Winter Drive in Russia 2023

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Ask anyone about Russia and the first few words that come to their mind are usually vodka, the largest country, military, snow and Red Square. Winter in Russia is a bit like stepping inside a snow globe – its beauty and culture are never more pronounced than when it is covered in a blanket of snow. If you are curious about the average temperature in Russian during the winter season, it’s between -10 and -50 degrees Celsius. On this expedition, you will also get a chance to drive on the glass-like surfaces of frozen lakes and rivers. You will get to discover the historic cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, drive through age-old towns like Koprino, Vologda and Petrozavodsk, and be a part of a rare group of travellers as you explore the biggest country in the world.


  • Date:
  • 24th Jan 2023 – 3rd Feb 2023
    4th Feb 2023 – 14th Feb 2023
  • Duration:
  • 10 Nights / 11 Days
  • Distance:
  • 2030 km
  • Countries:
  • Moscow – Koprino – Vologda – Tikhvin – Petrozavodsk – Sortavala – St. Petersburg
  • Cost:
  • INR 3,60,000 + 5% GST Per Person
    (EMI Option Available)
DAY 04
DAY 05
DAY 06
DAY 07
DAY 08
DAY 09
DAY 10
DAY 11



Home to the famous Red Square, you will arrive in the beautiful city of Moscow. The city is said to date back eight-and-a half-centuries. It has beautiful architecture created over several centuries, and its many historical and cultural sites are waiting to be explored. You will be directly transferred from the airport to the hotel where you can relax before you start discovering Moscow. From ice skating rinks to ice sculptures and snow parades, there is a lot to see. The city is also home to the world famous Bolshoi Theatre, for those who prefer more classical entertainment. At the hotel, meet your fellow travellers and remember, you will be hugging these same people when the trip ends, who appear as strangers to you on this day.

DAY 1 - Moscow


Moscow to Koprino (320 km)

You will be introduced to your home for the next 10 days, i.e. the iconic UAZ Patriot 4x4 SUVs and after a brief orientation, we will hit the snowy tarmacs of Russia as we begin exploring the harsh winter of Russia by road. We will start driving towards Koprino, which is located on the Rybinskoye Reservoir coast, 40 kilometres from Rybinsk city. The only thing that will accompany our convoy for long will be the snow-covered pine trees. On the way, we will drive through several towns of the famous Russian Golden Ring like Uglich and Myshkin. The Golden Ring is a collection of historic Russian cities, northeast of Moscow. It is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet and peaceful life in the Russian province, beautiful countryside views, and ancient architecture. En route, you will also get a chance to experience driving on frozen Volga River (if it is permitted), which is the longest river in Europe.

DAY 2 - Moscow to Koprino (320 km)


Koprino Rest Day/Activity Day

Wake up in a fairy tale world and embrace the unknown as we have planned a day full of surprises and fun activities. Choose to relax and unwind at the wellness centre or enjoy the great outdoor options. You can indulge in cross country skiing or snowboarding and admire the beautiful views of the frozen lake around the resort. If you don’t feel like carving the slopes on skis, get on board a hovercraft as we go for an adrenalin rush joy ride on the frozen lake. It is truly a unique Russian experience and a fun activity that can only be experienced in extreme winter conditions. You can also try your hand at ice fishing and finally, end the day with Russian vodka shots in a makeshift open Ice Bar.

DAY 3 - Koprino Rest Day/Activity Day

DAY 04

Koprino to Vologda (290 km)

After breakfast, we get back on the road and head towards Vologda, a city in northwest Russia. En route, you will be driving through abandoned villages located in the middle of dense pine trees that are fully covered in snow. The drive to Vologda is going to be one of the most beautiful drives of your lives. On our way we will visit the Vologda Open Air Museum of Architecture and Ethnography (Semenkovo). It welcomes you to the world of a northern Russian village of the late 19th and early 20th century where you will get a first-hand experience of age-old Russian traditions and cultural background. We will move slowly, taking time to soak in the beauty of this winter wonderland.

