglasses

Name – Sundaresan Meenakshi Sundaram
City – Mumbai
Profession – Banking
About Him – Calm, Curious, travel bug
Most thrilling experience – Climbed Kilimanjaro, completed full marathon
Bucket List – East Europe/Central Asia, Yellowstone national park, Amazon rain forest, West Indies
Celebrity Crush – Sadhguru
Travel Essentials – Music, Good company, and good scenery/ landscape

Name – Deivanai Sundaresan
City – Mumbai
Profession – Laywer
About Her – love travelling. Appreciate nature. Interested in exploring different cultures, historical places & like to meet people
Most thrilling experience – Whale Watching in New Zealand
First Road Trip – Newzealand
Bucket List – Amazon Rain forest, Great Wall of China, Russia, Northeast
Celebrity Crush – Eminent Historian of that place
Travel Essentials – Good companion, good scenery & good food

Name – Nitesh Goyal
City – New Delhi
Profession – Business of scientific instruments
About Him – I’m a vivacious, fun loving person & I love to explore every opportunity that comes my way.
Most thrilling experience – Driving sports car4 sports car at Vancouver-Canada Ferrari, nissan gtr, audi r8 and lamborghini
First Road Trip – Scotland to London
Bucket List – Almost Seen all.May be next 5 – Collarado, Seychelles,Hawai, Northen Lights, Greece
Celebrity Crush – Mr Narender Modi
Travel Essentials – GPS and Mobile phone Music,Toffee/ Choclate/ Car Mobile Charger/ Credit card or Money/ My DL

Name – Priya Goyal
City – New Delhi
Profession – Business
About Her – Expressive,quick witted,fun loving person, I gel with people easily I live life as it comes…
Most thrilling experience – Action forest at Germany
Bucket List – Japan, Greece, Russia
Celebrity Crush – My husband
Travel Essentials – Music, my sling, mobile phone

Name – Pravin Girdhar Thakur
City – Mumbai
Profession – Film Producer ( International Projects )
Most thrilling experience – “Driving through the Sahara Desert with no roads in sight, with the help of a compass. Imagine the tempetrature being 46 celcius. We survived on raw salt to keep the body hydrated.”
First Road Trip – Sahara Desert for BBC in 1980 & Lahaul Spiti in 2016
Bucket List – Drive through the Colorado Mountains / Grand Canyon / Rohtang Pass to Leh / New Zealand / Scotland and Lake District
Celebrity Crush – Kangana Ranuat, woman with grit to take on the world
Travel Essentials – SUV / GPRS Camera

Name – Vinay Vashu Panjabi
City – Mumbai
Profession – Business
About Him – Father of two, always loved traveling. Big fan of sports, and a big foodie.
Most thrilling experience – Safari in Africa
Bucket List – New Zealand, Maldives, Northern Lights (Finland, Norway), Scottish Highlands, Cruise around the Amazon
Celebrity Crush – Ranvir Singh
Travel Essentials – Cellphone, Shaving kit, whiskey

Name – Mukesh Parasram Kirpalani
City – Mumbai
Profession – Business Man
About Him – Fun and full of masti..old but young at heart .hahahaha
Favourite Playlist – Anything Retro. English n hindi
Bucket List – South America. Australia. New Zealand. South Africa.. Iceland
Celebrity Crush – None
Travel Essentials – Am fine with everything thats good with all.

Name – Nainesh Muljibhai Nandu
City – Pune
Profession – construction | malls | real estate | furniture | imports-indents
About Him – single. Funny bones. Want to enjoy life. Travel the world. Take chances. Love photography. Appreciate finer things in life. Believe that i have just one life.
Most thrilling experience – the thrill of driving over broken or no roads in leh ladakh. The hanging cliffs and deep gorges on either side of the road we drove.
First Road Trip – Pune – Leh upto Turtuk (Pakistan Border) – Pune
Bucket List – England – Scotland, South France Vietnam – Cambodia, Czech – Austria – Hungary – Austria and the neighboring countries, Antartica
Celebrity Crush – Tushar Agarwal for sure
Travel Essentials – Proper Navigation Loads of Music, Good Company

Name – Saifuddin faqruddin Qureishi
City – Mumbai
Profession – Entrepreneur
About Him – Friendly, sociable, good sense of humour, cool and fun to be with.
Most thrilling experience – Sky diving
Bucket List – Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Canadian rockies, Scandinavian countries
Celebrity Crush – Deepika Padukone
Travel Essentials – Reading material and music

