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“I climb behind the steering wheel… I drive off immediately without once looking back; it’s a long journey, but it leads to freedom.”
Corinne Hofmann.

The past couple of years have had an intensely sobering effect on even the most spirited ones amongst us. What this phase has also brought into sharp focus is the fragility of our existence, and thus the importance of indulging in a life worth living – a life of no regrets. And this is where we come in. In the last decade, senior citizens, solo female travellers, couples, families with children and differently-abled individuals amidst others, have all joined us or engaged our help in undertaking self-drive expeditions around the world. With your safety, ease and comfort as our top priorities, we are all set to mark 2022 with distinctive journeys that will prove matchless in their excellence of execution and luxury offered. A truly incomparable experience that has become synonymous with Adventures Overland, Road to London has surpassed all expectations and garnered a place for itself in the highest echelons of eminent road trips.

The 2017 edition – the first of our glorious tours to London – made it abundantly clear that we at Adventures Overland were here to undertake the ostensibly impossible and turn it upon its head. With participants belonging to various age groups, the subsequent editions of this erstwhile unfathomable excursion have only become bigger, better and more electrifying. The 2022 version of this legendary road trip has much in store for you. Beginning in Iran, our convoy will wound its way across the tarmacs in Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France before finding its final destination in London. Historic landmarks, untamed wilderness, bustling cities, towering peaks, modern marvels, lip-smacking cuisines and rolling greens; will all come together over a course of 54 inspiring days to form vignettes in a life-altering journey that will propel you to look inwards and realise your own potential for chasing that adrenaline rush.


  • Date:
  • 14th Aug 2022 – 7th Oct 2022
  • Duration:
  • 54 Nights / 55 Days
  • Distance:
  • 15,000 km
  • Countries:
  • Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom
  • Terrain:
  • Mountains, Forests, Highways, City Driving
  • Time Zones:
  • 4
  • Cost:
  • INR 22,00,000 + 5% GST Per Person
    (EMI Option Available)



The best journey of the rest of your life begins with our arrival to Bandar Abbas, a port city in the Hormozgān Province of Iran, where we will get possession of our vehicles. From here we will move towards one of the oldest cities of Ancient Persia, Shiraz, which is home to the Maharloo Lake. The seasonal salt lake takes on a deep pink/reddish hue and makes for a wondrous sight. Our next destination within Iran will be the city of Isfahan, enroute to which we will be visiting Persepolis - a UNESCO World Heritage Site which served as the ceremonial capital of the First Persian Empire. A day to tour Isfahan will be followed by driving towards the Iranian capital, Tehran. From here we will be heading to the vintage city of Tabriz, our final destination in Iran, which boasts a historical lineage going back 4,500 years. A day off visiting Kandovan, a village with houses carved within the rocks, and the famous Bazaar of Tabriz will bring our time in the first country on the Road to London to a glorious conclusion.

WEEK 01 - Iran


Iran, Turkey

Our second week begins with crossing the border from Iran into Turkey. History, nature’s artistry, the sun, and the sea - all come together in this gorgeous country which demands devoted exploration. We will cruise through the cities of Van and Malatya enroute to the beautiful Cappadocia where an unparalleled morning hot balloon ride awaits us, amidst other delights. Next up will be a visit to the pristinely beautiful Travertines of Pamukkale, and a restorative dip in natural thermal pools at the hotel. Absorb the sounds, the aromas and the flavours of this stunning country as we drive on to the capital city of Istanbul. A marvellous combination of urban and the classical, Istanbul is a revelation indeed. A tour of the city, along with a luxurious cruise upon the strait of Bosphorus which is marked by numerous architectural gems, will be the crowning glory of our Turkish extravaganza.

WEEK 02 - Iran, Turkey


Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Poland

Our third week on this sojourn sees us crossing the border from Istanbul, Turkey into the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. We get a full day to tour this delightfully varied and charmingly laid-back city, which is the cultural hub of Bulgaria. From Sofia our convoy will be crossing the border into Belgrade, Serbia. A treasure trove for history and antiquity enthusiasts, the capital of Serbia is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the World. A day of sampling the delights of Belgrade will be followed by us making a foray into our 3rd country for this week, Hungary. We find ourselves in Budapest, the capital and financial nerve centre of Hungary. Urbane, suave, classically rich and boasting an abundance of hot springs and thrilling nightlife - Budapest is sure to impress. The final stretch of week three will see us bidding adieu to Hungary, and driving through Slovakia and Czech Republic towards Krakow in Poland.

