Guniess World Record For Driving longest distance in a single country (Australia)
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Road To London 2018

  • Date: 15th April – 2nd June 2018
  • No of participants: 27
  • Drive through 18 countries
  • 16000 Km
  • 49 Days
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There is a charm about the cross-country road trips that makes it unspeakably desirable.

On Monday – April 16, we began our Road to London 2018 journey from Imphal, India. Our convoy of 15 cars was flagged off by Shri N. Biren Singh, Chief Minister of Manipur and Mr. Isra Stapanaseth, Director – Tourism Authority of Thailand, India. As we pulled out of the hotel amidst loud cheers, we knew that now there is no turning back.

Driving towards the Tamu-Moreh border was filled with excitement as we were crossing our first land border. From Imphal, Moreh border is around 75 km. After clearing Immigration and Customs, the convoy slowly moved towards the Indo-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, the first international crossing on our epic journey. Half the bridge belongs to India and the other half to Myanmar. One by one, every single vehicle made its first international border crossing and we reached Myanmar, the 2nd country on our journey. En-route we even got a chance to celebrate Thingyan water festival, which is Burmese New Year Festival.

The drive through Myanmar was exhilarating! An escort Jeep in the front with blaring sirens escorting our 15 SUVs convoy was giving us a full VIP feel.

After having a good time in Myanmar, we packed our bags, loaded our cars and started driving towards the Myawaddy-Maesot border before reaching Thailand. What was really interesting was that while climbing up on the Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Bridge, we had to drive on the right side and while going down, we had to drive on the left side of the road as we were in Thai territory.

Things like these make cross-border expeditions more exciting. Once we entered Thailand, The Tourism Authority of Thailand had made special arrangements for us… from arranging interview with BBC Thailand to arranging special cultural programs along with Dinner, they extended warm hospitality towards all our participants. It’s no wonder that Thailand boasts of the largest arrival of tourists in the World!

It was time to add another milestone in our journey, as we approached Laos, the fourth country in our expedition. Laos is a land locked country, pristine, lush and densely forested. It lies untouched with negligible tourism unlike its neighbours. After a relaxing night stay in Laos, it was time for another border crossing. The Chinese take their visitors very seriously and there were many different formalities to complete, which included a physical test of both the vehicle as well as the driver before everyone was handed over their Chinese driving license and number plate for driving in China.

Entering China was one thing, but experiencing China was a whole different story. We had our longest stay in China, the 5th country on the Road to London 2018. We covered 5500 km over 17 days, traversing from Southern China to North Western most part of this massive country. For a country with so many diverse cultures and landscapes, we didn’t stick to tried and tested Chinese destinations… instead we literally took the road less travelled and drove from Jinghong – Kunming – Xichang – Chengdu – Ruoergai – Xining – Jiyayuguan – Dunhuang – Hami – Turpan – Kuerle – Aksu to Kashgar, which was our final destination in China. The landscape and weather constantly kept changing dramatically. At times we were driving through absolutely barren brown mountains. While at other times the landscape would suddenly become all green. We visited the Earth Forest, the Giant Buddha of Leshan (largest stone Buddha in sitting position in the world), Jiayuguan Great Wall, Giant Pandas in Chengdu, Mogao Caves, Gobi-desert and more during our 2 weeks long driving time in China.

As much as we enjoyed our time driving through China, exiting it was no less than a nightmare. It took us more around 12 hours at the China and Kyrgyzstan border to clear the immigration process. Due to the unexpected delays at the border crossing and reaching late at night, we were all a little disappointed as we missed the most scenic drive through the Pamir Glacier. Once we entered the ‘stan’ countries, it felt as if we have time travelled into the past and experiencing life as it was back in the days. After driving through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, we wished people realize that there’s still an abundance of kind and loving people, even in these parts of the world that is seen as dangerous and unsafe. One of the best things we did while in Uzbekistan was to board an express train from Tashkent to Samarkand. Samarkand is not only beautiful beyond comparison, it is also one of the oldest cities on this planet. The city itself was founded around the 7th century BC, making it even older than ancient Rome.

Driving in Kazakhstan is like no other experience in the world! As we left the border about a 100 kms of nothingness greeted us on both sides of the road!

