Terms & Conditions

  1. Any person holding a valid passport and visa may register to participate in our international expeditions. For expeditions within India, we would require a valid photo id proof. (E.g. Aadhaar Card, Election Card, PAN Card, Driving License).
  2. The organizers at their discretion may accept or reject any registration and participant for the expedition.
  3. The package cost is for each participant and includes accommodation on single/double/triple occupancy basis along with breakfast, lunch and dinner or as per mentioned in the program.
  4. In case of any medical assistance is required by a participant, the accompanying team will try and provide the necessary assistance within their means and the medical supplies and equipment available with them. The organizers may decide to transport the participant to the nearest appropriate medical facility. Decisions will be based only on the medical aspect and the respect of the health regulations in vigour, either to hospitalize the participant in a nearby medical facility, before envisaging transport to the nearest hospital/facility at the nearest town.It is, in this regard, expressly stated that the final decision concerning the medical interestof the participant, remains with the attending doctor. In the case where participant refuses to follow the decision considered as the most opportune by the attending doctor, they discharge the organizers of all responsibility, notably in the case where the participant returns by their means or in the case where the participant aggravates their health. They may therefore not make any claim of expenses incurred to be refunded in the conditions mentioned above. The attending doctor to take the final decision to transfer or repatriate him/her. In such an event, any extra cost occurred will be borne by the participant.
  5. Incase of a breakdown, the accompanying team will try to carry out with possible help available with them. In case of a major breakdown that cannot be repaired, the organizers will use their best effort to arrange for repair service at the nearest point or arrange a replacement vehicle.
  6. The organizers shall not be responsible for delays or alterations in the plan or expenses incurred – directly or indirectly due to natural hazards, accident, mechanical breakdowns, weather, sickness, landslides etc.
  7. In case the journey has to be discontinued due to any reason(s), no request to refund the charges for the remaining journey will be entertained due to prior bookings and commitments made ahead of the trip.
  8. Limitation of Liability – These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you, the participant and Adventures Overland Pvt. Ltd. By joining the expedition, you are bound by these Terms and Conditions. Although Adventures Overland Pvt. Ltd. is making the arrangement for this expedition, our responsibility is limited. The limits of our commitment arise from the fact that we liaise with independent third parties such as hotel, transportation companies and other ground operators. By accepting and utilizing the goods or services of third parties, each participant agrees that Adventures Overland Pvt. Ltd shall not be held liable in any way for any loss, injury, damage, delay or death or property loss or damage arising from any act or omission of any such third party. Adventures Overland in benefit of all reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary at its sole discretion.
  9. Photos and Videos – Adventures Overland Pvt. Ltd has all the rights to use the photos and videos taken on the expedition for any commercial purpose. The company is not liable for any permission from its participants for the usage of the photos and videos.
  10. You will have to contend with lifestyles and cultures that are very different from your own. You must come prepared to cope with unpredictable situations, local inadequacies and unforeseeable events. Even with our detailed organization, things can go wrong. Many places where we travel are off the beaten track, maybe economically and  politically unstable. Adventures Overland Pvt. Ltd will not be responsible for any delays caused due to unavoidable circumstances in the regions through which we will bedriving.
  11. Travel during COVID-19 – All participants must follow certain protocols and safety measures on the expedition such as wearing masks, regular use of hand sanitisers, social distancing etc. Every participant is required to submit a COVID-19 RT-PCR negative test report which should not be more than 72 hours old before the first day of the trip. During the journey, if a participant shows any symptoms of COVID-19 infection, he/she must immediately inform the Expedition Leaders. Each participant is joining the expedition at their own risk and Adventures Overland shall not be held responsible in case a participant is found to be infected with COVID-19 during the expedition.
  12. The enjoyment and excitement of adventure travel are derived in part from the inherent risks incurred by driving through the less well-developed regions listed on the itineraries and undertaking activities beyond the levels of safety normal at home or work. Therefore, our expeditions are not suitable for people who expect to be indulged or demand for everything to go exactly as planned. For your own interest, and that of your fellow participants, please do not book an expedition if the above is not acceptable to you.



 I hereby make an application to participate in the following expedition organized by Adventures Overland Pvt. Ltd. and certify that all particulars including of my vehicle as given in the entry form are correct.

