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Road To London 2017

  • Date: 16th April to 3rd June, 2017
  • No of participants: 27
  • Drive through 18 countries
  • 16000 Km
  • 49 Days
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A road trip all the way from India to London in 49 Days! Yes, that’s possible, because we are just back from one such epic road-trip, covering 18 countries, driving over 16,000 KM in a span of just 49 days.

“The road is there, it will always be there. You just have to decide when to take it.” Organized by Adventures Overland, 27 road-trip enthusiasts from all around the country and beyond embarked on a journey of a lifetime to experience the cultural diversity of the world, while driving on the Road to London.

The epic Road to London journey started off from Imphal on the glorious morning of 17th April 2017. The atmosphere on the Flag Off day was electrifying. There was no doubt that for every single participant, this journey was going to be the biggest and the most memorable journey of their lives. Road to London 2017 was Flagged Off by The Deputy Chief Minister of Manipur, Mr. Yumnam Joykumar Singh and The President of Western Indian Automobile Association, Mr. Nitin Dossa in Imphal. We drove through the hilly terrains and gravel roads to reached Moreh, the last town on India side before we crossed over to Myanmar. We had to spend 2 hours clearing customs and immigration on the Indian side but it was a unique experience to cross our first land border. Passports and Carnets stamped, the convoy slowly moved towards the Indo-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, the first international crossing on our epic journey. Half the bridge belongs to India and the other half to Myanmar. One by one, every single vehicle made its first international border crossing and we reached Myanmar, the 2nd country on our journey. The drive through the country roads of Myanmar had been warm, soothing, refreshing and stress free. Covered 70% by forest areas, it is not easy to find your way through Myanmar without having a local person to guide you.

One of the most exciting part while exiting Myanmar was visiting NayPyiTaw where we parked our convoy horizontally on the 16 lane expressway and made all the 13 cars drive parallel to each other for a few km. Next, we made our way towards the Myawaddy – Mae Sot border crossing. Once at border, the process stays quite the same. Once formalities were done, the convoy rolled on the Myanmar-Thailand friendship bridge. The first half of the bridge was on Myanmar side so we had to drive on the right side of the bridge, and as we reached the top, we had entered Thai territory so we switched sides and started driving on the left side of the bridge. We had reached Thailand, the third country on our list. Once we entered Thailand, the drive was a breeze towards Tak. The Tourism Authority of Thailand hosted a cultural dinner for all the participants. After spending an amazing time in Thailand, we were ready to drive little east and add another milestone in our journey, as we approached Laos, the fourth country in our expedition.

Within a week, we had crossed India, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos and entered China. China was the most difficult border crossing on our journey. Dealing with the local authorities, the army, the provincial governments and the motoring departments in China and getting all permits processed for 27 people was a complicated task. Entering China was one thing, but experiencing China was a whole different story. We had our longest stay in China, the 5th country on the Road To London. We covered 5500 km over 17 days, traversing from Southern China to North Western most part of this massive country. One thing that’s worth mentioning was the infrastructure. We were blown away by the futuristic highways, the sophisticated and modern tunnels, the never ending bridges, the thousands of pillars holding the tarmac above the valleys, the clever methods used to cut mountains to build straight roads and tunnels which would not slow you down, even when you are climbing up a steep hill.

We continued our journey north through Yunnan province and reached Kunming, the capital of Yunnan and from there, we continued north towards Xichang. It is here that we got a chance to visit the “Earth Forest”, a unique location where we got to witness clay and sand formations created over millions of years where people of the Yuanmou tribe used to live. Our journey continued and before we reached Chengdu, the largest Chinese city on our expedition, we made a quick stop to check out the Giant Buddha Statue at Leshan, which is the largest stone statue of Buddha in a sitting position in the world. From there on we continued our journey towards Chengdu. Here is a fun fact, Chengdu is home to 80% worlds’ population of Pandas! (There are still more people than Pandas in Chengdu, in case you are wondering). So it goes without saying that all the participants were excited to visit and say hi to Pandas. Throughout the journey, we enjoyed endless karaoke sessions with our singer participant – Priyanka Nishith Jois. We were sure that by the end of this trip, we will definitely learn how to sing a melody.

