Guniess World Record For Driving longest distance in a single country (Australia)
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The drive to Lahaul and spiti is a great life time experience and achievement. Thanks to Adventures Overland and the Co-founders Tushar and Sanjay who were working round the clock to give us an adventure of a life time . I feel I have become 20 years younger after this road trip and look forward for more adventure with Adventure overland.

Bungale Prakash, Lahaul & Spiti Drive’18


Adventures Overland doesn’t organise trips, but they organise experiences and way of living. So much energy, warmth, love and life. Sanjay and Tushar are the rockstars that you want to be with and to look up to.

Shreyans Vijay, Jordan – The Dead Sea Drive’17


Amazing experience and Adventures Overland team made sure everyone had great time.. professional is not the right word for them, because it was more like a personal touch in everything and with everyone… Thank you Tushar and Sanjay and team Adventures Overland

Shalin Sarvaiya, Snow Drive in Russia’18

In any dictionary, there are no suitable words to express our level of satisfaction. The journey from Imphal to London was worth every penny. To know & experience….what we experienced…..just travel with Sanjay and Tushar

Pardeep Gupta, Road to London’18


The Road to London road trip was indeed a fantastic experience which ticked off a lot of my bucket list and made me fulfill the urge of reaching for the unknown. Our host, Sanjay, Tushar supported by Prachur were remarkable. Their camaraderie was delightfully disarming. It’s just so easy to be friends with them that it made us bond instantly.

Sumeeta Das, Road to London’18


Had the time of my life on Road to London 2018. I learned so much on this trip, more than I’;ll ever learn in any school or university. Couldn’t have had better expedition leaders than Sanjay and Tushar. They were always caring and remained calm and made everyone feel comfortable, no matter what the situation was. Definitely learned people management watching the two of them.

Doyle Vas, Road to London’18


Traveling with Tushar and Sanjay teaches you everything you need to know about travel. No need for degrees in traveling.

Xavier Vas, Road to London’18


Tushar and Sanjay, who accompanied us took every care possible to make us comfortable. At my age i.e. 66 , it was a lifetime experience. Will always cherish the memories of this adventure.

Manoj Kumar Jha

I had the pleasure of joining Tushar & Sanjay Bhai for the Lahaul & Spiti drive 2017. The experience was absolutely seamless. Apart from getting a lot more than what you expect from a fixed departure trip, the icing on the cake was their company.

Rajat Asawa

It was my first road trip with Tushar and Sanjay and it was well organized. Very professionally managed with great support team in India, it was an awesome experience as one can say it’s not the destination that matters in life it’s the journey and I really had first-hand experience of that.

Avinash Bhagwan

Alaska 2017 was a sooper experience! Mr. Madan and Tushar gave such a warm welcome when I reached Anchorage that I knew we were going to experience something incredible! They encourage you to come out of your comfort zone, understand what you are looking for from the trip and make sure you are protected throughout.

Kinjal Trivedi

It feels like your dream is live when you witness northern lights, can’t explain in words when you are on the dream road, The Dalton Highway… the best you can get only when you are with these two guys…. thank you Adventure Overland for this epic ride.

Mayur Gaudana

Ooooossssaaaaammmmm – No better word for a perfect review.

Krutesh Shah

Right from beginning till the end, everything was meticulous done. I was lone traveller but I didn’t get that feeling right from the start. Thanks to these guys Tushar and Sanjay. At last, if I have to say something about their hospitality in one word, it would be ‘Impeccable’. –

Karan Khanna

Road To London was really a treat to my Mindset, then heart-set and finally to my soul-set. I can only say “End of a great TRIP is START of a NEW JOURNEY”

Anurag Shrivastava


The 50 days spent on the Road To London was one of my best days of my life….the memories of this trip will never be erased in my life time….my next road trip will only be with Adventures Overland and I recommend them blindly to anybody who’s planning a road trip in India or abroad!

