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Uttarakhand, popularly known as the “The Land of Gods”, is nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. One of the most beautiful northern states of India, it is one of mother nature’s finest creations. Charming hill stations, snow-capped peaks, quaint villages along winding mountain roads, serpentine rivers carving their way through the hills, wildlife parks like ‘Jim Corbett Tiger National Park’, cascading waterfalls hurtling down slopes and serene lakes shimmering amidst beautiful towns – Uttarakhand leaves an everlasting mark on even the most seasoned travellers from around the world. On this rare road trip through the pristine mountain landscapes of Uttarakhand, you will take a holy dip in the Ganges, go for river rafting in Rishikesh, experience wildlife safari in Jim Corbett National Park and get enough time to reflect in solitude as we travel through resorts, quaint villages and hill stations of Auli, Kausani, Binsar and Nainital.


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  • Coming Soon
  • Duration:
  • 11 Nights / 12 Days
  • Distance:
  • 1200 km
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Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
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Day 1

Delhi - Rishikesh (240 km)

Start your road trip on the outskirts of Delhi at a pre-decided location where all of us will gather to embark together on this journey. You will be introduced to your fellow travellers and handed radio sets with some quick instructions before we hit the road and start driving towards Rishikesh. Our first stop will be for breakfast, where we will do a team briefing and orientation about the coming days on the road. In a few hours, we will reach the "Dev Bhoomi" of Uttarakhand and halt in Dehradun for lunch before continuing towards Rishikesh. In the evening, you will get a chance to know your fellow participants over dinner.

Day 1 - Delhi - Rishikesh (240 km)

Day 2


Rishikesh, a tranquil town in northern Uttarakhand, surrounded by hills and bisected by the vast and sluggish Ganges, is often claimed as the `Yoga Capital of the World'. Back in the 1960s, Rishikesh gained instant fame as the site where The Beatles came to stay with their guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. But what we have in mind for today is a bit more action-packed as we are going for a half-day long river rafting experience on the rapids of the Ganges River. River rafting in Rishikesh offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan range. It is one of the most popular activities that draws adventure seekers from different corners of India and abroad to Rishikesh. We will experience rapids of different grades and don't be surprised in case your raft flips over; it's all part of the experience!

Day 2 - Rishikesh

Day 3

Rishikesh - Rudraprayag (150 km)

After spending a day river rafting, meditating, and walking along the tiny streets of Rishikesh, it's time to hit the road again and head further north into the mountains of Uttarakhand. The drive will take us through popular towns of Devprayag, Srinagar and Rudraprayag. "Prayag" means "confluence", and in Uttarakhand, it mostly refers to a confluence of rivers. As you can now guess, we will witness many such confluences along the way before reaching Rudraprayag which is located at the confluence of Mandakini and Alaknanda Rivers. The town of Rudraprayag is named after the Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. It is one of the PanchPrayag or five confluences of Alaknanda River. We will arrive in Rudraprayag by evening, and you will get enough time to go for a stroll along the rivers.

Day 3 - Rishikesh - Rudraprayag (150 km)

Day 4

Rudraprayag - Joshimath - Auli (120 km)

After a relaxed evening, we are going to make a comfortable start this morning as we drive further north in the direction of Auli. The drive today is not that long, so we will make ample photo stops along the way to admire the beauty of Uttarakhand as we slowly head towards Auli, a Himalayan ski resort and hill station tucked away in the mountains. It is surrounded by coniferous and oak forests, the famous Nanda Devi and Nar Parvat mountains. A long cable car links Auli to the town of Joshimath. The road north of Auli leads to the Badrinath temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site and towards the famous Valley of Flowers National Park. We will arrive in Auli by early afternoon, and after checking into our hotel, you are free for the rest of the evening.

Day 4 - Rudraprayag - Joshimath - Auli (120 km)

Day 5


Auli, located at an altitude of 2800 metres above sea level is a popular hill resort in the Himalayan range dating back to 8th Century AD. Today is a free day, to relax, explore, trek, meditate or to simply count your blessings as you find yourself in the lap of mother nature admiring the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas all around you. Dotted with apple orchards, deodar trees, old oaks and pine trees, there is no dearth of natural beauty in Auli. You can also go for numerous treks in the hills of Garhwal Himalayas and enjoy the spellbinding views of the snow-draped mountains. Remember to pack enough warm clothes as the evenings can be bitterly cold high up on the slopes of the Himalayas.

Day 5 - Auli

Day 6

Auli - Kausani (195 km)

After a relaxed breakfast in the lodge, we will leave Auli and once again hit the winding roads of Uttarakhand towards Kausani, a quaint hill station and a tiny village situated in Bageshwar district in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is a picturesque hill station that is famous for its stunning views of the Himalayas. At a height of 1890 meters above sea level, there are very few places that offer the spectacular 300 km-wide panoramic view of the majestic Himalayan peaks of Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli. The beauty of Kausani has lured eminent Indian personalities including Mahatma Gandhi, the "Father of the Nation" who described it as "Switzerland of India” and was inspired to write his treatise “Anaksakti Yoga” here. Also, one of the best ways to explore the local sights and sounds is by taking a walk. The natural beauty of this place makes these walks even more meaningful.