Driving through China was no less than a roller coaster! There are just too many places to visit in China to be done in one go, but we tried to cover the most we could over our two weeks stay. For a country with so many diverse cultures and landscapes, we didn’t stick to tried and tested Chinese destinations… instead we literally took the road less travelled and drove from Jinghong – Kunming – Xichang – Chengdu – Ruoergai – Xining – Jiyayuguan – Dunhuang – Hami – Turpan – Kuerle – Aksu – Kashgar. We hiked the Jiayuguan Great Wall, visited Magao Caves, witnessed the acclaimed Chinese dance drama Silk Road, Flower Rain, enjoyed Uygur, Mongolian, and Hui cuisines in Turpan, witnessed the steep mountain, craggy pinnacles, rugged cliffs, mysterious primitive forest and deep ravines at the Tianshan Grand Canyon, Aksu and more. As always, we can go on and on and on… about the change in weather and landscape, where we went from driving in -2 degrees and snow fall to driving in barren deserts and humid weather. China is a country that begs to be visited and revisited and we promised to be back again. While the road to London journey continued, but our journey through China came to an end.

Steering away on these roads is a pleasure that will never be lost on us, but it was time for another border crossing Kyrgyzstan. We have faced many challenges and concerns back in India when we used to tell people that we’ll be passing through the “stan” countries because of the stigma of danger attached to these areas. On top of that, the visa process for all the countries was so time consuming and difficult, but as they say, “No goal was ever met without a little sweat” and we were determined to travel all the way from India to London on a road trip.

After driving through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, we wished people realize that there’s still an abundance of kind and loving people, even in these part of the world that is seen as dangerous and unsafe. One of the best things we did while in Uzbekistan was to board an express train from Tashkent to Samarkand. Samarkand is not only beautiful beyond comparison, it is also one of the oldest cities on this planet. The city itself was founded around the 7th century BC, making it even older than ancient Rome.

Being on a cross border road trip like this makes you realise that borders aren’t merely just a line on the map, but there’s much more to it. On the 31st day on this journey, we had planned to cover a distance of 594 km from Tashkent to Kyzylorda! But due to arduous and lengthy border crossing from Uzbekistan, we got delayed and had to spend the night at Turkestan, a small but ancient city in the Kazakh Desert! It took us almost 8 hours to finish formalities at the border. Once we entered Kazakhstan, the 8th country on our odyssey, what followed was endless days filled with driving. While on the road, we even got our hands on camel milk. Most of the participants being the adventurous types, it’s needless to say that we tried it and do you know how it tastes? Salty!

We drove from Turkestan to Aralsk (746 km) and from Aralsk to Aktobe (620 km)! Aktobe was our last city in Kazakhstan and is an industrial city. Then, it was time to enter the largest country in the world- Russia, the 9th country on our expedition! Thankfully, crossing Russian border was a cake walk, as the officers were friendly and quick, which made the whole border crossing process very simple. Beginning from dawn to dusk, we drove towards Samara, our first night stop after crossing the border into Russia. Samara is the 6th largest city of Russia and was an alluring, intriguing city that was a pleasure to explore. You cannot escape history while driving through Ex-Soviet countries or Russia! After driving and exploring Russia, it was time for another border crossing and entering the Schengen Area, which also meant that no more border crossings while driving through different countries until we reached the UK.

While we would have loved to extend our stay in Russia, but it was time to say “Dasvidaniya” to Russia and we continued our drive to Latvia, the 10th country on our expedition. We drove to the city of Rēzekne, often called the heart of Latgale in Latvia. It is also known as the city of seven hills. From Rēzekne, we drove to Vilnuis, which was a short drive but one that lead to entering another country i.e. Lithuania. We spent a leisurely day exploring Vilnius’s charming old town, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Europe’s largest baroque capital. Then we ended our short stay in the quirky town of Vilnius and the convoy headed to Warsaw in Poland, which happened to be the 12th country on our expedition.