For the purposes hereof, Adventures Overland Pvt. Ltd, along with its shareholders, sponsors, affiliates, sub-contractors and suppliers and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, servants and agents are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Organizers”.

I hereby confirm that I have read, understood and agree to all rules and regulations, terms and conditions relating to or affecting my participation in this expedition including but not limited to the Supplementary Regulations issued by the Organizers for the same. I agree to abide by all relevant rule and regulations affecting the expedition as the same may change from time to time.

I hereby confirm that I am fully conversant with the risks associated with long distance expeditions in general and this expedition specifically. I accept that this event is potentially dangerous and involve risky activities – presented as a challenge. I understand that participation in this expedition specifically can lead to injury or death and I knowingly and willingly accept these risks completely.

To avoid the time and expense of protracted litigation and to allow the Organizers and myself to arrange for insurance or self-insurance as deemed appropriate to address the relevant risks, the responsibility for certain claims shall be allocated in accordance herewith.

Regardless of Cause, I Shall Be Liable for And Indemnify Organizers from and against any and all claims, arising out of personal injury, illness, death, or property loss or damage suffered by me.

For the purposes hereof:

“Claim(s)” shall mean all claims, damages (excluding punitive or exemplary damages), liabilities, losses, demands, liens, encumbrances, causes of action of any kind, obligations, costs, judgments, interest, and awards (including, without limitation, legal counsel fees and costs of litigation if awarded as part of the judgment in favour of the person asserting the Claim), whether created by law, contract, tort, voluntary settlement, or otherwise, arising out of, related to, or in any way connected with this expedition.

“Gross Negligence” means such an entire lack of care as to indicate a conscious indifference and reckless disregard for the safety of people and property and includes wilful misconduct.

“Negligence” means any sole or concurrent negligent act or omission, fault (including, without limitation, pre-existing conditions), strict liability, breach of duty or warranty (statutory or otherwise), product liability, defect (whether patent, latent, or pre-existing) of any property, equipment, or materials and shall include passive as well as active Negligence.

“Regardless of Cause” means without regard to Negligence, in whole or in part, of the party seeking indemnity or of any other person. Where expressly stated, Regardless of Cause also means without regard to Gross.

Negligence, in whole or in part, of the person seeking indemnity or of any other person.

“Shall Be Liable for And Indemnify” means the indemnifying party shall be solely responsible for and assume all liability for and defend, release and indemnify and hold harmless the indemnified party or other per

“Third Party” means any person other than the Organizers or myself.

This indemnity shall be binding on my heirs, executors and legal representatives.

I hereby confirm that I have obtained all necessary insurances relating to myself for this expedition.

I declare that I possess the standard of competence necessary for an event of this type to which this entry relates.

I hereby confirm that the Organizers shall have no liability towards me and hereby forever discharge the Organizers of and from all actions, causes of action, suits, debts, obligations, claims and demands whatsoever which I have or hereafter can, shall, or may have.

I accept that though reasonable efforts will be made for ensuring my safety on this expedition, it may not be possible for the Organizers to undertake the following:

  1. To evacuate me by air ambulance due to any reason whatsoever,
  2. To ensure that the evacuation to nearest medical care facility, in case of an accident will be undertaken with a lifesaving ambulance. The Organizers may undertake evacuation by the means that they deem appropriate under the circumstances,
  3. To provide advanced surgery and health care facilities on the route itself, and evacuation to the nearest medical facility might take any number of hours,
  4. To guarantee that no oncoming traffic may be the cause of injuries to my person,


I understand that the consumption of alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic and other similar substances are not permitted on the expedition and I agree to be excluded from the event if found, during the actual running of the event, to have consumed any of the above.

I hereby indemnify the Organizers against any defects on route or any decisions, under pressure of time/ events, made by them during the expedition. I acknowledge and agree that if required, the Organizers may arrange such medical or hospital treatment (including ambulance transportation) for me as they find appropriate in the circumstances. I authorize and ratify such actions being taken by them and agree to meet all costs and expenses associated with such actions. I understand and accept that it is compulsory for me to have comprehensive medical insurance and I accept responsibility for the cost of medical expenses that may exceed the cover provided by my insurance.

I confirm that I have obtained legal advice prior to signing this document.