DAY 04 - Koprino to Vologda (290 km)

DAY 05

Vologda to Tikhvin (430 km)

Today is going to be a long drive, so after hot cups of tea & coffee and a scrumptious Russian breakfast, we will start our journey towards Tikhvin. Admire the vast expanses of the Russian land, old wooden houses and the villagers who have chosen a simple measured life, as you drive through the quaint towns. We will reach Tikhvin by evening. The town was founded on the site of a miracle; this small settlement has had an outsized role in the history of Russia’s northwest. Its name derives from the Tikhvinka River, whose name itself is rooted in the word for “quiet” or “still”. The highlight of this small, quiet town is a beautiful monastery established in 1560 by decree of Ivan the Terrible.

DAY 05 - Vologda to Tikhvin (430 km)

DAY 06

Tikhvin to Petrozavodsk (450km)

Post a hearty breakfast, start your drive towards Verkhniye Mandrogi. It features a collection of old wooden houses and is geared towards showing visitors what a traditional Russian village resembled in the past. After an elaborate lunch, you will get to ride in a sleigh drawn by horses. We will take a walk through the village where you can witness demonstrations of wood carving, lacework, and pottery. From here, we continue our journey and reach Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia. Set on a bay on vast Lake Onega, it is the launching point to two of the region's biggest attractions: Kizhi Island and Valaam Monastery. Its neoclassical facades, a large student population and connections with Finland all make for a distinctly European atmosphere.

DAY 06 - Tikhvin to Petrozavodsk (450km)

DAY 07

Tour of Kizhi Island

After a extensive drive on the previous day, today will be more relaxing as we take a ferry to visit the famous Kizhi island located on Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia. Kizhi Island is best known for its’ Museums and Architecture dating from the 17th century. These unusual constructions, in which carpenters created a bold visionary architecture, perpetuate an ancient model of parish space and are in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Adding an interesting fact to the island is that no nails were used in the construction of these wooden architecture.

DAY 07 - Tour of Kizhi Island

DAY 08

Petrozavodsk to Sortovala (260 km)

Today, we start driving towards Sortovala, a pleasant city on the shore of Lake Ladoga near the Finnish border. The town has a rich history – at different points in time it was a part of Sweden, the Russian Empire and Finland. En route, you will get a chance to familiarise yourself with beautiful, ferocious and energetic Siberian Husky dogs and a take tour of their kennel. Their wolf-like features are hard to miss and their piercing blue eyes will have you transfixed. Enjoy activities like Husky walks and Husky sledding. Enjoy the thrill of a dog sledge ride and the sparkling snow as you experience the beauty of Karelia flashing by.

DAY 08 - Petrozavodsk to Sortovala (260 km)

DAY 09

Sortovala to St Petersburg (280 km)

We have ridden horse carts, hovercraft, dog sledges visited ancient museums. Our winter drive in Russia has reached its’ final driving day, but the good news is that today is the longest driving day of the journey. We will be driving through Staraya Ladoga, which claims to be the first capital of Russia and also visit the Staraya Ladoga Fortress. Visiting this soulful old place and wandering around its crumbling ramparts will make you feel as if you’re in a Tarkovsky film. With enough experience of driving on snow and ice, we will cruise through beautiful landscapes and terrains on our way to St Petersburg. Once we reach St Petersburg, pat yourself on the back for completing the winter drive in Russia.

DAY 09 - Sortovala to St Petersburg (280 km)

DAY 10

St. Petersburg Sightseeing Day

Spend your rest day exploring the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Admire the beautiful architecture, the Church of the Spilt Blood, Hermitage Museum or simply walk down the streets and admire the beautifully decorated bridges, monuments and the buildings that once housed Russia’s nobility. If you are an art connoisseur, the Hermitage Museum is a must-see which is home to more than 3,000,000 pieces of art. It is one of the world’s greatest museums, with priceless works by Rembrandt, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rubens and more. In the evening, we will get together for a farewell dinner! Remember how you shook hands and formally introduced yourself to your fellow participants on day one? Be assured; tonight you will be hugging each other tightly with a promise to keep in touch!