The last one week was filled with excitement, the kind that makes you lose your sleep, as we were approaching our final destination – London with each passing day. The excitement shared by the participants and us, was almost palpable. We started the week’s drive from Warsaw, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic, and from there we drove to Brussels, Belgium while crossing Germany and Netherlands en-route. Once we arrived in Belgium, we literally lost our sleep, because we were so electrified. London was only 532 KM away. We made it to London by taking a ferry to cross the English Channel. We had finally completed the journey that once seemed like a “Herculean task”.

The journey that started with a bunch of strangers coming together and ended with bonds that would stay forever. This 49 days road trip offered the participants with unparalleled adventures and experiences.

Road To London 2017 was grand, but Road To London 2018 will be grander!

Name – Sanjay Madan
City – Delhi
country – India
Profession – Traveller
First Road Trip – Delhi – Leh,Driving to the highest motorable road in the world – 2004
Longest Road Trip – Driving across 6 continents,50 countries,90000km in 15 months.- 2013
Most thrilling experience – Driving in Bolivia especially “The Death Road”
3 Travel Essentials – Sunglasses,camera and my commando knife
5 Places in your Bucket list – Southpole, Japan, Greenland, Mangolia & Brazil
Fav Music – Humming numbers… new or old doesn’t matters
Celebrity Travel Partner – My Girlfriend for LIFE

Name – Tushar Agarwal
City – Delhi
country – India
Profession – Traveller
First Road Trip – London to Delhi by Road
Longest Road Trip – The Great Indian World Trip – 90000km, 50 countries, 6 continents – 2010
Most thrilling experience – Driving through the entire stretch of the Pan American Highway across South, Central and North America from Ushuaia, Argentina to Deadhorse, Alaska – 2013
3 Travel Essentials – Sunglasses, Phone and Music
5 Places in your Bucket list – South Pole, Siberia in Winter, Pakistan, North Pole, Mount Everest
Fav Music – Sufi
Celebrity Travel Partner – Everyone on Road to London

Name – Dilpreet Singh
City – Delhi
country – India
Profession – Hotelier
First Road Trip – Around India , 15000 kms in 30 days – 2009
Longest Road Trip – Delhi to Bangkok – 2015
Most thrilling experience – “Many but closest to my heart is my Peace drive post 26/11 in 2009 which was one of its kind. Covering 15000 kms , 35 days , 60 cities that was a drive with a purpose, truly an enriching experience.
Driving to Leh ladhak, Spiti valley is full of surprises and extreme adventure, can do this again and again.
My first cross border Delhi to Bangkok was fun and exciting.”
3 Travel Essentials – Carry your smile always, camera and travel buddies
5 Places in your Bucket list – Iceland, Alaska and Jungles of Africa
Fav Music – soulful sufi
Celebrity Travel Partner – prefer common man

Name – Badri Baldawa
City – Mumbai
country – India
Profession – Business
First Road Trip – Oslo to Nordcapp, Norway – 1983
Longest Road Trip – Bombay to Badrinath self driving – 1987
Most thrilling experience – Smuggled to drive all alone to the top of Mt Olympus in 1000cc car without chains in heavy snow.
3 Travel Essentials – 1. Wife (one!) 2. Challenges 3. Organised advance planning
5 Places in your Bucket list – Riding in space in zero gravity – Drive to South Pole – Drive world over
Fav Music – Fast Hindi songs and Indian instrumental music. Kishore Dada
Celebrity Travel Partner – My grand child Aarya

Name – Pushpa Baldawa
City – Delhi
country – India
Profession – Home Maker
First Road Trip – Belgaum to Rajasthan – 1966
Longest Road Trip – Bombay to Badrinath and North India – 1987
Most thrilling experience – 9-Zipline enroute Alaska
3 Travel Essentials – Understanding companion, medicines and vegetarian food
5 Places in your Bucket list – Nothing specific
Fav Music – Bhajan and Slokas in morning, Hindi music. Old film songs
Celebrity Travel Partner – Badri Narayan Baldawa