Zakkir Ahmed Kalarikkal


Our three trips back to back in a span of six months say it all about the amazing team at Adventures Overland. Sanjay and Tushar, can handle any problem so efficiently with a smile on their face that you feel so secure and confident even on the toughest terrains.

Archana Sharma


I had never dreamed about travelling by road to London. After completing Road To London trip now I am dreaming of doing bigger and difficult road /off road trips anywhere and everywhere in the world. Thanks Sanjay and Tushar for creating this spark in my mind.

Ravi Sharma


It is definitely not an easy job to handle a long journey full of participants on the Road To London, with so much of patience, happiness, energy and humbleness. But Tushar and Sanjay (Men of the match) manage all these with so much poise every time they organise one

Priyanka Nishith Jois


ROAD TO LONDON 2017 – An experience of a lifetime, EPIC, momentous and unforgettable! On first glance the day by day itinerary for Road to London 2017 looked daunting. 16,000 kms, 18 countries, 49 days……..but at the end of the expedition, I recall saying that time went by so quickly I felt I hadn’t even moved to second gear!

Rina Shah Bansali


Handling a convoy of cars is a task by itself. Handling several minds inside those cars is entirely something else. Sanjay and Tushar, the duo behind the wheels of Adventures Overland have been steering minds and machines together, with extreme coherence.

Nishith Jois


I would highly recommend this epic life changing journey i experienced in 2017 with Tushar & Sanjay of Adventures Overland. The planning was meticulous with every detail looked into and we made it clock work without any glitch.

Pravin Thakur


Went to Iceland with Adventures Overland team… I am all praises for them as I believe we were very comfortable throughout the trip and all our needs were taken care of. Would definitely take a trip with them in the future if possible…

Pinkey Merchant

Starting from the booking of a tour to the execution – everything is flawless and outstanding. They have a fantastic backend team to monitor day to day work which keeps the commitment intact. I wish all the success for Adventure Overland & Team.

Samaresh Das


A great and completely thrilling experience was the self drive tour of the Rann of Kutch area in November 2012, aptly named Road to Rann. Impeccably organized by Adventures Overland – each location was handpicked to provide an experience in itself and needless to say this won’t be our last with Adventures Overland.

Mayank Bhatnagar


Driving has been challenging but rewarding. These guys don’t know the meaning of the word problem. The organization of the whole trip was very smooth and we formed a great bond with the whole group.

Shona Walton


My experience with Adventures Overland has been phenomenal. I was apprehensive before coming, as I had read in travelogues that Spiti drive is quite tough but the team instilled confidence in me. The positivity of the team has made this an association for life and as someone in the convoy rightly said that the road to heaven is bound to be tough!

Abhijit Deo


We recently traveled to Kutch through Adventures Overland and must say it was a fantastic experience. We thank you guys for helping us with our itinerary by arranging the travel with the best accommodations and all the requisites specified by us. It was a pleasure traveling with you. Thanks again!

Neeta Hegde

Thanks Adventures Overland for yet another wonderful experience during The Lahaul and Spiti trip. All the arrangements were impeccable and they also catered to our last minute requests with a smile. . Well done Sanjay and Tushar and the rest of the AO team.

Ela Sawhney


My mother and I were all set to take off on an adventure of a lifetime – two solo women on a road trip across Jordan. An unknown holiday destination, we had doubts right from our safety, to the travel arrangements, to the transportation across the country. But I can happily say not only did the guys from Adventures Overland take over the planning of every single detail of out trip, everything was executed perfectly.

Zenia Irani

My sole intention to visit Iceland was to see the Northern lights; however, the itinerary planned by Adventures Overland exposed me to many other first time experiences such as snowmobiling on Langjokull glacier and walking to an amazing ice cave. I’m not much of an extreme driver, but was still able to participate (as most other people couldn’t wait to get their hands on the modified trucks!!).

Rina Shah Bhansali

5 Stars to Adventures Overland, for the excellent Iceland Trip and one more 5 Star for creating a life time experience where 25 strangers became close friends for life in 7 days. Do I still need to say more?

Harish Bahl