Name – Ashish Navin Shah
City – Mumbai
Profession – Business
About Him – like to drive and participate in out-door sports activities. Thought this trip would be a great way to see historic places, which normally we would not do.
Most thrilling experience – Did a recent trek to Pangarchulla and 3 days of white water rafting after that
First Road Trip – No
Bucket List – Japan, South America, Scandinavian Countries
Celebrity Crush – would not risk it, as dont know if they actually are what they potray to the world
Travel Essentials – phone/camera, good music and great company

Name – Vinod Kumar Rajpaul
City – Gurgaon
Profession – Charted Accountant
About Him – I am a nature lover, who loves good music on the road trips. I am also a health freak. Loves watching movies and writing stories and making new friends.
Most thrilling experience – Crossing the road after the landslides. Walking towards the river and admiring the nature.
First Road Trip – Delhi – Manali – Delhi
Bucket List – Entire Europe, Rann of Kutch Gangtok, Jaisalmer, Honolulu Islands
Celebrity Crush – Vidhi Ahuja
Travel Essentials – Torch First Aid Kit Binoculars & camera

Name – Shailesh Shah
City – Mumbai
Profession – Advocate
About Him – practising senior advocate. My liking is sports, adventure and car driving. I have participated 6 a side cricket tournament at bangkok on number of occassion.
Most thrilling experience – Tour to leh ladak
First Road Trip – Australia coasta road trip
Bucket List – London,United States Of America Russia, African Countries, European Countries
Celebrity Crush – I,Me and Myself
Travel Essentials – Gadget for self protection, Emergency repairing kit, Communication instrument

Name – Mayur Bipinchandra Gaudana
City – Veraval
Profession – anaesthesiologist
About Him – anaesthesiologist by proffession, traveller by passion.
Most thrilling experience – being at top of the world, at Prudhoe Bay and witnessed Northen Lights at Colfoot.
First Road Trip – Veraval to Rajasthan
Bucket List – Antarctica, Japan, Norway, Iceland, Chadar trek.
Celebrity Crush – sharing same DOB, so wish to celebrate b’day together with Mr Amitabh Bachhan.
Travel Essentials – my apple collection, a book and a notepad to write….

Name – Aashay Agarwal
City – Mumbai
Profession – Business
About Him – i am someone who is loves cars and loves to drive them, take care of them, and get the best out of them.
Most thrilling experience – driving a ferrari f340 f1 spider around the singapore grand prix track
First Road Trip – Mumbai – Goa
Bucket List – USA on a road trip, Leh Ladak, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain on A road trip
Celebrity Crush – Richard Hammond, James May, Jerermy Clarkson
Travel Essentials – music, good company, unforgettable experiances

Name – Aman Jain
City – New Delhi
Profession – Business
About Him – I shall best describe myself as a Fast Learner with ability to take risk with highest level of responsibility
Most thrilling experience – Driving across Glaciers in Iceland tops the list, followed by Shark Cage Diving in the Icy Cold Water of South African Shore.
First Road Trip – Longest road trip is going from Delhi to Leh via Srinagar and coming back via Manali
Bucket List – Antartica remains the top of the list and next is Japan.
Celebrity Crush – It doesn’t matter with whom I want to travel. What matter is who all wants to go for a Road Trip with me.
Travel Essentials – Camera, Water and a Road Map.

Name – Nupur Jain
City – New Delhi
Profession – Social Media Manager
About Her – The girl who is discovering life through travelling, writing and photography
Most thrilling experience – Paragliding in Interlaken, Switzerland
First Road Trip – Delhi to Leh Ladakh
Bucket List – To experience the Northern Lights in Iceland, hike to Machu Picchu in Peru, road-trip across New Zealand, island-hopping in Greece and attend Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival
Celebrity Crush – Ranbir Kapoor
Travel Essentials – Local currency + credit card, cell phone & charger, sunscreen

Name – Dilpreet Singh Bindra
City – New Delhi
Profession – Hotelier
About Him – Being Happy, Being Human; is the mantra in my Life . A passionate Hotelier, real foodie and an adventure enthusiast, love my drives around the globe
Most thrilling experience – My first cross border Delhi to Bangkok was fun and exciting.”
First Road Trip – Around India , 15000 kms in 30 days – 2009
Bucket List – Iceland, Alaska and Jungles of Africa
Celebrity Crush – Prefer common man
Travel Essentials – Carry your smile always, camera and travel buddies

Name – Sudhir Mehta
City – New Delhi
Profession – Superintending Engineer (Civil), South Delhi Municipal Corporation
About Him – I am an engineer by profession staying in Delhi, love travelling to different places and want to explore nature. Hence I have opted for this expedition.
Most thrilling experience – Trip to Niagra falls USA
Bucket List – Lahaul and spiti drive, South America, Winter drive in Russia, Trip to Ice land, Trip to Europe
Celebrity Crush – Akshay Kumar
Travel Essentials – Drinking Water Travel gear Shoes