Name – Nishi Randive
City – Chelmsford
country – United Kingdom
Profession – Student
Most thrilling experience – The trip to Iceland with my grandparents had been the most exciting thing and also, the roller coasters in Florida!
3 Travel Essentials – Books, Pillow and iPad
5 Places in your Bucket list – Not sure!
Fav Music – Bollywood (current favourite – Dear Zindagi) and Adele, Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran, James Arthur
Celebrity Travel Partner – Shah Rukh Khan

Name – Yogesh Manek
City – Dar-es-Salaam
country – Africa
Profession – Entrepreneur
First Road Trip – From Lindi to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, 3 days – 1960
Longest Road Trip – Leh Ladakh – 2013
Most thrilling experience – Sleeping Overnight in the ice hotel in Canada
3 Travel Essentials – My glass of Whisky on the rocks
5 Places in your Bucket list – The Camino walk, Road to London, Russia, Bhutan, Nepal and Kathmandu
Fav Music – Gazals
Celebrity Travel Partner – My wife

Name – Reeta Manek
City – Dar-es-Salaam
country – Africa
Profession – Cosmetic Chemist
First Road Trip – Gujarat – 1968
Longest Road Trip – Leh Ladakh
Most thrilling experience – Sleeping overnight in the ice hotel in Canada
3 Travel Essentials – My Little Tea Kettle
5 Places in your Bucket list – The Chemise walk, road to London, Bhutan, Nepal, Kathmandu, Russia, Japan
Fav Music – Anything that sounds good
Celebrity Travel Partner – My Husband

Name – Arvind Bellad
City – Hubli
country – India
Profession – Politician
First Road Trip – Hubli to Goa
Most thrilling experience – Sky jumping in New Zealand and scuba diving
3 Travel Essentials – Books, Camera, Music, Back support
5 Places in your Bucket list – South Pole, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Saint Petersburg
Fav Music – All kind of music
Celebrity Travel Partner – none

Name – Smriti Bellad
City – Delhi
country – India
Profession – Entrepreneur
Most thrilling experience – Walking in Morocco
3 Travel Essentials – Books, comfortable shoes, neck pillow
5 Places in your Bucket list – South Pole, Alaska
Fav Music – Soulful music
Celebrity Travel Partner – My husband

Name – Veluswamy Mohanraj
City – Coimbatore
country – India
Profession – Self employed
Most thrilling experience – The most adventurous experience in my life is my first solo flight in a Para motor that too accidentally happened 10pm night at Pune.
3 Travel Essentials – Sunglasses, Motivational audio tapes of great achievers and orators.
5 Places in your Bucket list – Himalayas,Australia, Spain, America, Canada,
Fav Music – All peppy songs and melodies.
Celebrity Travel Partner – Indian film actress, Keerthy Suresh

Name – Wendy Winnard
City – Chester
country – United Kingdom
Profession – Former helicopter pilot
First Road Trip – The central United States – 1999
Most thrilling experience – Travelling with a fast boat through the Amazon jungle on a trip to Ecuador and sampling the local delicacies (grubs!) whilst learning to throw a spear! After that trip I truly never wanted to leave that amazing place!
3 Travel Essentials – Music, a bottle of water, and an open mind!
5 Places in your Bucket list – I’ve been lucky to see a lot of the world already but I’d love to see Ethiopia, Ghana, Mongolia, Lebanon and Jordan during the Perseids meteor shower!
Fav Music – Hindi love songs (I love Arjit Singh and Sanam Puri), mantras for wide open spaces and dance music for highway stretches
Celebrity Travel Partner – Mark Wahlberg or Ewan McGregor!

Name – Gowthami Pavithra Kaarthekeyan
City – Tiruppur
country – India
Profession – Self employed
First Road Trip – New Zealand – 2014
Longest Road Trip – New Zealand – 2014
Most thrilling experience – LOST WORLD IN New Zealand
3 Travel Essentials – Snacks, snacks, snacks
5 Places in your Bucket list – Bora Bora, explore New Zealand again for 3 months, get a tatoo at LA inc, Africaaaa
Fav Music – Tamil songs with good lyrics
Celebrity Travel Partner – kaarthekeyan