WEEK 03 - Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Poland


Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia

We launch our fourth week on the Road to London on a solemn note with a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp in the city of Krakow, Poland. Observe and immerse yourself in the feel of a place that stands today as a testament to the never-ending bid for peace, and one’s spirit of survival even when faced with abject misery. We leave Krakow to drive towards the capital city of Warsaw. A powerful financial, cultural and political hub of the region, most of Warsaw’s architecture is contemporary owing to its post-WWII origins. After a day of touring Warsaw our convoy will cross the border into the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. Renowned for its art and architecture, Vilnius’ Old Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1994. Traversing a border for the last time this week will see us arriving in Riga, Latvia. The capital of Latvia is the largest city amongst the three Baltic nations, and plays host to one of largest collections of Art Nouveau buildings in the world.

WEEK 04 - Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia


Latvia, Estonia, Finland

Get set to tick-off some must-visit locations that feature on almost everyone’s travel bucket list, as we begin week five by rolling into the city of Tallinn. The capital of Estonia is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, and is famous for its beautifully preserved specimens of Medieval Architecture. A spectacular cruise across the Baltic Sea beckons, as we leave Estonia to take our cars onboard a ferry and set sail towards Helsinki in Finland. Celebrate the Nordic culture of the vibrant seaside capital city of Helsinki, before we head towards the winter wonderland of Rovaniemi via the resort city of Oulu. Delights galore await us as we tour the tourism hotspot that is the city of Rovaniemi; also widely known to be the official home town of Santa Claus. Traipsing through the picture-perfect Santa Claus Village, and a date with some gorgeous furry friends at a Husky farm will ensure our time in Finland makes for some of the best memories to have.

WEEK 05 - Latvia, Estonia, Finland


Finland, Norway

Day 36 of our journey dawns with us entering the sixth week, and crossing into the magical country of Norway at Honningsvåg. We will reach the highest point of our journey as we make our way to Nordkapp, the highest point in Europe accessible by road where we will be treated to a guided boat tour which, apart from offering breathtaking views, is also the congregation point for thousands of birds like Puffins, Gannets, and Cormorants. Our next stopover in Norway will be at the city of Tromsø, where we will undertake a hunt to capture the mesmerising phenomenon of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Consequently, we will drive through and explore the Norwegian cities of Fauske, Trondheim and Ålesund along with discovering the sheer joy of cruising along the stunning Atlantic Ocean Road. This approximately 8.3 km stretch of concrete is an engineering marvel, and famed for its scenic beauty, dramatic curves and remarkable bridges.

WEEK 06 - Finland, Norway


Norway, Sweden, Denmark

We continue our Norwegian adventure with a signature experience in the city of Bergen which will take us through some of Norway’s most amazing fjord landscape - including the Aurlandsfjord, the narrow Nærøyfjord and the dizzying hairpin bends of Stalheimskleiva. You will also get to travel on the picturesque Bergen and Flåm Railways. Our final halt in Norway will be at the capital city of Oslo, which is known for its namesake fjord, enchanting woodlands and emerald forests. From here we will cross the border into Sweden at Stockholm. The capital of Sweden is an art lover’s paradise, and is set on an archipelago of 14 islands that are connected by 57 bridges. Post a full day tour across Oslo, week seven comes to a close for us with the crossing of another border which will lead us into Denmark.

WEEK 07 - Norway, Sweden, Denmark


Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom

The ultimate week of this life-altering excursion debuts with us in the city of Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark is widely celebrated for its regal history, awe-inspiring architecture, dedication to sustainable living and a truly happening restaurant scene. From here we will head towards Amsterdam in the Netherlands via Germany. An absolute favourite amongst the tourists and popularly referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’, Amsterdam is an addictive combo of finesse and fun. We embark upon the last leg of our trip driving away from the Netherlands, crossing Belgium and entering France to reach the port city of Calais from where we will board the cruise to Dover, UK. Indulge in a magnificent farewell dinner before our vehicles are shipped off back to India, while you savour the moments and the memories collected during the course of this trip par excellence. Relive the sights, the smells, the spices and the nuances you have sampled on the Road to London, for this is one journey that is sure to remain forever incomparable.

WEEK 08 - Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom


INR 22,00,000 + 5% GST Per Person (EMI Option Available)

Trip Inclusions

  • All Hotel stays on twin sharing basis
  • All Meals* (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • All Visas and Normal Visa Fees
  • Carnet de Passage for your vehicle
  • India to Iran vehicle shipment (02 vehicle in 01 container)
  • Vehicle custom clearance in Iran
  • Border crossing assistance
  • All permits & permissions according to the norms & regulations applicable in all
    countries en route
  • Back up team with a crew vehicle equipped with GPS, emergency food supplies and
    first – aid kits
  • Local guidance and support from experts
  • Route Planning and Research
  • Vehicle Parking fee
  • Activities to make the experience truly memorable
  • Road books, maps and wireless radio sets for every vehicle
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Adventures Overland merchandise
  • Limited stock of chocolates, snacks, water and soft beverages for every vehicle

