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Kyrgyzstan Summer Drive

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Kyrgyzstan epitomizes the nomadic charm of Central Asia. From stylishly dressed eagle hunters in traditional attire exhibiting their bird of prey, to rugged men playing Kok Boru (buzkashi or dead goat polo); a drive through this mountainous country is a rewarding experience at multiple levels. Embark on a self-drive road trip to Kyrgyzstan in a convoy of Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero in May 2023, as the Kyrgyzstan Expedition winds its way from the capital Bishkek through high mountain passes like 33 Parrots Pass, along beautiful mountain lakes such as Issyk Kul & Song Kul, through Grigorievskoe and Semienovskoe gorges, and visit the mesmerizing waterfall falling from a high drop named ‘The Tears of a Leopard.’

About the trip


8 Nights / 9 Days

Trip Cost

INR 2,50,000 Per Person (EMI Option available)
Excluding 5% GST & 5% TCS

Trip style

Self Drive


Mountains, Off Roading, Lakes, Waterfalls, Gorges


Cruise, Eagle Hunting, Headless Goat Polo

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Route Map



 Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, Bishkek
Day 1


On arrival in Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek, you will be transferred to the hotel, where you will meet your fellow travellers. Bishkek is situated in the Chu River valley, amidst beautiful sceneries all around. After a brief break, we visit the heart of the city – the Ala-Too Square where the State Historical Museum is also located. Enjoy a walk in Oak Park, one of the favourite places in town, and visit the Osh bazaar post lunch.

 Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, Off Roading on Gorges
Day 2

Bishkek – Burana – Cholpon-Ata (300 Km)

Today we head out for an important landmark of Kyrgyzstan – Burana Tower – through the mountain road via the village of Toguz-Bulak. The Burana Tower is an ancient minaret that was a funerary monument. Today you can see earthworks, remains of the castle and three mausoleums. This region was once the ancient Balasagun town, founded by the Karakhanid Khanate that ruled large parts of Central Asia and Persia. On the road we will stop in Iskra village to have lunch. In the evening enjoy a 2-hour private sunset cruise on Issyk-Kul Lake with views of snow-capped mountains of Tien Chan.

 Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, Issyk Kul Lake
Day 3

Cholpon-Ata – Gorges – Karakol (180 Km)

The Grigorievskoe and Semienovskoe gorges form the principal attractions today. Located on the northern shore of Issyk Kul Lake, 60 kilometres from Cholpon Ata, these gorges offer untamed nature with hiking trails. Lunch at a local cafe, would be followed by a visit to an Orthodox Church and the famous Dungan Mosque.

Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, Reina Kench
Day 4

Karakol – Karakol Ski Base – Reina Kench (70 Km)

Today after breakfast. Arrival at Karakol Ski-Base; we'll take a ski lift to Panorama Point Utilize the ski lift to return to the ski base after taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. Following that, depart for Reina Kench. After lunch at a nearby cafe, we will watch the Kyrgyz traditional horse game Kok-Boru, which is played by two teams on horsebacks. Appreciatethe speed of horses, the agility of the riders as they vie for the dead goat – the prize for the winning team.After Kok Baru, there will be time for archery/the Boorsok Show/and free time for sightseeing. After a long day of activity, we will return to Karakol.

 Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, en route Barskoon gorge
Day 5

Karakol – Jety Oguz – Barskoon– Bokonbaevo – Kochkor (290 Km)

Another day of nature immersion awaits as we head to the most sought-after attraction in Barskoon gorge, the sheer drop of the waterfall creates a lovely sound. Enjoy the tranquillity of the place. After lunch at Tamga Village, we drive to Skazka canyons en route to Bokonbaevo, where we will experience eagle hunters with their birds of prey. This is one of the signature experiences of Kyrgyzstan, as you witness eagles with wingspan of 6 feet fly with great speed and hunt with precision. It is one of the oldest traditions of Kyrgyz nomads.

 Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, folk show, Naryn
Day 6

Kochkor – Eki Naryn – Naryn (230 Km)

Our day starts with a visit to a felt making product unit. One of the important craft traditions of nomadic people of this region. Witness the technique of making felt products up close. Also, a fantastic opportunity for souvenir shopping! After this experience we head to Naryn. An off-roading stretch through the Eki-Naryn valley forms the highlight of today’s drive. Witness the confluence of two tributaries of the Naryn River merge en route. In Naryn, you will also be treated to a beautiful folk show performace

 Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, 33 Parrots pass
Day 7

Naryn – Song Kul Waterfall – 33 Parrots Pass – Song Kul Lake (150 Km)

Song Kul Lake, located at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, is the showstopper attraction of the day. From Naryn the drive will take us through the 33 Parrots Pass at 3150 metres, before we arrive at Song Kul. The lake, surrounded by green meadows, long used by nomads for grazing their animals, is picturesque as it is remote. Stay at a Yurt camp here brings home the warmth and hospitality of local shepherds and offers an opportunity to learn about their way of life and customs. After lunch at the camp,free time at Son-Kul Lake. You can also take a walk by the shore of the lake, enjoy nature and spend time away from civilization.

 Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, en-route Karakol
Day 8

Song Kul – Kyzyl OI – Bishkek (330 Km)

After experiencing the nomadic charms of the countryside, we head back to Bishkek. The road to Bishkek passes through mountain passes and a coalmine Kara Keche at 3364 metres. On the way we will stop at Kyzyl Oi village for lunch. Thereafter the drive to Bishkek via Suusamyr Valley and Too Ashuu mountain pass (3586 m) is a serene experience. From this pass, there is a clear view over the whole valley with green grass and Yurt camps. On arrival at Bishkek, you will now enjoy your farewell dinner.

 Kyrgyzstan Drive with Adventures Overland, en-route Karakol
Day 9

Bishkek ( Departure)

After witnessing Kyrgyzstan's raw and unadulterated beauty, the expedition ends today. We'll leave for the airport, and as you embark on your flight home, we are sure there will be a lingering feeling in your heart to explore more of Central Asia.

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