Name – Kaarthekeyan Eswaran
City – Tiruppur
country – India
Profession – Self employed
First Road Trip – Rajasthan – 2012
Longest Road Trip – New Zealand – 2015
Most thrilling experience – Diving the sky and the sea
3 Travel Essentials – On a road trip it has to be the wheels in my hand
5 Places in your Bucket list – Not a bucket, got an ocean to fill
Fav Music – A.R.Rahman
Celebrity Travel Partner – My wife

Name – Nishith Jois
City – Bangalore
country – India
Profession – Businessman
First Road Trip – A long drive, the day I turned 18 – 2004
Longest Road Trip – A 1600 km drive through South India in 22 hours !! – 2015
Most thrilling experience – Life itself !!
3 Travel Essentials – “The right attitude Wifey by the left A long journey ahead”
5 Places in your Bucket list – The inviting world and beyond.
Fav Music – What’s better than having a jukebox right beside, my singer wife it is.
Celebrity Travel Partner – The one with whom I’ve been traveling, my celebrity, my Wife !!

Name – Priyanka Nishith Jois
City – Bangalore
country – India
Profession – Singer
First Road Trip – Leh – 2014
Longest Road Trip – A 1600 km drive through South India in 22 hours – 2015
Most thrilling experience – Swinging the ‘Nevis Arc’ – the world’s highest swing.
3 Travel Essentials – “My Husband My music playlist Some munchies”
5 Places in your Bucket list – “Africa, Spain, Interlaken, Tahiti, Zanzibar”
Fav Music – Soulful numbers
Celebrity Travel Partner – The one with whom I’ve been traveling, my celebrity, my hubby !!

Name – Ravinder Kumar Sharma
City – Gurgaon
country – India
Profession – Businessman
First Road Trip – Delhi to Badrinath – 1986
Longest Road Trip – Western US (8 days) – 2012
Most thrilling experience – Driving to Ladakh in May, before most of the roads opened
3 Travel Essentials – Camera, Snacks, Songs
5 Places in your Bucket list – Antarctica, Africa, Patagonia, Afghanistan, Russia
Fav Music – Mukesh, Rafi and Kishore
Celebrity Travel Partner – Navjot Singh Sidhu

Name – Archana Sharma
City – Gurgaon
country – India
Profession – Home Maker
First Road Trip – Delhi to Badrinath – 1986
Longest Road Trip – Western US (8 days) – 2012
Most thrilling experience – Going to Ladakh in May. Most of the roads were covered in snow and were slippery. There were no cars around.
3 Travel Essentials – Sunglasses, Camera, Music
5 Places in your Bucket list – Antarctica, Africa, Patagonia, Afghanistan, Russia
Fav Music – Mukesh, Rafi, Kishore, Lata
Celebrity Travel Partner – Priyanka Chopra

Name – Ketan Sharma
City – Gurgaon
country – India
Profession – Business
First Road Trip – Delhi to Shimla – 1994
Longest Road Trip – Western US (8 days) – 2012
Most thrilling experience – Being stuck in Philadelphia while the most powerful snow storm of the century was battering the city, in Winter 2009, and I was trying to find my way to a hotel. Snow was knee deep and I had 2 large suitcases that I dragged through the snow to find the hotel, in what looked like an abandoned city,
3 Travel Essentials – Camera, Sunglasses, Music
5 Places in your Bucket list – Antarctica, Africa, Patagonia, Afghanistan, Russia
Fav Music – Coldplay, latest pop/rock songs on Billboard 100
Celebrity Travel Partner – Jay Leno

Name – Sundar Kathirvelu
City – Bangalore
country – India
Profession – Business
First Road Trip – Alaska – 2016
Most thrilling experience – “Bungee jump in New Zealand
Helicopter ride over Igaazu falls in Argentina”

3 Travel Essentials – Well maintained car…cap….coffee break
5 Places in your Bucket list – Rwanda, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Mexico
Fav Music – Pop Music
Celebrity Travel Partner – None

Name – Zakkir Kalarikkal
City – Mumbai
country – India
Profession – Business
First Road Trip – Bombay – Nainital – Bombay – 1987
Longest Road Trip – Covered the whole of New Zealand from north to south – 2005
Most thrilling experience – My first rally – The Great Himalayan Raid in 1989
3 Travel Essentials – 1) iphone 2) iPod 3) credit card
5 Places in your Bucket list – 1) Hawaii 2) Morocco 3) Brazil 4) Alaska 5) Argentina
Fav Music – Retro both hindi & english
Celebrity Travel Partner – Juha Kankkunen