While traveling through sometimes desolate but beautiful stan countries, it was time to enter the largest country in the world- Russia, the 9th country on our expedition! While the process at the Urilsk- Samara Border was quick and simple but as luck would have it, the servers were down, and we got stuck for a good 2.5 hours. But even after the tiring day, we all couldn’t help but marvel that we have arrived in Russia in our own vehicle.

Our time in Russia passed like a breeze as we drove from Samara, Penza and Moscow. Within a few days, it was time for the most awaited border crossing as we were entering the Schengen Area, which also meant that no more border crossings while driving through different countries until we reached the UK.

Driving and crossing borders in Europe was as easy as ABC. The road runs in a straight line for miles and miles and indeed it was a pleasure to drive through such a beautiful countryside during the expedition. We drove from Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Prague, Czech Republic to Brussels, Belgium while crossing Germany and Netherlands en-route.
After spending days on the road, finally the last day of our trip had dawned. We were all excited to cross the English Channel and reach London in our own vehicle. The thought still feels surreal. The last leg of the journey was only 532 kms more. We drove in Belgium for another 200 kms till we reached Calais in France, where we were to dock the ferry for UK. Surprisingly border crossing at UK turned out to be the friendliest and fastest of all border crossing on this expedition. After reaching Dover, we drove another 150 KM to reach Westminster Bridge and took group photos with London eye in the background to be kept as a souvenir for years to come. It was time to celebrate the success of yet another successful completion of our Road to London expedition.

Name – Sanjay Madan
Profession – Traveller
About Him – Always eager to explore unknown territories, loves experimenting with food and believes life is a celebration. Feels eternally blessed
Most thrilling experience – Driving in Bolivia especially “The Death Road”
First Road Trip – Delhi – Leh, 2004
Bucket List – Southpole, Japan, Greenland, Mongolia & Brazil
Celebrity Crush – My Girlfriend for LIFE
Travel Essentials – Sunglasses, camera and a commando knife

Name – Tushar Agarwal
Profession – Traveller
About Him – About Him – If you reject the food, fear the religion, avoid the people and ignore the customs…you might better stay at home!
Most thrilling experience – Driving through the entire stretch of the Pan American Highway across South, Central and North America from Ushuaia, Argentina to Deadhorse, Alaska
First Road Trip – London to Delhi, 2010
Bucket List – South Pole, Siberia in winter, Pakistan, North Pole, Mount Everest
Celebrity Crush – My fellow travellers on Road to London
Travel Essentials – Sunglasses, phone and music

Name – Kinjal Trivedi
City – Mumbai
Profession – Business + Artist
About Her – A BFA from California College of the Arts and Jewelry Metal Arts major, she is a talent powerhouse with outstanding artistic skills
Most thrilling experience – Reliving and recreating the feeling from the trips on the canvas when I paint
Preferred Music – Sufin classical, RnB, Afro Beats, Kishore Kumar songs
Reason for doing this journey – Passion for driving. To experience the food, culture, weather and terrain of 18 countries in my own car.
Bucket List – New Zealand, Trans Siberian, Sri Lanka, South America, World’s longest zipline in Nepal
Celebrity Crush – Muhammad Ali
Travel Essentials – Mind, dreams and my imagination

Name – Ashok Kumar Jatia
City – Mumbai
Profession – Chairman, Rhythm Group
About Him – I am 60 years old and very fond of travel, adventure and fine arts like music and culture. I have 2 sons and 3 grand children.
Most thrilling experience – River rafting down the Trishuli River, Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Longest Road Trip – Europe, 2007
Bucket List – South America, Greenland, Fiji, Australian outback, Antarctica
Celebrity Crush – Aamir Khan
Travel Essentials – Music, music & music

Name – Vatsala Jatia
City – Mumbai
Profession – Homemaker
Reason for doing this journey – I have never taken such a long break. My children are now settled and I want to take time out with my husband to see the world by road.
Most thrilling experience – River rafting down the Trishuli River, Chitwan National Park, Nepal
P.S: She doesn’t know swimming
Longest Road Trip – In Europe- From Italy to Switzerland via other countries, 2007
Preferred Music – Lata Mangeshkar’s songs
Celebrity Crush – Shabana Azmi
Travel Essentials – Books, loads of clothes, steam iron

