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Zee News Showbiz – 23rd July 2013

23 July, 13

New Delhi: After notching up a record for driving to Delhi from London in 51 days passing though 15 countries and clocking 13000 kilometres, adventurer Tushar Agarwal has penned his “incredible experience” hoping to inspire others.

“As a traveller you want to keep on exploring. The excitement of discovering new places and meeting some amazing people on the way is what I treasure the most,” says Agarwal says about his passion for travelling.

Agarwal claims to have a total of seven Limca Book of World records.

The travel bugged author has just brought out his fiction “Road Affair” an account of the epic journeys he made to places that are beyond human imagination. From Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, he has travelled on some of the toughest terrains of India and the world.

Talking about the need to pen down his experiences, Agarwal says he has always been an avid blogger.

“I began writing about my voyage three years back. People have always appreciated my blog. I felt that it was the right time to compile all my travel experiences and bring out a book that can inspire people to pursue their dream despite the odds,” he says. As a person who has travelled extensively across the globe, the avid travel enthusiast shares many vivid experiences in the book brought out by Heritage Publishers. He talks in particular about a road trip he made with his team to Tibet.

“Tibet has some extreme roads. The journey was really tough. We travelled for around 1000 kms on wild roads. After a point we encountered smooth, silky road. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I started crying” he says.

Agarwal has been part of the first civilian team to drive to Mana Pass, the highest motorable road in the world at an altitude of 18,399 feet. He also claims to have driven 7000 km non-stop in 7 days from the Western most point of India to the Eastern most point of India without a halt.

After quitting a high profile IT job in UK to pursue a dream of travelling, Agarwal says he researched for over a year and took a personal loan to materialise his travel plans.

The author has a word of encouragement for likeminded people.

“There will always be more reasons that stop you from taking the plunge than the ones that work in your favour. But it is important to chase your dreams. If you have a strong will, solution will come to you,” he says.

Agarwal says travelling has made him a better human being and he has stopped taking things for granted. “When you travel to remote places and see how happy and contented people are even in their humble surroundings; you realise the true worth of life. It helps in setting my priorities right,” says the author.

The author is planning the biggest road trip next, scaling 50 countries and 6 continents. The journey titled “Great Indian World Trip” has been planned to begin on September 21 this year and expected to cover 70,000 km.

Agarwal plans to also make an eight part television series on the journey and a book on the same is in the offing too.