Day 6 - Auli - Kausani (195 km)

Day 7

Kausani - Binsar (60 km)

Today, we are going to complete one week on the road and what better way to celebrate our journey than to continue our drive in the mountains towards the little-known hill station of Binsar. Located at an altitude of approximately 2400 metres above sea level, Binsar is one of the most scenic spots of the Kumaon region. The drive to Binsar is going to be one of the most beautiful and memorable drives of our road trip as we witness mystifying waterfalls, enchanting valleys and lush green mountains along the way. As you soak in the fresh air, you will feel that mother nature herself is opening arms and welcoming you into the beautiful world of Binsar. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will be left in awe as we will spend the night amongst gloriously verdant mountains encircling us.

Day 7 - Kausani - Binsar (60 km)

Day 8


Today is going to be an easy day but one that you are going to remember for a long time. Wake up refreshed in the lap of luxury, go for an idyllic morning walk, enjoy an elaborate breakfast and spend the rest of the day listening to the sounds of nature all around you. Explore Binsar at your own pace and admire 300 km of spellbinding and panoramic views of the numerous snow-capped Himalayan peaks all around you. This tiny hill station is also home to the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary which serves as a habitat for rare animals, birds and flower species. Take a nature walk, spend time with yourself, appreciate the creations of mother nature. Later, return to the hotel to get together with your fellow travellers for a memorable evening.

Day 8 - Binsar

Day 9

Binsar - Nainital (110 km)

We will continue our idyllic drive through the Kumaon region and head deeper into the mountains of the Himalayas as we reach Mukteshwar. This small town got its name from a 350-year-old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. After visiting the temple, we will carry on and arrive in Nainital, the judicial capital of Uttarakhand and one of the most popular hill stations of the state set around the Naini Lake which is a popular boating site. Commonly known as the "Lake District of India", it was a former British hill station, and you can see remnants of the colonial past in its' buildings and architecture. Here is your chance to go for a boat ride in Naini Lake, walk along the busy mall road, pick up souvenirs and spend the day sipping coffee and admiring the beauty of Nainital from the comfort of a cosy café.

Day 9 - Binsar - Nainital (110 km)

Day 10

Nainital - Jim Corbett National Park (70 km)

Did you realize that today is our last morning in the mountains? We are going to make it a leisurely morning so that you have enough time to soak in the fresh air and admire the beauty of the Himalayas one last time before we head down to the plains. Having ticked off the holy dip in the Ganges, river rafting in Rishikesh, trekking in Auli and boating in Nainital, we will start making our way towards Jim Corbett National Park. By evening, as we approach the National Park, you will be transported into a completely different world from the one you just left behind. Check into your lodge and soak in the sounds of the jungle as you get ready for an exciting wildlife safari the next day.

Day 10 - Nainital - Jim Corbett National Park (70 km)

Day 11

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, amid lush greenery and uneven mountains with varying heights, ranging from about 1300 feet to nearly 4000 feet. Are you game for a wildlife safari through Jim Corbett National Park? Don your safari hats and get those cameras ready as we board our open-top jeeps and go on a lookout for the incredible wildlife in this park. Named after the famous naturalist and photographer, it is the oldest National Park of India that is home to rare species of tigers and has a large breeding population of barking deer, sambar, chinkara and is also home to many aquatic reptiles. Spend the entire day in the wilderness and return to the lodge with memories, sights and sounds of the jungle.

Day 11 - Jim Corbett National Park

Day 12

Jim Corbett National Park - Delhi (230 km)

"You don't choose the day you enter the world, and you don't choose the day you leave. It's what you do in between that makes all the difference. "The ultimate day of the journey is here, and we are certain you too cannot fathom how swiftly the past 11 days flew by. All good things must come to an end as we part ways in Jim Corbett National Park with a promise to meet again. Bid adieu to the team and your mates with whom you have now created some great memories, full of thrill and adventure. But not all farewells have to be lasting, and we promise to lend our hand again when you seek to explore another fascinating part of Incredible India or any other corner of the world.

Day 12 - Jim Corbett National Park - Delhi (230 km)


Trip Inclusions

  • Accomodation on twin occupancy (02 participants sharing 01 room)
  • Meal – breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner
  • Fee for river rafting & safari
  • Route planning
  • Activities and visits to make the experience truly memorable
  • Back up team with a crew vehicle equipped with GPS, emergency food supplies and first-aid kit
  • Road book, map, wireless radio set for every vehicle
  • Local guidance from experts
  • Limited stock of chocolates, snacks, water and soft beverages for every vehicle

Trip Exclusions

  • Your domestic and international flight ticket
  • Vehicle and fuel
  • Day 12 lunch & dinner
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Insurance and documentation cost such as travel insurance, visa applications etc
  • Vehicle servicing, repairs, toll taxes, traffic fines
  • Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances like ill-health, vehicle breakdown or repairs, damage accruing from land blocks, bad weather
  • Additional accommodation charges due to unforeseen delays in the journey
  • Any charges for carrying video camera or still camera
  • Any hotel, subsistence or other cost incurred prior to the official start date of an expedition and after the official end date of the expedition
  • 5% GST

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  • Viral Jasubhai, UTTARAKHAND DRIVE 2020

    The Uttarakhand Drive 2020 was very well managed and it was real pleasure to go on this expedition. This drive is a must for all adventurous travellers.

    Viral Jasubhai