Name – Raju Das
City – Kolkata
Profession – IFS
About Him – I am an IFS Officer, working in the field of Wildlife, Forest and Natural Resource Management and Conservation.
Most thrilling experience – Traveling through the forests and wildlife protected areas of Weatern and Central India over a period of 45 days and living out of the suitcase.
Bucket List – Siberia, Antarctica, Virunga National Park in Rwanda, Africa and Alaska
Reason for doing this journey – I have travelled a lot in the past 20 years but this is going to be the Mother of all Road Trips.
Travel Essentials – Good planning, fitness and adequate money for the journey

Name – Sumita Das
City – Kolkata
Profession – Interior Designer
Most thrilling experience – iFly at Singapore
Reason for doing this journey – I believe journeys too can be made creative as designing. Waiting to try out the varied cuisines & cultures on RTL!
First Road Trip – Nagaland to Darjeeling and back in 1991
Bucket List – Australia, Finland, Japan, Peru and Greece
Celebrity Crush – Adventures Overland team
Travel Essentials – Camera, good shoes and a good itinerary

Name – Shristy Das
City – Kolkata
Profession – Student
About Her – I love traveling! This trip to London will be a dream come true. I will have such wonderful stories to tell my school mates and friends.
Most thrilling experience – Trip to Europe
Reason for doing this journey – I love adventures and road trips
First Road Trip – Srinagar to Ladakh, 2012
Bucket List – USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Peru
Celebrity Crush – Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
Travel Essentials – iPhone, earphones and my kindle

Name – Pardeep Gupta
City – Chandigarh
Profession – Business
About Him – I am an entrepreneur, a motor sports enthusiast and a really good listener
Reason for doing this journey – It’s only through driving into a country that one can have a true feel of the culture & country side. The never ending roads passing through unknown territories brings out the best in me.
Longest Road Trip – Chandigarh to Kanyakumari 7500 km in 14 days, 2017
Bucket List – Northern lights, train ride from Shanghai to Lhasa, driving on Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway, watching Great Migration and Antarctica
Celebrity Crush – Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Travel Essentials – Tea kettle, music and Google maps

Name – Rekha Gupta
City – Chandigarh
Profession – Homemaker
About Her – I am a God fearing and a simple person, who loves to keep her family happy. I believe in maintaining good relations with everyone
Most thrilling experience – Navigating my husband in Desert Storm while he was driving on the endless dry salt bed of Rann of Kutch has been the most exhilarating experience for me.
Prefered Music – Devotional and bollywood
Bucket List – Northern lights, Antarctica and a road trip covering entire India
Celebrity Crush – My husband
Travel Essentials – My guru’s photo, toffees and nimbu pani

Name – Prabhsimran Singh
City – Chandigarh
Profession – Businessman
About Him – I am a learner and very blessed to have this wonderful life!
Most thrilling experience – Bungee jump, Sky Jump, Canyon swing etc. in New Zealand
Reason for doing this journey – To explore the world like never before. To have great company. To enjoy what the almighty has blessed me with
Prefered Music – Mostly religious
Bucket List – US, South America, Japan, Africa, Australia
Celebrity Crush – My girlfriend for life!
Travel Essentials – My wife, my wife and my wife 🙂

Name – Jasleen Kaur
City – Chandigarh
Profession – Pursuing Phd
About Her – Inquisitive by nature, I love to explore new things and meet new people
Reason for doing this journey – Having explored the world in books till now, I am all set to explore it through my own eyes with my bestie – my husband!
Most thrilling experience – Sky diving and bungee jumping
Bucket List – USA, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, South America
Celebrity Crush – My husband
Travel Essentials – My husband, my husband and my husband!

Name – Ashok Kumar
City – Gurgaon
Profession – MD & CEO
About Him – A passionate traveler, adventure seeker and a staunch lover of life. An entrepreneur by profession and a traveler by passion
Reason for doing this journey – Having visited most of the countries listed on this road trip, I am keen on exploring their countryside, experience local cultures and drive crossing all the borders and barriers.
Longest Road Trip – New Delhi to Kanyakumari, 2015
Bucket List – New Zealand, Iceland, Egypt, Mexico, South America
Celebrity Crush – Ranbir Kapoor
Travel Essentials – Good SUV, Good company, Good cell phone connection