Trip Exclusions

  • Vehicle and Fuel
  • Your own international or domestic passenger flights.
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel Insurance covering COVID 19 and any other documentation costs
  • Vehicle servicing, repairs, traffic fines or parking penalties
  • Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances like ill- health, vehicle breakdown or repairs, damage accruing from land blocks, bad weather etc.
  • Additional accommodation charges due to unforeseen delays in the journey
  • Any Medical expenses incurred during the trip
  • Any charges for carrying video camera or still camera
  • Any hotel, subsistence or other costs incurred prior to the official start date of an expedition and after the official end date of the expedition
  • Vehicle shipment from UK to India
  • Airfare from UK to India
  • RT-PCR Test
  • 5% GST
  • 5% TCS

Cancellation Policy

  • 10% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled any time after confirmation until 15th April 2022
  • 25% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled between 16th April 2022 – 15th May 2022
  • 50% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled between 16th May – 14th June 2022
  • 100% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled post 15th June 2022

Refund Policy

  • In case of cancellation, the refund will be made in 30 – 40 working days as per the cancellation policy and subtracting 5% GST and 5% TCS on the deposited amount. TCS can be claimed at the time of filing annual tax returns.
  • The refund will be made to the same account/mode through which transfers have been received.

Is the above schedule fixed?

We like to stick to the designed schedule as much as possible. But, all participants must be prepared for changes in route due to uncertain weather conditions, road blockages and any other probabilities.

What kind of Vehicle will I need?

We recommend 4X4 Vehicles as some terrains may have gravel & dirt roads, high altitudes and steep climbing. Such a vehicle will withstand all terrains and give you a comfortable driving experience as well.

Can we take our own car or will you arrange one for us?

You have both options available. All vehicles will need paperwork like Carnet de Passage, which is like a passport for your car. We will assist in procuring the same whether the vehicle is owned by you or rented from us.

Will vegetarian meals be an issue?

Most regions offer vegetarian food, though it may not be lavish. We will also be carrying some meal options with us in case of emergencies.

What about medical assistance in case of any emergency?

Our crew vehicle will be equipped with first aid kits and basic medical supplies. You must carry any prescribed medications that you take with you in abundance, as those may not be readily available in these countries.

Will you help us procure all documents?

Yes, we will help you get all the relevant documents like Visa, Carnet de Passage, permits and permission needed for driving across multiple borders. You will also be briefed about rules and regulations applicable in all the countries we will cross.

What all documents will be needed?

A detailed list will be mailed to you well in advance. We will assist you with each and every step with respect to procuring all the relevant documents both for you and the vehicle.

What driving experience do I need?

As long as you have an International Driving Permit and are comfortable with driving, you are welcome to join the team. No particular driving experience across borders or hilly terrains will hinder you, as we will be there throughout to help and guide you. In case you aren’t comfortable driving an SUV by yourself, you can still join this expedition. We will either club you with other participants or offer you a seat in our vehicle, to ensure that you have a comfortable journey.

What about Vehicle breakdowns and other maintenance

Our crew will always be there to help you with breakdown and emergency situation.

Will fuel be readily available?

Yes, fuel will be available throughout.

Visa and Passport requirement?

We will be processing 04 visas for Indian passport holders to cover the entire journey. The participant must have passport validity until March 2023 and 08 clean pages.

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  • Doyle Vas, ROAD TO LONDON 2018

    Had the time of my life on Road to London in 2018. I learned so much on this trip, more than I'll ever learn in any school or university. Couldn’t have had better expedition leaders than Sanjay and Tushar. They were always caring and remained calm no matter what the situation was.

    Doyle Vas

  • Yogesh Manek, ROAD TO LONDON 2017

    Road to London 2017 is an arduous journey one can never forget. It is a unique and life-altering experience through unconventional landscapes that one should do once-in-a-lifetime and I would encourage everyone to go on this road trip if there’s a possibility to do such a thing.

    Yogesh Manek

  • Zakkir Ahmed, ROAD TO LONDON 2017

    Road to London 2017 still plays on my mind everyday. This epic journey has changed my life completely. Sanjay & Tushar are extremely passionate about what they do, that is why on our whole trip to London we did not face any problems. The trip was executed flawlessly, starting from the route planning, to the documentation and finally getting the car back too.

    Zakkir Ahmed Kalarikkal

  • Nish Jois, ROAD TO LONDON 2017

    Handling a convoy of cars is a task by itself. Handling several minds inside those cars is entirely something else. Sanjay and Tushar, the duo behind the wheels of Adventures Overland have been steering minds and machines together, with extreme coherence. Wish you guys well and no farewell.

    Nish Jois



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