Name – Anurag J. Shrivastava
City – Mumbai
country – India
Profession – Business
Most thrilling experience – ” Last winters, my friends and I took off for a trip to Kashmir at 2.00 am. We somehow managed to reach the destination with the earliest flight. As the trip was unplanned, we had no reservations. Hence, we managed to get in a beautiful hotel.
The morning at Kashmir got me astounded. The beauty of nature was breath taking. The land was covered with lots of snow. The snowfall started and the scenic beauty was wonderful. This unplanned trip gave me the most wonderful and thrilling experience.”
3 Travel Essentials – “Personal Id’s (driving license)Fuel Road map”
Fav Music – Bollywood
Celebrity Travel Partner – Narendra Modi

Name – Samaresh Das
City – Kolkata
country – India
Profession – Business
First Road Trip – Bangalore – Coorg – 2002
Longest Road Trip – South India tour – 2014
Most thrilling experience – Sky Dive , Deep sea dive, Firing (Shooting ), Island hopping
3 Travel Essentials – Camera, Credit Cards, Driving License
5 Places in your Bucket list – Kolkata – London, Entire Europe, South America, North Pole
Fav Music – 90’s Hindi Music
Celebrity Travel Partner – None

Name – Tanushree Nandan
City – Kolkata
country – India
Profession – Lawyer
First Road Trip – Tirupati – 1998
Longest Road Trip – Rajasthan (Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Barmer-Mt Abu-Udaipur-Chittorgarh-Ajmer-Bikaner-Jaipur), a total of approximately 1950kms. – 2001
Most thrilling experience – The two solo drives I’ve udertaken, one to North Bengal and back (2015) and the other exploring the untravelled roads of West Bengal (2014).
3 Travel Essentials – “My Camera,My iPod,Wet tissues!”
5 Places in your Bucket list – “England,Paris,Prague,Niagara Falls,Home of the Hobbits!”
Fav Music – Foot tapping or melodious tunes
Celebrity Travel Partner – Amelia Earhart

Name – Dr. Abhijit Deo
City – Nagpur
country – India
Profession – Orthopaedic Surgeon
First Road Trip – Ladakh – 2014
Longest Road Trip – Lahaul spiti – 2015
Most thrilling experience – “1) driving on the most treacherous road in the world. Lahaul spiti
2) driving on the long Iceland glacier”
3 Travel Essentials – Camera
5 Places in your Bucket list – Entire coastal India, ancient India, forests in India,
Fav Music – The Beatles
Celebrity Travel Partner – Scarlett Johansson

Name – Rina Shah Bhansali
City – London
country – UK
Profession – Retail
Most thrilling experience – Jet skiing in the Coral islands, snorkelling off Key West, taking a dip in the freezing Atlantic, hiking up Mt Etna…too many to choose from!
3 Travel Essentials – An open mind, music and camera
5 Places in your Bucket list – Mongolia, South America (Patagonia to the Galapagos), Ankgkor Wat, New Zealand, Mount Kailash and Mansarovar
Fav Music – Music everyone can sing along to!
Celebrity Travel Partner – Sanjay & Tushar!

Name – Pravin Thakur
City – Mumbai
country – India
Profession – Film Producer ( International Projects )
First Road Trip – Sahara Desert for BBC in 1980 & Lahaul Spiti in 2016
Most thrilling experience – “Driving through the Sahara Desert with no roads in sight, with the help of a compass. Imagine the tempetratures being 46 celcius. We survived on raw salt to keep the body hydrated.”
3 Travel Essentials – SUV / GPRS / CAMERA
5 Places in your Bucket list – Drive through the Colorado Mountains / Grand Canyon / Rohtang Pass to Leh / New Zealand / Scotland and Lake District
Fav Music – Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams and Dire Straits
Celebrity Travel Partner – Kangana Ranuat, woman with grit to take on the world 🙂