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Listedas one of the 10 most coveted destinations in the world, Jordan is perched pretty atop the bucket list of most road trippers the world over. We began our incredible journey in the spectacular capital city of Amman. With a full day at our disposal, we had ample opportunity to discover this Middle Eastern gem of a city.The following morning signalled an adventure which had everyone utterly excited. Post a quick yet informative briefing session; we were given charge of our specially arranged Land Cruisers – locked and loaded for a thrilling escapade. Cruising on the King’s Highway, which was unquestionably one of the most scenic and historic roads any of us had ever witnessed, as our magnificent automobiles serenaded its vintage slopes was truly an experience to remember.

After a night of blissful relaxation under the starlit sky of Wadi Rum, we continued the next morning to explore the ‘Valley of the Moon’ – Wadi Rum Desert. Described in the classic motion picture Lawrence of Arabia as a “vast, echoing and moon-like landscape”, Wadi Rum is a Hollywood favourite. Wildly popular films like The Last Days on Mars, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Martian have been shot here, amidst others. Staying true to the tradition, we too decided it was time to pose like an astronaut (Matt Damon) stranded on the red planet.During our two days of glamping in this gorgeous location, we all took turns to drive around and take in the beauty of the striking red sandstone terrain while thoroughly enjoying picture-perfect sunrise and sunset scenes.

The ancient, lost city of Petra was where we were headed next. One of the new Seven Wonders of the World, and a most-beloved UNESCO Heritage Site, Petra was the creation of the industrious Nabataeans. A delightfully exceptional and unforgettable place, we made sure we explored Petra twice. It was a sheer pleasure to tour it the second time at night, as it stood in the image of quiet elegance, illuminated by the brilliance of 1,500 candles, the moon and the stars.

We hit the road for the last time to reach our final destination – the Dead Sea. Driving through the Dead Sea Highway, parts of which are approximately 350 metres below sea level making it the lowest point on Earth.With the keys to the coveted Land Cruisers handed back upon reaching the destination, our merry bunch retired for the day.

On our last morning in Jordan, we grabbed some therapeutic mud that lines the banks of the Dead Sea, smeared it on your body and waded into the intense blue water.The rest will be taken care off by this natural wonder as you realise it’s possible to defy gravity and float in the Dead Sea without needing to know how to swim!

Jordan was many things for us, but most significantly, it became a treasured memory that had earned a place in the fondest corners of our hearts.

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  • Latha Arabandi, JORDAN EXPEDITION 2019

    I’ve lived in the US for over 20 years and have travelled to several countries, both individually planned and with professional tour companies. But this trip with AO was the best vacation I’ve undertaken. Looking forward to many more trips with them.

    Latha Arabandi

  • Sandip Gandhi, JORDAN EXPEDITION 2019

    First time did an overseas trip with Tushar and Sanjay. The tour preparations were to extreme detail and the hospitality was just fantastic. I have done tours with German foreign operators as well and this tour was as good, if not better. Keep it up guys and looking forward to many more trips with you.

    Sandip Gandhi

  • Sejal Pasad, JORDAN EXPEDITION 2019

    We have just comeback from Jordan last week with Adventures Overland. Sanjay and Tushar spread so much of warmth and energy and pampered us so much. They made so much of efforts for all of us to become friends n by the time we left we were one big family. They have changed the way we look at travel.

    Sejal Pasad

  • Vishal Tandon, JORDAN EXPEDITION 2019

    Our recently concluded expedition to Jordan was curated to perfection to the last detail by Team AO. The execution of the trip and handling of the participants were flawless. The benchmarks they have set for the services are of the highest order and the comfort of the participants is never compromised.

    Vishal Tandon

  • Prashant Saboo, JORDAN EXPEDITION 2019

    I have just come back from the Jordan expedition. It was one of the best holidays of my life. The way Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal organised the trip was Fantabulous. Kudos to the entire team for planning this tour. I am waiting to make more plans with Adventures Overland.

    Prashant Saboo

  • Rudra Biswas, JORDAN EXPEDITION 2017

    This was my third trip with Adventures Overland. The best part is the planning that goes in. Be it off road driving for hours or tasting the very authentic local Bedouin cuisine! With Adventures Overland, you don’t have to worry about anything while you live your dream off the beaten track.

    Rudra Biswas



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Jordan Expedition 2019

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Ridhima Jain