Name – Rekha Yadav
City – Gurgaon
Profession – Entrepreneur
About Her – A passionate traveller and an adventure seeker, who’s thoroughly enjoying the journey of life with an equally adventurous life partner.
Most thrilling experience – Delhi – Bikaner – Jodhpur
Reason for doing this journey – Being an adventure seeker, couldn’t have missed this special journey made even more special by my soul mate.
First Road Trip – Delhi – Jaipur, 2005
Bucket List – Egypt, San Francisco, Spain, Hawaii islands, Masai Mara, Kenya
Celebrity Crush – Priyanka Chopra
Travel Essentials – Comfortable car, Travel kit, Sunglasses

Name – Misbahul Islam
City – Kanpur
Profession – Leather Manufacturer
Reason for doing this journey – To meet new people and explore new places!!
Most thrilling experience – Driving in Leh Ladakh
First Road Trip – Kanpur to Delhi, 1998
Bucket List – Egypt, Venice, Entire Europe, Turkey, Venezuela
Celebrity Crush – Common people
Travel Essentials – Good internet connectivity, pillow and camera

Name – Giovanni Karl Vaz
City – Goa
Profession – Business
About Him – Ardent road traveler.. love taking roads less travelled… enjoying life in best possible ways in this lifetime…love for good food n wines
Reason for doing this journey – Love for road trips and desire to travel across countries by road
Most thrilling experience – Crossing a real time land slide area at Jalori Pass in Himachal Pradesh
Longest Road Trip – Leh Ladakh, 2013
Bucket List – Laos, Beijing, St Petersburg, Prague, Belgium
Celebrity Crush – Sheetal Kale
Travel Essentials – My pillow, water & tissues

Name – Doyle Vaz
City – Goa
Profession – Student
About Him – I am 18 years old, Love to travel & socialize, a big foodie, I play the saxophone and violin. Former pro footballer and boxer.
Reason for doing this journey – To be part of that rare group of travelers who are adventurous and can take a challenge to do a cross-border road trip like this.
Most thrilling experience – Swimming with sharks in Singapore and trying out weird food items in China
Bucket List – San Francisco, New York, Monaco, Las Vegas, Greece
Celebrity Crush – Jay Z
Travel Essentials – Music, blanket, laptop

Name – Francisco Vaz
City – Goa
Profession – Business
About Him – I am a people’s person. A fun loving, adventurous person who loves riding bikes, traveling and meeting new people.
Reason for doing this journey – To spend qualiy time with my son before he joins university
Prefered Music – Jazz and Rock
Bucket List – Alaska and to experience skydiving
Celebrity Crush – Swami Vivekananda
Travel Essentials – Good company, comfortable stay and some form of entertainment

Name – Chandramouli
City – Bangalore
Profession – Business
About Him – A car and bike lover. I love driving across border and have driven across length and breadth of India. Now seeking to explore the world with Adventures Overland!
Reason for doing this journey – Love driving and that is the first reason for this journey.
First & Longest Road Trip – 7500 km, Bangalore- Bhutan – Bangalore, 2017
Bucket List – Drive across USA and Canada
Celebrity Crush – My family
Travel Essentials – Good car

Name – Deepak Sharad Inamdar
City – Bangalore
Profession – Business
About Him – I just love to travel, meet people and chill out.
Reason for doing this journey – : To see places, meet people, learn their culture and taste different food and make my life worth living in this life
Most thrilling experience – Biking in Leh and Ladakh was the most thrilling experience and second best was exploring Bhutan, Myanmar and Cambodia in my car
Longest Road Trip – Bangalore to Singapore, 2016
Bucket List – South America, South Korea, Japan, Norway and Antarctica
Celebrity Crush – My pet
Travel Essentials – Time, money and right frame of mind

Name – Harshad Parikh
City – Bangalore
Profession – Business/ Engineer
About Him – Crave to discover the world, like driving, cooking and adventure. Worked on cars and machines in the early days and still do!
Most thrilling experience – Trekking Yosemite, sky diving, rallying and racing ameture style
Longest Road Trip – 6 weeks in USA, 2003
Bucket List – Amazon, Peru, Alaska, Eastern and Central Europe
Celebrity Crush – Audio books
Travel Essentials – See the country side, freedom of movement and not be bound by public transport

