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Spiti Valley 2016

  • Date: 16th July to 24th July, 2016
  • No of Participants: 16
  • Driving on one of the most treacherous roads in India – Kinnaur Road
  • Cross the green lush Sangla Valley as the sunset
  • The breathtaking views at the end of hikes
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  • Participants
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Travellers from across the country and abroad from different walks of life came together for a road trip to Lahaul and Spiti. A drive in this Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh started with green and lush sceneries with rivers flowing through the valley. We were an 8-car convoy came together as people from different professional backgrounds got to know each other while they drove on some of the most beautiful yet treacherous roads.

We started from Narkanda and followed through Sangla, Tabo, Kaza and Losar. The scenes through our windshield changed with subtlety from green to brazen brown with snow capped mountains just in view. One of Asia’s best road trip routes happens to be from Kinnaur through Lahaul and then to Spiti and we ticked this off on our bucketlist, while we also helped some travel junkies and road trip enthusiasts do the same.

We have always believed that the journey is the most important part of our road trips. From handling twists and turns at a higher altitude, to relaxing during the drive — something that is quite new for city dwellers, it was quite a refreshing experience.

It is said that you count your travels not with the number of miles that you covered but the friends that you made on the road. It was delightful to see a group of people who were strangers the first day become the best of friends as they travelled together. We relished some delicious Kinnaur apples fresh from the trees to being audience to the workings of JSW Power Project, the experience sprinkled throughout the trip was quite exemplary.

The trip in itself was a box full of surprises that kept on giving. It started with picnic lunches, river crossings, hikes that ended with breathtaking views and of course, the monasteries. There were postcards sent from the highest inhabited village — Hikkim’s post office in the morning and by night, stars were counted.

Together at 15,060 ft – Kunzum Pass we got a necessary ‘to be framed’ photo taken. There was a guitar, a song, smiles and laughter that made the trip an unforgettable experience for everyone.


Name – Yash Gupta
City – New Delhi
Profession – Pickle Manufacturer
Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes, New Delhi to Shimla
3 Travel essentials – Sunglasses, Wallet, Music
Fav Music – Anything by Kumar Sanu
5 Places in your Bucket List – Iceland, Rameshwaram, Vegas, Victoria Waterfalls, Mauritius
Celebrity Travel Partner –  Ranbir Kapoor



Name – Dr Chandrashekhar Kulkarni
City – Amravati
Profession – Orthopaedic Surgeon
Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes, New Zealand
3 Travel essentials – Camera, Wife, Music
 Fav Music – Talak Mehmood
5 Places in your Bucket List – Alaska, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Prague
Fav Music – Songs by Sonu Nigam



Name – Dr Mohana Kulkarni
City – Amravati
Profession – MD, Medician, Behavioural Counsellor
 Ever Been on a Road Trip – Yes, Srinagar to Leh
3 Travel essentials – Good car, driver, comfortable stops in-between
 5 Places in your Bucket List – China, South America. Western Rajasthan, Interiors of MP, Mauritius
 Fav Music – Old Hindi film songs
 Celebrity Travel Partner – Amitabh Bachchan



Name – Dilpreet Singh Bimdra
City – New Delhi
Profession – Director, JW Marriot
Ever been on a Road Trip – 2009, Pan-India 
3 Travel essentials – Smile, Positive energy, Willingness to drive
Fav Music – Depends on the Terrain and company
Places in your Bucket List – Anywhere that Tushar and Sanjay go
 Celebrity Travel Partner – No celebrity. Prefers the common man as the experience is greater.