DAY 10 - St. Petersburg Sightseeing Day

DAY 11

Fly Back

A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; the largest country in the world takes some getting used to, but offers delights galore for those who make an effort to worship at the altar of Mother Russia. The past 10 days will be something that you will be talking about for the rest of your lives. The expedition concludes this morning, and we fly back home. However, in case you wish to extend your holiday and stay back in St Petersburg for a few more days, we will be happy to assist you. If the great cities of Europe competed for the title of ‘Most Beautiful’, St Petersburg would be right up there. With its canals, world-class museums and art-filled public spaces, the ‘Venice of the North’ has much to offer visitors.

DAY 11 - Fly Back
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Rs 3,60,000 + 5% GST Per Person (EMI Option Available)

Trip Inclusions

  • Group Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis
  • Self-drive Vehicle (4 participants in one vehicle)
  • Fuel and parking fees
  • Logistics
  • Training on special field (ice and snow)
  • Support car with all the necessary equipment
  • English speaking guide, program manager and mechanic
  • All meals* (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • All activities as per the itinerary
  • LOI (Letter of Invitation) for Russia
  • Walking tour in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Trip Exclusions

  • International Air Ticket
  • Lunch on day 1 and day 10
  • Entrance fees in Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Husky sledding, renting skies and ice skates
  • Personal expenditure
  • Visa Fee
  • Alcohol
  • Tips
  • Insurance and Documentation cost such as Travel Insurance, International Driving Permit etc.
  • Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances like ill health, vehicle breakdown, land blocks, bad weather etc.
  • 5% GST
  • 5% TCS

Cancellation Policy

  • 10% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled any time after confirmation until 13th November 2022
  • 25% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled between 14th November – 14th December 2022
  • 50% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled between 15th December 2021 – 4th January 2023
  • 100% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled post 5th January 2023

Refund Policy

  • In case of cancellation, the refund will be made in 10-14 working days as per the cancellation policy and subtracting 5% GST on the deposited amount.
  • The refund will be made to the same account/mode through which transfers have been received.
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  • Suketu Trivedi, WINTER DRIVE IN RUSSIA 2020

    Very professional and reliable company. Amazing people to travel with Adventures Overland.

    Suketu Trivedi

  • Puneet Agarwal, WINTER DRIVE IN RUSSIA 2020

    Driving through Russia in winters is breathtakingly beautiful. I felt blessed everyday during the tour. The last day we had a gala dinner and I dont remember last time when I saw 17 people at one place so happy about themselves. Salute to AO for finding this place for us and making it so easy for us to experience.

    Puneet Agarwal

  • Jafrin Jay, WINTER DRIVE IN RUSSIA 2020

    Winter Drive through Russia in the winters was just like a dream. Adventures Overland team has well organised the journey and taken care of each and every traveller with them with love and comfort.

    Jafrin Jay

  • Karan Khanna, WINTER DRIVE IN RUSSIA 2019

    I will never forget the Winter Drive in Russia. Everything was well arranged and we didn't face any glitch anywhere during the tour. I had the time of my life. It couldn't be more amazing and was the most memorable trip of my life. If someone wants surreal trips I would highly recommend Adventures Overland.

    Karan Khanna

  • Shalin Sarvaiya, WINTER DRIVE IN RUSSIA 2018

    Fantastic experience and Adventures Overland team made sure everyone had a great time. Professional is not the right word for them, because it was more like a personal touch in everything and that too with everyone. Thank you, team, for taking such good care.

    Shalin Sarvaiya

  • Shona Walton, WINTER DRIVE IN RUSSIA 2018

    Driving on snow in the largest country takes some getting used to. It has been challenging but rewarding. These guys don’t know the meaning of the word problem. The organization of the whole trip was very smooth, and we formed a great bond with the whole group.

    Shona Walton



Shalin Sarvaiya & Neeta Samat

Winter Drive in Russia 2018

Mustafa Moiz Lokhandwala


Nishita Sarvaiya