Name – Akshay Parikh
City – Bangalore
Profession – Business
About Him – The great outdoors and travel has been a part of my family lifestyle ever since I can remember. Always seeking new adventures and experiences.
Most thrilling experience – Exploring North America by road, back in 1999
Prefered Music – Alternative Rock, Pop Rock
Bucket List – Papua New Guinea, South America, Solomon Islands
Celebrity Crush – Dia Mirza
Travel Essentials – Camera, iPod and drone

Name – Baburaj Ponnusamy
City – Chennai
Profession – Self employed
About Him – Even though I am proud to join the Senior Citizens club, I am still 25 years young to go on road trips. I love to drive anything from cycle to SUV
Most thrilling experience – Cycling 1100 km from Chennai to Kanyakumari via Kerala in 1979. Many treks in Western Ghats.
Longest Road Trip – 21 days trip to Leh, 2015
Bucket List – Western ghats, mighty Himalayas, castles of Europe, sailing through Panama canal & drive through Trans Siberian road
Prefered Music – Melodious instumental and old Tamil, Telugu and Hindi songs
Travel Essentials – Self confidence, ready to face problems and enjoy later, good car & god’s grace

Name – Narayanan Doraiswamy
City – Chennai
Profession – Consultant Engineer
About Him – I am a consulting engineer who loves to travel to new places
Reason for doing this journey – To visit new places and to know more about other countries
First Road Trip – In 2017
Bucket List – African countries
Preferred Music – Classical Music
Travel Essentials – NA

Name – Meganathan Pillai
City – Chennai
Profession – Business/ Retired
About Him – I am a 64 years old mechanical engineer. I have interest in travelling and I enjoy meeting people while travelling.
Reason for doing this journey – It is my dream to complete India to London road-trip
Longest Road Trip – Chennai to Ladakh, 2015
Bucket List – Antarctica, Amazon Forest, Alaska, Masai Mara
Prefered Music – Old Hindi and Tamil songs
Travel Essentials – Medicine, good night’s sleep and vegetarian food

Name – RajSeckhar Srinivasan
City – Coimbatore
Profession – Chartered Accountant
About Him – I believe in always being truthful and straight forward and expect everyone to be this way. With experience, I have learned to accept people as they are.
Reason for doing this journey – Long drives has always been my passion.. Realizing that it is now or never, I have started to pursue my passion.
Most thrilling experience – My first trip from Coimbatore – Tirupathi – Chennai – Coimbatore
Bucket List – The Indian golden quadrilateral drive, The Far-Eastern sojourn of India, East to West of Australia and East to West of Europe
Celebrity Crush – Wife and daughter
Travel Essentials – Music, water and snacks

Name – Prachur Tayal
City – Delhi
Profession – Manager
About Him – Traveller, adventurer, backpacker and always in a wait to fetch the opportunity to travel and visit the offbeat places
Most thrilling experience – Random trip to Tanzania and hitchhiking across different places in India
First Road Trip – Delhi to Manali, 2010
Bucket List – Amazon Cruise, Dalton Highway – Alaska, Fiji Islands, Antartica, Iceland
Celebrity Crush – Common man
Travel Essentials – Water, shoes and food

Name – Fazalulla Ummathoor
City – Kerala
Profession – Administration Manager
About Him – I am from Malappuram, Kerala. Now working in Dubai, U.A.E since last 18 years. This is a great opportunity to fulfil my dream.
Most thrilling experience – Road to London would be the most thrilling experience for me.
Longest Road Trip – Dubai to Mecca – 6000 km, 2012
Bucket List – Australia, USA, Brazil, Maldives and New Zealand
Celebrity Crush – Amitabh Bachchan
Preferred Music – Gazals, Malayalam & hindi music

Name – Vishal Shah
City – Pune
Profession – Senior Data Analyst
About Him – Passionate about driving and believe in fulfilling dreams that are larger than life. I have driven more than 3 Lakh km in last 8 years covering the entire country.
Reason for doing this journey – To keep a promise made to my beloved wife of driving to Europe together; but she passed away & made me realize that we are never promised a tomorrow, so fulfil your life with adventures while you can…
while they can
First Road Trip – Pune-Rajashthan-Pune in 23 Days, 2011
Bucket List – North Eastern states of India, Drive in Norway (Trondhiem to Bergen), Pyramids in Egypt, Grand Canyon and African Safari
Celebrity Crush – My beloved Wife – Tejal Merchant Shah
Travel Essentials – Vegetarian food, good company and my wife’s soft toy