Name – Amit Dhanuka
City – New Delhi
Profession – CEO, Kejriwal Bee Care India pvt Ltd
Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes, Delhi-Katra
3 Travel essentials – Chocolates, Company, Music
Fav Music – Kishore Kumar
5 Places in your Bucket List – Iceland, Scotland, Leh, Countryside, unexplored places
Celebrity Travel Partner – Prefers the common man



Name – Meenal Dhanuka
City – New Delhi
Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes, Calcutta to Rajasthan, 1992
 3 Travel essentials – Tissues, Sunglasses, Good Company
5 Places in your Bucket List – Iceland, Jordan, Sahara Desert, South of France, New Zealand
Fav Music – Bryan Adams, Kishore Kumar, Shafkat Ali
 Celebrity Travel Partner – Sidharth Malhotra/Shahid Kapoor



Name – Nitin Kulkarni
City – Thane
Profession – Engineer      
Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes, Indore-Mumbai, 1991
 3 Travel essentials – Wife, GPS, Cell phone
 Fav Music – Anything
5 Places in your Bucket List –  Switzerland, North east India, Maldives, Newzealand
Celebrity Travel Partner – Sachin Tendulkar


Name – Madhavi Kulkarni
City – Thane
Profession – Beauty Salon owner
 Ever been on a Road Trip – No 
3 Travel essentials – Medicines, Jacket, Clothes
 5 Places in your Bucket List –  Europe, Australia, Kanyakumari, Eastern India, Hemalkasa
Fav Music – 60s 70s music
6) Celebrity Travel Partner – It’s a secret



Name – Madhavi Unirwadkar
City – Thane
Profession – Beauty Salon Owner
Ever been on a Road Trip – This Spiti Trip will be the 1st one.
 3 Travel essentials –  Good car, Comfortable shoes, Good music
5 Places in your Bucket List – Switzerland, Australia, Turkey, Arunachal Pradesh, Mewar
Fav Music – Halka Sa Yeh Nasha
 Celebrity Travel Partner – Sunil Gavaskar



Name – Sanjiv Sawhney
City – Brisbane
Profession – Doctor
 Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes, Jammu to Kashmir, 1996
 3 Travel essentials – Music, Camera, Wife
5 Places in your Bucket List – Patagonia, Alaska, Arctic Circle, Switzerland, Austria
Fav Music – Gazals
Celebrity Travel Partner – Tushar, Sanjay



Name – Ela Sawhney
City – Brisbane
Profession – Doctor
Ever been on a Road Trip –  Orlando to Washington, 1996
3 Travel essentials – Clothes, Money, Music
5 Places in your Bucket List – Pantagonia, Paris, Prague, alaska, Germany
 Fav Music – Jagjit Singh
Celebrity Travel Partner – Shahrukh Khan



Name – Sushma Trehan
City – Kolkata
Profession – Retail
Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes. West Bengal to Bihar, 1974
3 Travel essentials – Comfortable vehicle, Leg space, Good Navigation system
 5 Places in your Bucket List –  Mongolia, Patagonia, Japan, Alaska/Finland, Mexico
 Fav Music – Yoohin Chala Chala (Swades)
 Celebrity Travel Partner – Antonio Bendares



Name – Ushma Shah
City – Mumbai
Profession – Interior Designer
 Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes, Bombay to Udaipur, 1965
 3 Travel essentials – Phone, medical kit, deodorant
 5 Places in your Bucket List – Antarctica, South America, Argentina, Japan, Brazil #
Fav Music – 70s-80s English Music
 Celebrity Travel Partner – Amitabh Ghosh



Name – Swati Mohan
City – New Delhi
Profession – Yoga Teacher
 Ever been on a Road Trip – Yes, Delhi to Sangla, 2009
 3 Travel essentials – Jacket, water, music
 5 Places in your Bucket List – Bali, Bhutan, Iceland, Japan, Malawi
Fav Music – Anything that I am emotionally in place with
Celebrity Travel Partner – Depends on my mood – would love to go with a physicist  



Name – Pravin Thakur
City – Mumbai
Profession – Film Maker
 Ever Been on a Road Trip – Yes, London to Sahara Desert
 3 Travel essentials – SUV, GPS & Camera
 5 Places in your Bucket List – Amalfi Coast, Gold Coast, Amazon, Corsica & St Petersburg
Fav Music – Anything by Bryan Adams
Celebrity Travel Partner – Anushka Sharma